"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Oppose That Which Harms You

The British establishment, including all the political parties which receive publicity via the mainstream media, does not work in the interests of the British people.

It is important to oppose that which harms you. Anything else would be illogical.

In terms of politics, by following that logic, a Briton must not vote for a political party which causes or has the intention to cause harm to the indigenous population or the British nation.

The political establishment has, over a number of decades:

  • Allowed the settlement of large numbers of third-worlders who are deliberately out-breeding the host population
  • Inflamed the Islamic world, created tension and hatred abroad and imported terrorism
  • Allowed and encouraged usury to flourish and enslaved the British people with personal and national debt
  • Failed to protect British people in their own land, e.g: Kris Donald, Lee Rigby and thousands of young white girls in Rotherham, Oxford, Wellington and elsewhere
  • Failed to provide real-world skills to young people resulting in decades of importation of skilled labour, leaving our children with poor job prospects
  • Failed to provide a real living wage forcing some employers to hire cheap foreign labour who live ten to a house or as part of a slave-like hot bed system
  • Allowed the cost of living to skyrocket
  • Failed to provide adequate council housing
  • Failed to protect an ever-diminishing green belt
  • Allowed the over-regulation of industry by non-British powers (European Union)
  • Allowed the law to supersede moral decision making
  • Offered taxpayers' money in foreign aid while under-funding the NHS
  • Stifled and criminalised freedom of speech so people are afraid to speak out on important issues   
Why would anyone vote for those who have done this to our country?

Think! Awake! Resist!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Shrewsbury Anti-Grooming Awareness Activism

On Sunday 21st September Shropshire British National Party activists distributed leaflets around the Sundorne area with the intention of raising awareness of the dangers of grooming gangs.

This has been a big issue for Shropshire BNP who have campaigned relentlessly on the subject for a number of years.

Back in 2011 our large demonstration in Telford helped force local police to act and make arrests of a significant number of Muslim paedophiles.

A large number of offenders used their cover as taxi drivers to facilitate grooming activity and with the expansion of Muslim owned taxi firms into largely white areas of Shropshire, local BNP members have concerns that this crime wave against young white girls is far from over.

Local Activists 

The British National Party exist to offer a peaceful solution to the problems affecting modern Britain. Our role is to raise awareness of issues and defeat problems before they arise by way of educating our folk to the potential and very real dangers of multi-culturalism.

No other political party will deal with these issues and their silence equals compliance. All the other parties promote the Islamification of Britain.

Furthermore, the BNP demands a Public Enquiry into why no local politician has spoken out against the rape, torture and mental abuse inflicted upon young white girls in the Telford / Wrekin / Wellington area. We aim this question directly at MPs David Wright and Mark Pritchard. 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Shropshire BNP Want Answers

Way back at the beginning of July 2011 Shropshire BNP's long and ongoing campaign against the sexual exploitation of young white girls in Wellington by local Muslim gangs saw Party activists march on Malinsgate police station in an all-or-nothing attempt to get justice for 'our girls'.

BNP Campaigning - July 2011

With news 'breaking' this week in the mainstream press of at least 1,400 young girls being sexually exploited in Rotherham, the time has come for Shropshire BNP to ask the Members' of Parliament for OUR local area, Mark Pritchard and David Wright, for official statements as to why they did not speak out about similar events which were happening in and around Wellington at the time; why they did not act to warn their constituents; why they did not appear on national television expressing their anger and disgust at these events; why they did not make any public effort or comment in any way whatsoever regarding the sexual exploitation of young white girls in their local area.

Everybody knew what was going on in and around Wellington and Telford. The gossip was rife and the BNP went out and leafleted relentlessly on the issue, raising significant awareness and making sure, come this day, that no one with power could find the excuse and say they din not know what was happening.

Today, Shropshire BNP demands Mark Pritchard MP and David Wright MP make a statement as to why they did not speak out on the issue of the sexual grooming of young white girls by Muslim gangs in and around Wellington.

Many girls could have been rescued from mental and physical torture had local MPs Mark Pritchard and David Wright had the courage to speak out.

The BNP acted. The BNP spoke out. In time the police made arrests and some convictions were gained but it was too little, too late. The damage has been done.

Is the sexual exploitation of young white girls still going on? If so, can we ever trust MPs, Councillors or anyone else in power to make our neighbourhoods safe?

BNP activists risked arrest back in 2011 for speaking out, but we did it because it was the right thing to do. The police filmed us as we gave out leaflets raising awareness of the grooming scandal as if we were the ones in the wrong. But we were in the right. We spoke out.

Mark Pritchard MP and David Wright MP - the people demand you explain yourselves. Furthermore, local Councillors should hang their heads in shame. We know you are cowards. You could have helped but you did nothing. Shame on you all.


Shropshire BNP demo report from 2011:


Remember, in 2004 the BBC employed an undercover investigator to infiltrate the BNP and they made a documentary called 'The Secret Agent' describing the Party as racist for claiming the perpetrators of street grooming were Pakistani Muslims. The BBC said the BNP were peddling lies and exagerating the problem.


Marlene Guest reports:


Monday, 23 June 2014

Shrewsbury Linked to Isis Terror Recruitment

Shrewsbury has been linked to an Isis terror recruitment campaign video by the mainstream media. Until recently, the security services knew nothing about Isis.

Recruiting: Three British men identified as Abu Dujana al Hindi (left) Abu Muthanna al Yemeni (centre) and Abu Bara' Al Hindi (right) urge their 'brothers' to join them
Isis Recruitment Campaign

British born Nasser Muthana, aged 20, has been revealed as a key figure in a chilling recruitment video aimed at luring jihadists to the Middle East. 

According to the Guardian newspaper, Nasser had left the family's house in Butetown, a multicultural area near Cardiff city centre, in November - the last time his family saw him. He told his family he was going to an Islamic seminar in Shrewsbury. "That was normal," his father is quoted as saying.

Shropshire Patriot would like to know what is 'normal' about holding Islamic conferences in the heart of Shropshire? What is being taught and promoted at these conferences?

Readers will recall how Conservative councillor Keith Barrow backed the proposal of a mosque in Oswestry and how councillors in Shirehall passed a mosque application in Shrewsbury town centre.

Islam will play two roles in modern Britain; either the birth rates of Muslims will see them take over our country and our political system by sheer weight of numbers, as has been seen recently in the attempted takeover plot of Birmingham schools, or radical Muslims will use violence to force their ideology upon our people. A combination of both of the above seems likely.

The British National Party are working hard to raise awareness of current affairs and offer political solutions.

Meanwhile, our politicians (local and national) betray the British people.

You can read more here and here.

Thursday, 22 May 2014


With less than two hours before the polls close, Shropshire Patriot feels it important to discuss the European election results before they appear.

We know UKIP are set for success; they have spent a fortune on campaign material financed by wealthy doners and they have received unprecedented media coverage as the Establishment become ever more desperate to create a pressure release valve in the wake of the failed multi-culturalism experiment and ongoing economic meltdown.

BNP activists have worked solidly, however it must be remembered that our time is not quite here. Despite the big issues our nation faces, many of our people still manage to switch off from the nightmare which is gradually unfolding in our country.

Nationalists must steady themselves and stick to the Cause and ensure we are here, ready to push, when our time arrives.

If, however, we do manage to get one or more MEPs returned to the European Parliament when the results are announced on Sunday, we will have achieved something spectacular.

Whatever our result, over the coming months we can sit back and watch as UKIP pushes the immigration agenda further into our territory and subsequently observe their members come under increasing fire as the Establishment's Frankenstein's Monster goes out of control.

BNP members can cope with hostility from the Establishment; can UKIP members?

In UKIP, a beast has been created which has grown too big for its masters to command. Meanwhile, the BNP continue to spread the true nationalist message of resistance and hope, family and nationhood.

Every second of every day the media wages a war for control over your thoughts...

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Fight to the Finish

Wednesday saw BNP activists in a fight to the finish as Shropshire patriots visited Stoke-on-Trent to help our friend Mike Coleman leaflet Meir.

Mike and Tara in Meir

Readers must understand two important things about the BNP in the hours preceding the European Elections on Thursday 22nd May 2014. Firstly, we are never, ever giving in; secondly, no matter what the result tomorrow, we have distributed hundreds of thousands of leaflets by hand and millions of leaflets have hit doormats via Royal Mail - this mass communication is going to work right now, in the minds of our people.

We play a long game. We are in it for the long haul. We fight to the finish and we never give in.

The big issues in Britain are not going away - immigration, rising non-indigenous birth rates, radical Islam, problems in the financial sector and cost of living. We have the solutions.

Steel your will for a fight to the finish. It is the mark of a strong man or woman who perseveres with a Cause he or she knows to be right.

Immediately after tomorrow's elections, your local BNP will be out leafleting yet again, as always. Join us, help us, stand strong. Results come from dedication and effort. Get out there and be active.

Vote BNP Thursday 22nd May. Visit your local polling station and put a 'X' in the box next to 'BNP'. Voting is easy, quick and secret. You do not need your polling card to vote. Fight to the finish.

To enquire about the BNP call 0844 809 4581

Monday, 19 May 2014

Don't Give Up

British National Party activists from Shropshire and Stoke held yet another mass day of action on Monday, visiting Wellington and Shrewsbury. The message was clear and simple: "Don't give up!"

A Message for our People

As UKIP aid the BNP in pushing the immigration debate forwards, our activists delivered the truth on the streets with Wellington being the first point of call. A significant number of leaflets and Voice of Freedom newspapers were delivered door-to-door before our activists moved on to the main shopping area to meet local people and push our message of hope and resistance. It is interesting to note how the BNP are greeted by ordinary people these days; gone are the misinformed opinions. The British people now know exactly where we stand and they empathise with the BNP. They know we don't give up.

Wellington Awakened

Shrewsbury was the next target and being such a large town our activists spent over four hours both on Pride Hill and in local streets putting hard hitting leaflets through letterboxes. "Don't give up!" we told our people.

Meeting the Electorate

As the day drew to a close, as always our activists found time to relax over a cold beverage. Conversation varied between the cutting working class humour that our political elite find so hard to comprehend through to deep debate and discussion over the role of the police in modern Britain.

The BNP exists to offer the people of Britain a safe and secure environment to work, socialise and raise a family and yet it seems clear that the Establishment do not wish us to proceed along that path. We are changing public opinion in a long game of mind-warfare. The traitor politicians want you to base your hopes on short term electoral gains but we are a People's Movement that goes deeper than mere politics.

They want us to give up. However, we won't give up. Make sure you don't give up either.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

BNP European Elections Manifesto 2014


The BNP launches its Manifesto ahead of the vital European Elections 2014 which take place two weeks today.
Download it, forward it on to all your friends, and make a note in your diary on Thursday 22nd May – “Vote BNP”.

Download the manifesto from the main BNP website here.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Censored / Uncensored

An interesting experiment took place on Tuesday evening as many people will have seen the censored BNP election broadcast. But perhaps the censorship rammed home the implications of what is being done to our freedom of speech. 

One positive result from our censored broadcast was that it gave the BNP's Press Officer Simon Darby ample opportunity to get across some very important pieces of information.

In fact, you may be of the belief that the censorship helped us underline our point even better than if the original broadcast had gone ahead as planned.

Whatever your point of view, in this internet age, everyone can view both broadcasts as many times as they like.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Lee Rigby Leaflet

The European elections are to be held on the exact anniversary of the brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby.

That awful incident proved, unfortunately but predictably, to be a perfect example of the mess which our traitor politicians have created in modern Britain.

The mainstream political parties and the media want our people to forget about that awful day back in May 2013. But the British National Party need our people not only to remember what happened but also to understand why and most importantly what needs to be done to ensure such incidents do not happen again. How many rivers of blood do there need to be before Britain awakes?

Help us to awaken our people. Copy and print out the leaflet shown below and distribute it.

We want a happy, free, peaceful, democratic Britain. Help us to achieve it.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Market Drayton, Oswestry, Wellington Hit

On Saturday 19th April, dedicated BNP activists hit Market Drayton, Oswestry and Wellington with target-specific leaflets designed for maximum impact in order to awaken the local public and stir up patriotic emotions in the run up to the forthcoming European elections which take place on the anniversary of Lee Rigby's murder; 22nd May.

Three Activists Never Giving In

Oswestry was the first target, where the British National Party recently successfully opposed a mosque plan which had been backed by town Tory Keith Barrow. Just over an hour was spent walking through the town centre passing literature to shoppers and collecting a handful of contact details from a group of youths frustrated with a lack of local employment- future BNP activists in the making.

Anti-Grooming Message

Next up was Wellington, the scene of the most hideous anti-white Muslim grooming campaign our people have ever seen. Despite some action being taken by police, our local BNP members still firmly believe that young white girls are still being abused and used for sex. Our targeted literature included the excellent pink anti-grooming leaflets which will help vunerable young girls understand the danger which exists on British streets. Our advice to the young people we met was, "Keep your parents informed about where you are and who you are friends with. If in doubt - speak out!"

Always Active in Market Drayton

With time ticking on, the next stop was Market Drayton - current home of the Royal Irish Regiment. Our leaflet content now switched to Lee Rigby; the British soldier who was partially beheaded by Islamic extremists while walking home in a 'Help for Heroes' tee-shirt almost a year ago. Voice of Freedom newspapers were also distributed door to door and along Cheshire Street and the High Street.

As always, the day ended with a brief social drink at a local pub. Our Shropshire correspondent Cllr Phil Reddall said, "Everyone must be aware that the Euro elections are being held on the anniversary of Drummer Lee Rigby's brutal murder on 22nd May. We will never forget that day but we also will never forgive the traitor politicians who are to blame not just for that atrocity but for the ruined lives of all those young white girls sexually abused by Muslim paedophile gangs in Wellington and elsewhere. I could talk about other BNP policies on banking reform too, but for now I think that's enough for people to think about. Apart from one final note; we are never ever giving in!"

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Guide to Euro Elections and Voting

Voting is Quick and Easy

This is a simple guide to the upcoming European Elections and how to vote. It has been written because many of our people do not vote or perhaps have never voted.

The next set of elections are the European elections. They take place on Thursday 22nd May. Everyone in Britain can vote providing you are registered to vote. For the European elections, Britain is split into Regions. If you live in Shropshire you will be voting in the West Midlands Region.

The British National Party is putting up a large number of candidates for the role of MEP which stands for 'Member of European Parliament'. In the West Midlands we hope to get at least one candidate elected.

Back in 2009 two BNP candidates became MEPs - one in the North West and one in Yorkshire. Across Britain, almost one million people voted BNP in 2009. If enough of us vote, we can replicate that success in the West Midlands.

The European elections are important for the BNP. A full colour leaflet will be delivered to every house in the West Midlands by Royal Mail and we have two Party Political Broadcasts which will be shown on the television closer to election day.

In the European Parliament (based in Brussels and Strasbourg) our MEPs can talk to other European nationalists and gain valuable political experience while standing up for our people in Britain. Success brings publicity and more credibility for the BNP.

How to Vote

Voting is easy. A week or two before polling day - also known as election day - everyone who is registered to vote receives a Polling Card through the post. Printed on this card is the location of your Polling Station - usually a village hall, school or other community building. 

Simply walk into the Polling Station, tell the person at the desk your name and they will give you a Ballot Paper which has a list of candidates and their political party on it. Take this Ballot Paper and mark a 'X' next to the candidate or political party you want to win, then fold the Ballot Paper and put it into the Ballot Box, which looks like the one shown in the picture above.

Remember, voting is secret! No one will know how you have voted. No one can find out unless you tell them. The only reason you are asked your name is so the person in charge can ensure no one else uses your vote. They cross your name off their list - all they know is that you voted. They can not tell who you voted for.

How to Register to Vote

If you are not registered to vote, it is very easy to do so. 

Shropshire residents can visit this website: 


You can also use this website to register to vote quickly and simply:


The British National Party is also running a campaign called 'Operation White Vote', aimed at getting all our people registered to vote. You can read all about this important campaign here:


The British National Party is not like the other political parties. We are Nationalists and you can read our current manifesto by clicking here.