"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Success or Failure? It's Up To You!

While many patriots wring their hands in despair at the state of our country, the organisers and activists of Shropshire British National Party continue to move forwards and break new ground.

While some would rather waste hours posting on blogs and forums, complaining non-stop about their fellow kinsmen, Shropshire BNP continues the grass roots struggle for our people.

Over the last 12 months Shropshire BNP have contested every local seat in a general election, gained the first ever BNP councillor in the county, helped pressure the national media into running the recent Muslim paedophile scandal story and scared the local Establishment to death with the promise of creating peaceful community led patrols to ensure the safety of residents in Telford's Brookside estate.

Shropshire BNP will never attack fellow nationalists - we are much too busy leafleting and serving our local community.

Our combined Groups (Telford, Shrewsbury, North Shropshire and South Shropshire) aim to set a shining example to all nationalists. We are here to stay, we are here for our people, we are never giving in and most important of all we have a clear vision of success.

Having a clear vision of success is essential. All nationalists must rid their mind of negativity and focus 100% on local activism, which means leafleting relentlessly and not wasting precious hours blogging and posting on forums.

Our children and future generations are relying on you to work hard in the real world.

Shropshire BNP issues an ultimatum for all patriots and nationalists - get out on the streets and get to work!

Friday, 25 March 2011

£300 for every family...the bill for bailing out Portugal

British taxpayers could be forced to pay £6billion to bail out Portugal, it emerged last night.
Every family could be liable for £300 of the costs under Brussels plans to prop up the ailing EU nation.
As the UK’s oldest ally teetered on the brink of financial collapse last night, David Cameron attended an EU summit where European leaders discussed the prospect of saving it from bankruptcy.
A bailout like those for Ireland and Greece is seen as virtually inevitable after Portuguese prime minister Jose Socrates resigned on Wednesday night when opposition parties refused to back his austerity budget.
Labour chancellor Alistair Darling signed Britain up to an EU-wide bailout fund last year, which has left the UK exposed to billions of pounds in liabilities until the fund closes in 2013.
The £53billion stability fund has about £33billion left, after £20billion was sent to help Ireland.
If the entire fund were used to help Portugal, Britain would be liable for £4.5billion if the Portuguese defaulted.
But Britain would also have to give another £1.5billion through the International Monetary Fund.
That would take Britain’s contribution to £6billion, which amounts to £100 for every man, woman and child in Britain, according to calculations by Open Europe.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Shropshire pensioner beaten by robbers

A pensioner was beaten with his own walking stick by a gang of robbers who targeted his Shropshire home and fled with jewellery and cash.
The man in his 80s was attacked at his home in Quatt, near Bridgnorth, after he answered the door to the gang who were asking directions to a pub at 8.40pm yesterday.
One of the robbers knocked the pensioner to the floor and attacked him with his own walking stick.
A second robber demanded money before he snatched a phone from the man’s terrified wife as she tried to call for help. The robber then ordered the woman to remove her rings and hand them over.
The couple were held in the living room while the robbers demanded cash. The third gang member kept watch outside.
Detective Constable Jason Whelan, of Bridgnorth CID, said at this stage it was not known exactly what was stolen, but believed jewellery and the elderly lady’s purse were taken.
He said the couple were left “extremely shaken” and appealed for anyone who saw anything suspicious to contact police.
All three men were of Asian appearance. Two were believed to be in their 20s and the one who waited outside in his mid to late teens.
It comes after an elderly couple tackled a masked burglar as he brandished a six-inch knife and demanded cash at their home in King Street, Dawley, Telford.
The victim in his 60s was confronted by a masked burglar brandishing a knife when he answered the door at 8.30pm on Saturday. His wife was also threatened.
The victim grabbed a chair and threatened the burglar who fled towards Purbeckdale empty handed.
Police can be contacted on 0300 333 3000.

Monday, 21 March 2011

All aboard for a free ride to Britain: London bus used for poster in India selling bogus student visas to the UK

London's iconic double-decker bus is at the heart of a scam in India selling bogus student visas for entry into the UK.
The red Routemaster-style bus emblazoned with the Union Jack, takes centre stage on a giant billboard in the Gujarat, in western India, for all to see.
The slogan accompanying the advert, which also features the capital's famous Big Ben clock, brazenly declares: 'Get a FREE ride to the UK. Apply for admissions, get your visas & fly FREE to London.'
Hop on: London's iconic double-decker bus is at the centre of a scam in India selling bogus student visas for entry into the UK
All aboard: London's iconic double-decker bus is at the centre of a scam in India selling bogus student visas for entry into the UK
The striking advert has proved so popular hordes of people flocked to get a closer look at the deal in the city of Ahmedabad where the poster was on show.
Prime Minister David Cameron's coalition Government has pledged to bring student visas under the spotlight this week following concerns more and more people are abusing the current system.
New figures show the number of foreign students' asylum claims have soared in 12 months from an average of 20 per month to 90.
Migration campaigners have slammed the advert saying it proved their was a 'gaping hole' in the British immigration system, which seen as a 'soft touch'  for foreigners looking to settle in Britain.

Sir Andrew Green, of pressure group MigrationWatch UK, described the advert as 'staggering.'
He added: 'You can hardly have clearer evidence of the gaping hole in our immigration system.
More than 360,000 visas were handed out to non EU men and women registering in Britain as 'students' between June 2009 and June last year.
Visa anyone? People queue around the Indian London bus poster in Ahmedabad,Gujarat
Visa anyone? People queue around the Indian London bus poster in Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Mr Cameron last year pledged to cut the number of immigrants to tens of thousands, rather than hundreds of thousands claiming he opposed an increase in immigration which would take the population over 70 million.

Hospital bosses admit 'some of our doctors can't speak or understand English'

The level of English among some foreign doctors is ‘absolutely awful’, hospital bosses have said.
Some cannot even speak well enough to communicate with patients, they warned.
Bosses at Queen’s Hospital in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, revealed the poor level of English in their doctors from overseas after complaints from both staff and patients.
Queen's Hospital in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, revealed the poor level of English in their doctors from overseas
Queen's Hospital in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, revealed the poor level of English in their doctors from overseas
Chief executive of the Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Helen Ashley said many of the problems centred on them being unable to understand English sufficiently.
The hospital is struggling to employ middle grade, registrar-level doctors, and has on occasion to employ a locum doctor to cover a shift, Ms Ashley said.
While the application process for consultants involved their English and communication skills being tested with simulation of a meeting with a patient, Ms Ashley said she could not account for the English skills of locums, who work at the hospital on a temporary basis.
Helen Ashley said the hospital has been forced to rely on locums whose English isn't always up to standard
Helen Ashley said the hospital has been forced to rely on locums whose English isn't always up to standard
She added doctors from India and Pakistan had similar training to English doctors but due to changes to the NHS recruitment process and the drop in the value of the pound, many now prefer to go to work in countries such as Australia and New Zealand.
The chairman of the Burton Hospitals Trust, Jim Morrison, said: ‘I don’t want to sound racist, but some of the worst-speaking doctors that I have come across have been from Europe.
‘They are free to travel in Europe and occasionally their communication of English can be absolutely awful.’
Local people in the town have also complained about the issue.
Chairman of East Staffordshire Borough Council’s health sub-committee, Trevor Hathaway, told a meeting at Burton Town Hall: ‘A couple of weeks ago, a relative of mine met a consultant and he couldn’t understand a word he was saying.
‘Not only that, the nurse had to tell him what to write on the paperwork.’ 
Ms Ashley added: ‘That’s not the first time I have heard that, or seen it in a complaint letter.
‘We had one doctor there were two or three complaints about his language skills.
‘He was hard to understand.’

Man spat at Help for Heroes charity stand in Telford

Two men had to be physically restrained from attacking another man at a family day out in Shropshire after he spat at a stand manned by the charity Help for Heroes, it was claimed today.
Mayor of Oakengates, Councillor Steve Wood, said he saw the man walk up to the stand before muttering something under his breath and spitting on the ground.
It happened at the Oakengates in the Park event on Saturday. The mayor today said it was an “absolute disgrace and an insult to our troops”.
He said two members of the public who also witnessed the incident had to be restrained from going after the man, who was Asian.
Councillor Wood added: “This act is completely disrespectful to the troops who are out there protecting the security of our country.”
The family event took place on Saturday and included a street market and various attractions in the park.
One of the attractions was the Help for Heroes stand which had a barbecue area attached.
It raised more than £500 as the residents bought wrist bands and burgers.
Councillor Wood added: “Most of the residents had come up to the stand and shown an interest but it was this one man that really made me disappointed with the whole day.”

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Shropshire British National Party Campaign to Clean Up the County’s “Most Crime-Ridden Street”

The steadfast activists of Shropshire British National Party hit the streets of Telford in force over the weekend, delivering a hard-hitting leaflet to the residents of Brookside in south Telford, reports North Shropshire Organiser Phil Reddall.

“Zero tolerance of drug dealing and street thuggery” was the message, and a number of good people on the Brookside estate welcomed the British National Party’s presence, telling activists that they were sick of seeing their area spiral out of control with drug dealers and yobs ruining what was once a decent place to live.

Telford British National Party Organiser Phil Spencer said his message for the local authorities was, "Clean up this area, or we will set up a community-led task force to ensure local vulnerable residents are taken care of."

Local people had contacted Telford British National Party to complain that Brookside’s Bishopdale street is no longer a pleasant place to live. They said that because of rising unemployment and cheap alcohol, the area has suffered a serious breakdown in moral order and is no longer a ‘family friendly’ area.

Bishopdale was recently revealed as the most crime-ridden street in Shropshire in a newly launched police crime map website. Twenty-seven crimes in the street were reported in the month of December 2010.

Shropshire British National Party Campaign to Clean Up the County’s “Most Crime-Ridden Street”

Friday, 18 March 2011

Polish women in the UK are having babies at a faster rate than those in Poland

Polish women living in the UK are more likely to have children than the British and those living in Poland.
A better benefits system and the NHS have been given as the main reason behind families choosing to have their children here.
The extent to which people are prepared to put down roots in the UK goes some way to dispel the myth that people come here to work say researchers.
The study found that in England and Wales Polish women had 18,000 children in 2009 - making them second in fertility rates only to Pakistani women.
A further 2,000 children of Polish descent were born in Scotland.
The same year British women had a fertility rate of 1.84 compared with 2.48 for the Poles.
The figures have been released by researcher Krystyna Iglicka from the Centre for International Relations.
She said: 'Poles do not behave as immigrants from a country with a low fertility rate.'
One of the reasons believed to be behind the higher number of births is the NHS and the benefits available.
In Poland parents get a one-off payment of £220 when the baby is born and only families on less than £150 qualify for child support.
In fact, the prospect for a Polish mother to have a child in the UK is very appealing: 'Motherhood in exile has only one serious flaw: the lack of support grandparents and other family members.'
The increase in numbers means there are now 130,000 Polish children under the age of 14 living in the UK.
One such mother is Anna Oszewska. She moved to Edinburgh seven years ago when the labour market was opened up to the Poles and worked in a law firm, dealing with its finances.
She had a baby, Nicodemus, with her partner, Martin, almost five months ago and they don't intend on going back to Poland any time soon.
Here to stay: Many people who came to the UK to work temporarily have decided to settle here and start families instead
Here to stay: Many people who came to the UK to work temporarily have decided to settle here and start families instead
He said: 'We considered whether or not we should have the baby here or in Poland. Quite simply, we decided that this is the right moment for us.'
Professer Iglicka said: 'Contrary to popular belief, today we are no longer dealing with short-term migration, but settlement. The decision to give birth to a child in another country is an attempt to make roots there.
Magda Karlicka in Oxford has had two children, Anthony and Leon. She said: 'We had not planned to stay here for so long, but it is good for us to live here.'

BNP On Neo-Marxism & the Frankfurt School

BNP Nick Griffin Visits Downing Street

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

An Ideological War

Our country has been invaded. We are in an an ideological war!

The LibLabCon have imported a foreign army into Great Britain. The Monarchy has overseen the process without a single objection. The Queen has renounced the Royal Oath and signed away British sovereignty to hostile forces, and the Heir to the throne has declared himself aligned with foreign powers over British Subjects.

Our industries have been stripped and sold off to foreign owners. Our towns and cities have been occupied by insurgents. Our institutions have been given over to anti-white racist extremists, communists, feminazis, paedophiles and genocidal lunatics.

Our people have been and are being murdered, raped and robbed while being threatened with unemployment and imprisonment if they dare to object. Even our children are being mentally tortured, if not actually kidnapped and abused, often disappearing entirely, by the state.

We have been invaded.
We are at in a fight for our very existence.

We demand our country back and a safe future for our children.

The LibLabCon must be openly exposed and destroyed.
The anti-white racism machine must be dismantled.

This our land, and we WILL have it back! Whatever it takes!


Saturday, 12 March 2011

Pounds Per Vote

Most voters only see a tiny glimmer of the reality of modern politics, and when elections arise it's results pure and simple which are the primary focus.

However, dig a little deeper and you will almost always find that in terms of 'pounds per vote' the British National Party offer much more than you may expect. See the following figures relating to campaign spending in the Oldham East & Saddleworth by-election (taken from Simon Darby's blog):

UKIP £43,855
Cons £39,432
BNP £3,800 

It is of the utmost importance that members and supporters of the British National Party move forwards as a unified force and focus their efforts on providing a safe and secure future for our children.

As the above figures show, money makes a key difference when it comes to drawing votes, however it is hard work, steadfast determination, a healthy ideology and a clear vision of success which seperates the British National Party from the traitor politicians of the many and varied 'sell out' political parties who snatch your vote then stab you, your family and your country in the back.

With a 'Forward As One' mentality and a little financial help, our vision can be realised.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Circumstances Will Play into British National Party's Hands

Food prices in Britain are rising three times faster than G7 nations

Food prices in Britain are rising at three times the rate of the world’s seven biggest economies.
Figures from the OECD put UK food inflation at 6.3 per cent, well ahead of the average of 2.1 per cent for the G7 group of nations.
The cost of putting meals on the table is also rising much faster than most of Europe.
The average annual rise in Ireland is only 0.3 per cent, while it is running at 0.1 per cent in France, 0.8 per cent in the Netherlands and 2.1 per cent in Belgium.
The figures will anger British shoppers amid mounting suspicion that UK supermarkets are turning the screw on consumers to boost profits.
The OECD said only Turkey, Estonia, Hungary and Korea had a higher rate of food price inflation among the 34 countries it surveyed.
There is a suggestion that the ‘big four’ supermarkets – Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons – have used concerns about increasing global commodity prices to push through unfair increases.
Research by analysts at UBS shows commodity inflation would justify a 3 to 3.5 per cent rise in processed food prices, but UK supermarkets have lifted prices by 6 to 6.5 per cent.
Economists Paul Donovan and Larry Hatheway, who co-wrote the report, said: ‘Prices are rising in excess of justifiable cost increases.
‘The UK stands out as having the broadest range of food price increases.’

DCLG gave more than £500,000 to controversial Islamic group

The Government gave more than half a million pounds of taxpayers' cash to a controversial Islamic group, it has been revealed.

The Department of Communities and Local Government handed the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and related groups £550,985 over three years.

In March 2009 the Government suspended links with the MCB and demanded one of its leaders should be sacked for allegedly supporting violence against Israel.

In a written Parliamentary answer tonight, the coalition detailed its grants to the MCB and linked organisations.

It said £174,000 was given to improve mosques, £167,000 went to the Nottingham-based Karimia Institute for "youth leadership training", and £25,000 was awarded to Young Muslims UK to "promote talent".

The Department also paid the MCB £2,500 for a table at the Council leadership dinner and gave £157,000 to Muslim Youth Helpline to "build their capacity to extend the reach of their support services to vulnerable young people".

Explaining the grants, junior communities minister Andrew Stunell said: "The Muslim Council of Britain has a large and wide-ranging national membership of organisations affiliated to it."

Multicultural rot in the melting pot

By Ted Nugent
The Washington Times

Europeans are finally awakening from their self-imposed Rumpelstiltskin deep slumber to discover that multiculturalism is actually cultural rot and is ripping their countries apart.
From the United Kingdom to France to Spain to Germany, leaders or former leaders have decried multiculturalism as a poisonous experiment for their nations.
What’s next - is Europe going to rediscover that the Earth is not flat?
You have to wonder how these leaders ever could have signed on to encouraging Muslims to lead separate lives and not to assimilate in the first place. Pardon me, but even a venison-fueled guitar slayer knows that playing politically correct games always leads to death, destruction and decay.
The brain-dead politically correct facade of multiculturalism was primarily for the benefit of Muslims, and you know it. European leaders were scared to be labeled as intolerant religious bigots by Muslims. Their fear was misplaced. They should have been vociferously condemning Muslims who wanted to be treated separately.
Instead of condemning Muslim extremists, Europe instead condemned a Danish cartoonist who poked fun at Muhammad - free speech be damned. The German government censured an author for writing a popular book that claimed Muslim immigrants were lowering the intelligence of Germany. Not to be outdone by the Europeans, the American media implied that those Americans who protested the proposed placement of a mosque in downtown Manhattan were bigoted and anti-Muslim.
And while Europe and America, to some extent, were embracing multiculturalism, Muslims were murdering Christians and burning down their churches in Muslim countries. Let us not forget multiculturalism Lesson No. 1: Islam is the religion of peace.
While Europe was imploding because of political correctness and doing its best to accommodate Muslims praying in the street and whatnot, many Muslims were - and still are - working hard to impose their religious/political customs, traditions and values on those European nations and right here in America.
Instead of encouraging Muslims to assimilate and embrace European culture, tradition, norms and values, European leaders buried their heads in the sand and ignored the problem.
The bold, unfiltered truth is that some Muslims are not in the least bit interested in assimilating and embracing Western traditions, values and democracy. Their goal is taking over and transplanting Islam as the mandatory religion and government. Those Muslims do not believe in universal, basic human rights, such as women’s rights, freedom of speech, the right of others to practice their faith and the rule of law. The definition of Islam is subjugation. For Muslim extremists and radicals, Islam is about totalitarianism and enslavement, not freedom.
When in England, act like the English. That’s the respectful thing to do. Embrace it or leave

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

BNP Success in Wellington with “Troops Home” Campaign

Even though the British National Party’s ‘bring our troops home’ campaign has officially ended, our hard working Shropshire and Stoke activists were out once again over the past weekend, reports south Shropshire organiser Phil Spencer.
The target area chosen this time was the town of Wellington, which has never seen a BNP tabletop campaign before.
“The Shropshire team manned the table-top in Market Street, while Stoke-on-Trent Councillor Mike Coleman headed the team which distributed literature to local households in the area,” said Mr Spencer.
“As this was our first ever stall in Wellington, we were unsure what the response would be like.
“To our great delight, the public was very warm and welcoming. The government and the Labour Party have clearly seriously underestimated the undercurrent of dislike and disgust with the illegal wars into which they have plunged Britain, as evidenced by the public’s willingness to be associated with an anti-war effort like this,” he said.
“Several times during the day, large crowds gathered to sign the petitions, ask questions and voice their concerns over the war in Afghanistan.
“Many people were also clearly delighted to see the BNP campaigning on this vital issue, and said they were grateful that at last one political party had taken up the anti-war campaign in this manner,” Mr Spencer said.
 “With the help of our friends from Stoke, last Saturday’s event was the most successful day for us yet in the campaign.”



Monday, 7 March 2011

Activists Hit Brookside in Weekend of Action

The steadfast activists of Shropshire British National Party hit the streets of Telford in force over the weekend, delivering a hard hitting leaflet to the residents of Brookside.

'Zero tolerance of drug dealing and street thuggery'
was the message, and a number of good people on the Brookside estate welcomed our presence, telling BNP activists that they were sick of seeing their area spiral out of control with drug dealers and yobs ruining what was once a decent place to live.

Telford British National Party organiser Phil Spencer said his message for the local authorities was, "Clean up this area or we will set up a community led task force to ensure local vunerable residents are taken care of."

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Petrol hits £1.40 per litre as growing fury prompts Osborne to hint at fuel duty U-turn

Protesters warned of a fuel price ‘crisis’ last night after the cost of unleaded petrol hit £1.40 a litre – £6.37 a gallon.

Campaign group Fair Fuel UK said that the price charged at a BP garage in Kent was the highest so far in Britain.

The forecourt on the M2 near Rainham, Gillingham, was also selling a litre of diesel at £1.44 – about £6.55 a gallon.
The findings came as Chancellor George Osborne hinted that a 1p fuel duty hike due next month will be scrapped amid fears over soaring oil prices.

The Chancellor said in a speech to the Conservative spring conference in Cardiff that he had ‘heard’ protests from motorists being ‘squeezed’ by rising costs at the pump.
'I hear you': Chancellor George Osborne yesterday giving a speech in which he hinted the planned 1p rise in petrol duty in April would be scrapped

'I hear you': Chancellor George Osborne yesterday giving a speech in which he hinted the planned 1p rise in petrol duty in April would be scrapped

Mr Osborne signalled he was ready to ease the pressure by dropping the increase in his Budget later this month.

He told delegates: ‘I know how hard the rises in world oil prices are hurting families in Britain.

‘We’ve got another of the Labour Party’s pre-prepared rises in petrol tax coming this April – one penny above inflation.

'When it costs £1.30 for a litre of petrol, £80 to fill up a family car, I know people feel squeezed.

‘And I say this to people watching: I hear you.’

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne today told The Observer that Britain's only option was to speed up the move away from oil.

He said: 'We cannot afford to go on relying on such a volatile source of energy when we have clean, green and secure energy from low-carbon sources.'

Despite Liberal Democrat doubts, the Treasury is also still believed to be looking at the idea of a ‘fair fuel stabiliser’ – where duty is reduced or raised to offset oil price movements.

The Chancellor also said the crucial March 23 package would include a series of measures to boost growth and tackle the ‘forces of stagnation’ in the economy.

But Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Angela Eagle said Mr Osborne was offering ‘nothing more than platitudes for millions of families facing

the squeeze’.

She said: ‘With record high prices at the petrol pump, people want action not warm words from George Osborne.

‘He should listen to Labour’s campaign and act right now to help millions of families by reversing the Tory VAT rise on petrol.

‘In the Budget he should look again at the annual duty rise due in April.

'The last Labour Government often postponed planned duty increases when world oil prices were rising, as they are now.

‘If George Osborne wants to tackle the forces of stagnation he should look in the mirror.’

And one of Mr Osborne’s colleagues warned that the turmoil in Libya and the Middle East could drive petrol costs higher still.

International development Minister Alan Duncan – a former oil trader – said the current cost could look like a ‘luxury’ if the situation deteriorated.

He said he feared the price of petrol could soar above £2 per litre.

Friday, 4 March 2011

NHS apartheid: Scotland grants free prescriptions... but English patients must pay EVEN MORE

Prescription charges in England are to rise just days after Scotland scrapped them, prompting new claims of health apartheid in Britain.

From April 1, patients in England will have to pay £7.40 for each item prescribed by a doctor – an increase of 20p.

Doctors and patients’ groups reacted with fury, branding it a ‘tax on the sick’. They warned the extra charges could cost lives for those who can’t afford their medication and called for the abolition of the charges.

England is the only part of the UK still charging for prescriptions. They are free in Wales and Northern Ireland and will be free in Scotland from April 1.

The latest move means English patients will be hit by higher payments while effectively subsidising free drugs for those elsewhere.

Personal care for the elderly, which forces thousands of English pensioners with assets of more than £23,000 to sell their homes every year to pay for residential care, is also free in Scotland.

The Scots also get free eye tests, which cost English patients around £19.

Dr Hamish Meldrum, chairman of British Medical Association Council, said: ‘The Government should not be increasing prescription charges; it should be following the lead set by the three other nations in the UK and making plans to abolish them.’

He branded the plans ‘a move that further exaggerates the absurd postcode lottery that exists in the UK’.

‘Most importantly, the principle of charging for prescriptions runs counter to the founding principle of an NHS that is free at the point of use,’ he said.

‘This is a tax on the sick that contributes only a modest amount to the NHS budget and does not offset the unfair disadvantage of asking the ill to pay for their medicine.’

The Department of Health announced that the cost of an annual pre-payment certificate will remain at £104, but will rise to £29.10 for a three-month certificate.

£7.20, rising to £7.40
Hospital car parking
£1.09 per hour on average
Eye tests
FREE only for the young, elderly and those with certain health conditions or in receipt of qualifying benefits
Personal care
FREE for over 65s who live at home; those in care homes receive £156 from the council towards care
FREE to some, but means testing means provision varies according to 'postcode lottery'
Bus travel
FREE - including morning rush hour travel - for the over 60s
FREE off-peak travel only depending on State Pension age
University fees
£3,290 rising to as much as £9,000

Dental charges for a band one course of treatment, such as a check-up, will increase by 50p from £16.50 to £17. A band two course of treatment, including fillings, will increase by £1.40 to £47. The cost of dentures and bridge work will increase by £6 to £204.

A spokesman for the Department of Health said the Government put up the charges because ‘abolishing prescription charges in England would leave the NHS with a funding gap of over £450 million each year’.

‘This is valuable income – equivalent to the salary costs of nearly 18,000 nurses, or 15,000 midwives, or over 3,500 hospital consultants.’

Officials pointed out that 90 per cent of prescription items are dispensed free of charge. A wide range of people do not pay, including schoolchildren, pensioners and the unemployed.

When the NHS was established by Labour in 1948, all prescriptions were free. Charging was introduced three years later to pay for defence spending.

Neil Churchill, chief executive of Asthma UK, said: ‘For people in England with long-term conditions like asthma, this is a severe blow.

‘Even before the financial crisis, 34 per cent of people with asthma were forced to choose between medicine and other essential items due to cost, putting them at risk of asthma attacks. This increase is unfair and potentially life-threatening.’

Katherine Murphy, of the Patients’ Association, said: ‘It is particularly unfair of the Department of Health to increase prescription charges in England just as the Scottish Government has abolished them in Scotland.

‘Some patients are put off going to their doctor because they do not want to have to pay for their prescriptions.’

EU tells Britain to prepare for North African immigrant surge

The countries on the threatened Mediterranean coast of Europe – Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Italy, Spain and France – asked the other EU countries’ interior ministers late last week to agree a policy for sharing the pain of this influx rather than let it fall only on the Southern states. They also, of course, want some of our taxpayers’ money.

Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni warned of an immigrant influx from North Africa “of Biblical proportions”. The EU’s own border agency Frontex has reported that between half a million and one and a half million would-be immigrants are massing on the Libyan coast. Many are expected to claim “political asylum”, which will entitle them to remain for months fed and housed at our expense whilst their claims are investigated. By the time they are mostly found to be bogus, the immigrants will long have vanished into the illegal “black economy” amongst the growing encampments of their fellow countrymen around many major European cities.

The UN has, predictably, stuck its oar in to support the invasion and colonisation of Europe by Africans. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, has now turned up in Brussels to wag his finger at the top Eurocrats: "If the situation gets even more dramatic, if we move into a level of fighting that forces a massive outflow from Libya, it's very important that protection space is guaranteed in Europe".

In fact fighting will not force a massive outflow, it will allow it. Colonel Gaddafi used to patrol his waters zealously against migrants boats leaving for Europe, as part of the diplomatic package that rehabilitated him with the West. Now the West is backing his domestic enemies, the Colonel is understandably refusing to do this any more, and in any case no longer controls much of his coast.

As chaos engulfs the north coast of Africa, the door has swung open for the greatest inrush of economic migrants into Europe since the barbarian hordes poured across the Rhine and Danube borders of Rome 1600 years ago. They too were claiming political asylum and asking for humanitarian aid. Until they were allowed safely inside Rome’s border defences, whereupon they rose in revolt to claim our lands for their own. That immigrant flood swept away centuries of European civilization and brought down the Dark Ages. So will this. Unless the nations of Europe sweep aside the PC alphabet soup of EU and UN and stand together to drive the invaders from our shores.

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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ringleaders of Shropshire car clocking gang jailed

THE SHROPSHIRE ringleaders of a nationwide “car clocking” con have been jailed after duping customers out of thousands of pounds.

Jangeer Khan and his 30-year-old cousin Sagir Hussain, both from Telford, were known as the “40s kids” after developing a reputation for putting high-mileage cars through MoTs with about 40,000 miles on the odometers after “clocking” them.

The 28-year-old and his cousin, with other gang members, were arrested in a series of raids across the county in November 2007.

Khan, of Bush Hill, Dothill, Telford, was jailed for two years at Stafford Crown Court yesterday while Hussain was sent to prison for 21 months.

The court heard the con involved the gang buying second hand cars at auctions and then selling them on – but only after reducing the mileage by up to 90,000 miles and producing new documents and forged service records.