"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Shropshire Activists in Stafford

About twenty British National Party activists came together last Tuesday in the town of Stafford; the principle town of the county of Staffordshire.

Our purpose was to demonstrate our disgust and opposition to two of the men who were attending Stafford Crown Court on contempt charges, who were also charged last year with several charges which range from controlling, facilitating, causing or inciting child prostitution, conspiracy to incite child prostitution rape, sexually activity with a child and trafficking in the UK for sexual exploitation. Although the court case against these men collapsed last year we were delighted to learn that the nine Telford men alleged to have been involved in sexual exploitation and child prostitution - are now to face a series of fresh trials.

The defendants from last year's (collapsed) trial were reported as being: Mubarek Ali, 28, of Regent Street, Wellington; Ahdel Ali, 23, of Regent Street, Wellington; Mohammed Sultan, 24, of Victoria Avenue, Wellington; Tanveer Ahmed, 39, of Urban Gardens, Wellington; Marhoof Khan, 33, of Caradoc Flats, Wellington; Noshad Hussain, 21, of Regent Street, Wellington; Mohammed Choudry, 52, of Solway Drive, Sutton Hill, Telford; Mohammed Yunis, 59, of Kingsland, Arleston; and Abdul Rouf, 33, of Kingsland, Arleston. Mubarek Ali and Ahdel Ali were in court today, facing a charge of contempt, and it was our intention to make the people of Stafford fully aware of what was going on in their town.

We stood outside of the court and handed leaflets to members of the public and to a large number of students who were attending the college next door to the court. The ‘Truth Van’ drove around the narrow streets of Stafford for a number of hours, broadcasting messages of hope and defiance through its loudspeakers.

Our group eventually moved on to the main shopping area of Stafford where we gave over 1000 leaflets to passers-by - our message, although a difficult and horrible subject matter, was gratefully received by the vast majority of the people of Stafford.

All of the BNP activists who attended this demonstration agreed at the end of our activity to follow the court cases of the nine men who were charged with these heinous crimes. We all vowed to follow these men at each and every trial and with each trial there will be a demonstration that will shout loudly (as opposed to the silence of the BBC) about the crimes that they have allegedly committed.

The BNP activists who attended the demo today agreed that the work of this day - demonstrating against alleged child rapists and standing up for vulnerable Britons - is the general purpose of the British National Party. This is our work and it is our duty to do the best that we can. We ended the day by shaking hands with each other and then offering a cast iron commitment between ourselves to see one another at the next demonstration.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Party leader speaks at Blackpool meeting

Our Shropshire correspondent reports:

As a new phase of campaigning begins in the county of Shropshire, the collective message issued by local British National Party activists is - "We will stop muslim grooming gangs in their tracks".

Many readers will already be aware that it was the party's non-stop local campaigning back in 2009, 2010 and 2011 that forced the police, the media and the courts to take action and tackle the muslim grooming gang epidemic that had infested Telford for a number of years.
As our Party Chairman Nick Griffin correctly observes, English girls in working class areas such as Telford are thankfully beginning to wise up to the dangers. However, as a result, anti-white racist predators are now looking elsewhere and recent reports suggest that middle class towns and villages in Shropshire have become their targets.

Fortunately, the vast majority of Shropshire still remains the epitome of England's green and pleasant land where locals view multiculturalism and Islamification as something totally destructive and alien. People around these parts tend to be very conservative and traditional in their way of thinking - Perhaps that's one reason why the 'powers that be' are desperate to brainwash youngsters by promoting the deadly cult of Islam in Shropshire schools and colleges.

Our enemies often accuse our party of being intolerant - Well, with these particular issues our enemies are absolutely correct! Because we will never tolerate the evil monsters that prey upon our children. We will never tolerate the acts of brainwashing / mental paedophilia committed within the classroom - nor will we ever tolerate the inaction of an utterly useless local establishment that deliberately turns a blind eye while innocent children suffer.

As the old saying goes - forewarned is forearmed - and to ensure this, the new phase of the campaign will include mass leaflet drops, intelligence gathering, flash demonstrations and other forms of legal direct action to draw attention to the threat posed by muslim gooming gangs

Watch this space!