"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Shropshire BNP Christmas Message

It is at this time of year we settle down to enjoy time with our families, and despite the pressures of modern consumerism it is this basic building block which sets the foundation for our society.

Shropshire British National Party members hold traditional values and yet the mainstream media continue to try and present the BNP as 'extremist'. But what is extremist in Britain today?

  • Pensioners perishing from the cold because they cannot afford to heat their homes is extreme.
  • Offering foreign aid while UK debt continues to rise is extreme.
  • Remaining in the EU and awaiting mass economic migration into Britain from Romania is extreme.
  • The murder of Lee Rigby is extreme. And that WAS a 'River of Blood'.
  • Allowing paedophiles to be released from prison is extreme.

British people's attitude is NOT the attitude of those with the biggest voice. Ordinary, honest people DO NOT think and act like Members of Parliament, BBC Journalists or Big City Bankers.

The BNP have used the phrase 'silent majority' for a reason - because there are millions of us who disagree with the views forced upon us but few of those millions bother to speak up outside their own social circle.

All those politically correct churchmen, policians and newsreaders who read from the same hymn sheet are NOT the voice of Britain. But if we, the ordinary men, women and children of this land, are to have a voice then it is high time we spoke a little louder.

Because you will find that you are not alone in your views.

Shropshire BNP's simple Christmas message is this:

"Speak firmly, simply and from the heart, for that is how the truth is spread."

May our Yuletide gatherings be full of festive cheer.

* * *

Note: Look out for reports of our forthcoming Winter Fitness Camp, aimed at blowing away the cobwebs and building morale as we head into a New Year!