"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Right Sector - From the Ukrainian Front Line

It seems the Ukrainian nationalists haven't been given a fair hearing in the mainstream western press.

What to they want? An independent nation free from both the EU and Russia.

They don't hate Russians or other Europeans; indeed they have the support of many ordinary Russians.

Interesting events are unfolding which we should try to unravel without relying completely on the BBC...the article linked here gives a very interesting account of Ukrainian events past and present.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Physical and Spiritual Fundraiser

Raising Our Flag

The Sun shone brightly upon Haughmond Hill as patriotic walking group the Shropshire Striders held a fundraising walk in aid of the West Midlands British National Party European election campaign.

The Shropshire Striders were formed to add an extra element of interest to local nationalist activities and has proved popular with young and old alike.

Ancient woodland came gently to life with the warmth of approaching springtime and our children played amongst the trees. With all the negative issues the BNP has to deal with, outsiders would be forgiven for thinking British nationalists might be down of heart, but the truth is anything but; the childrens' innocent laughter echoed the good humour of the adults present. 

As news rolls in about arrests and persecution of our members, it is gatherings like this that remind us nothing can break our spirit. The will of the patriotic Englishman remains strong. British defiance to oppression is alive and well in Shropshire.

Interesting things are happening in Britain that do not appear in election results, statistics or opinion polls. You see, our people do not respond kindly to being told what to think. We are being oppressed in a sinister psychological manner. Take a moment to think about this 'free' society we live in. Elections are rigged, the media show huge bias in their reporting and politicians do not serve the British people. There is no free speech - at least not in regard to the big issues such as immigration.

The people fear to speak openly; laws have been introduced to stop people saying what they think. And so silent changes are happening in the minds of our folk, which are only detected when those same folk feel comfortable opening up.

The fact is that nationalist feelings are natural. Indeed, until fairly recently they were considered perfectly normal. Nationalism is a survival instinct which is based on family, territory and the interconnection between compatible folk groups, all of which comes together in a naturally ordered manner to create a cohesive society built on what works in the real world.

Forced multiculturalism is an utter failure from the view of the indigenous Briton. Our politicians and their masters are naively fighting against nature. Over time, nationalism is guaranteed to succeed but only so long as our people survive to see it through. Mass immigration is purposefully designed to destroy indigenous populations and alter the natural ecosystems that nationalism strives to adhere to. Mass immigration is genocide with financial profit as its goal. Nationalism equals natural balance whilst modern liberal-golbalism results in chaos.

After our glorious walk in the woods, the Shropshire Striders, along with our visiting friends from Stoke-on-Trent, retired to a local working class pub for much needed refreshment. 

Every British National Party member takes the opportunity to talk confidently to members of the public and today was no exception. The media liars would have you believe that nationalists hide in darkened corners, however the truth is that we bring light to the darkest of corners and our message is spread into the hearts and minds of our people wherever we go.

Public houses are important to the BNP, for relaxed drinkers are easy to converse with as they open up in this environment.

Three things were achieved today. Firstly, we exercised our physical selves - getting outdoors, walking and laughing. Secondly we embarked on a spiritual mission to raise awareness of our struggle and hone our own resolve to never give in. And thirdly, we raised some vital funds for the West Midlands Euro election campaign, with all present giving a minimum of £5.00.

The Shropshire Striders would like to thank Stoke BNP for their attendance and lead candidate Mike Coleman in particular.

As our ancestors might say, Waes Hael or 'Be Whole / Be Healthy'.

Note: It is essential readers realise that the spiritual re-development of nationalism in the British psyche is a 'long game'. Political parties play a game of short term gratification based on promises and the next set of election results. But the although many in the BNP comprehend this, the wider membership and indeed the British public must steel themselves for a fight which will continue until we succeed. No amount of oppression can destroy our spirit.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Pat Harrington - Conference Speech

"Nationalism exists to empower and improve the people and safeguard their interests." 

- Pat Harrington, Solidarity Union leader, in his recent conference speech.

For more information on Solidarity, an autonomous union for workers, click the link at the bottom right hand corner of this blog or click here.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Give Yourself a Voice

The West Midlands Euro Election Campaign is well underway.

Give yourself a voice - vote BNP.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Shropshire Fundraiser Announcement

Shropshire Striders

A West Mids Euro Election fundraiser has been organised by patriotic walking group the Shropshire Striders which will take place on Sunday 16th March at a venue near Shrewsbury.

To find out more, contact your local Shropshire organiser or if you do not have the details of your local organiser, email enquiries@bnp.org.uk who will put you in touch.

The day will consist of a short walk in an area of outstanding natural beauty followed by a social at a local pub.

Shropshire branch ask for donations of £5 per person which will be counted on the day and go directly to the West Mids Euro election campaign and help us to ensure our lead West Mids candidate Mike Coleman is elected, with all the publicity this will bring.

Demo for Justice - Lee Rigby