"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Shrewsbury Prayer Centre Plan: Update

Column Lodge in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury residents are calling for the proposed plan for a Muslim prayer centre in Shrewsbury to be scrapped. People are objecting to the plan on the grounds that the prayer centre would create additional traffic and cause problems with parking along with the obvious cultural change that it would bring.

Shropshire Bangladesh Welfare Society bought the former register office at Column Lodge from the council in a deal worth £215,000 and has applied for it to be turned into a prayer centre and community room.

As soon as this plan was made public, local BNP activists swung into action and targeted thousands of homes with the party's excellent "Protecting British Identity" leaflet which was very well received by residents - many who claim that they have been betrayed by the council and its councillors.

Along with a very well attended public demonstration organised by local residents, hundreds of concerned folk have also written to Shropshire Council, and of the 460 comments that have been received so far during the public consultation period, the vast majority are against the proposed prayer centre. 

In the latest comments section on the Shropshire Council website, Amy Humphreys, one of the people opposing the plan, said: “After reading a number of the comments from those who support this plan, I’m now absolutely convinced that opposing it is the right thing to do. The belief that a lovely traditional English town needs to become ‘more multicultural’ is disturbing.” Well said Amy; Shropshire Patriot couldn't agree more!

Councillor Quits After Just Two Weeks

George Miah

George Miah, the resturant owner who recently failed in his campaign to set up a 'Muslim Prayer Centre' aka Mosque in an old church on Oswald Road has given up his Town Council seat after just two weeks in the position, letting down the local residents and potentially costing the taxpayer money should a by election be held.

The full story can be found here.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Free or Terrorised - It's Up To You

Activism in Oswestry

After the shocking murder of one of our soldiers, Shropshire BNP hit the streets immediately using a leaflet available to download and print which can be found here.

Our chairman Nick Griffin - the hardest working nationalist in British political history - was on hand to help out.

There is one fact which must be heard: if you are concerned about how Britain is being run, it is time for you to join (or re-join) the BNP.

It doesn't matter if there are one or two things you disagree with or if there are one or two members you don't get on with. The most important thing is the Cause, not individual egos.

We are here to provide a bright and secure future for generations to come. It is that simple. We are a small island and the world is a big place. We just want a safe haven to call home, where we can continue to trade with the world and shake hands with leaders of other nations while retaining our freedom, security, identity and democracy.

But when Islamic terrorists behead a British soldier, on a British street, in broad daylight, it is time to say "No more!"

The BNP is not anti-Muslim. We respect the right of Muslims to do whatever they like in their own countries. But if our people are murdered by extremist Muslims on our own streets while our politicians and our media bend over backwards to appease the extremists, it is time we made a stand.

The leaflet available to download has details of a major demonstration in Woolwich. Get down there and make a peaceful stand for our right to be safe and free in our own country.

Shropshire Patriot aims to help the BNP secure freedom in our land peacefully and by using moderate but firm language. Violence has come to British streets, but it is not us who are violent. Stand with us; be firm, do not yeild and never give in.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Don't Sit Back


Our politicians and police are impotent. They cannot stop terrorist attacks like the one in Woolwich yesterday afternoon.

Enoch Powell warned you over 40 years ago. The British National Party has been warning you for decades since.

The government send our troops to die in the middle east, 'fighting terrorism' while a young soldier is beheaded on our streets by Islamic terrorists. The police take almost half an hour to turn up. Our politicians tell us not to over react. Britain is being run by retarded scumbags.

Our current crop of politicians do not have the moral strength to care for the British people, yet all it takes is for good, honest, courageous people like you to stand up and say, "No more!"

To join the BNP, click on the 'British Revolution' link at the top right hand corner of this blog.

Don't sit back and say there's nothing you can do. The British people can do whatever they set their minds to.

Monday, 20 May 2013

CH4 Documentary Focuses on Grooming Scandal in Shropshire

The horrific abuse and sexual exploitation of schoolgirls by a group of Asian men in Shropshire – and the problems facing police officers in bringing them to justice without being accused of racism – is to be exposed in a hard-hitting TV documentary this Thursday at 9pm.

Channel Four’s Dispatches team was given access to Telford police during Operation Chalice, one of the country’s largest ever child sex abuse investigations.

And the results, including candid interviews with many of the leading detectives, are revealed in an hour-long special, The Hunt For Britain’s Sex Gangs, at 9pm on Thursday.

Mr Heneghan (for CH4) said the programme examined how Telford Police also had to face the reality that the men who were perpetrators in this case were all British Pakistanis.

“As one of the DCI’s in charge of launching the initial arrests says: ‘How do you deal with that, without being accused of being racist? My view is this: I’ve got a bunch of criminals, I don’t care what background they come from, I don’t care about anything else about them other than that they are gang-raping young girls’.”

Shropshire Patriot says that in this particular case, the police seem to be confused between race and religion.

Read the full article from the Shropshire Star here and watch the Dispatches documentary at 9pm on Channel 4 this Thursday 23rd May. If you miss the programme, CH4 can be viewed online here.

Will Shropshire BNP feature, considering that our campaigning helped to raise this issue in the first place? Remember, Nick Griffin spoke about this many years ago and the Establishment twice tried to jail him for doing so.

We were right, we are right and we always intend to get it right.

One day our people will awake and say, "No More!".

Friday, 17 May 2013

Freedom of Expression

Arrests have been made in Shrewsbury after comments were made on a Facebook page dedicated to opposing the planned Muslim prayer centre at Column Lodge.

The Shropshire Star reports can be read here and here.

Shropshire Patriot asks all those making comments about Muslims, mosques, immigration and anything else that is important to the British people first carefully consider their words.

Today's society is in a mess. Northern European culture has a long tradition of free speech and liberty and our heroes from Boudica to Hereward the Wake to Enoch Powell did not take kindly to their rights being taken away.

Unfortunately our nation is in the grip of immoral laws which restrict our freedom of expression.

Shropshire Patriot aims to advance the Cause of British nationalism but we will do this in a polite and responsible manner.

Our aim is to have a society ruled by good morals rather than laws, where all points of view are heard and debated.

The ancient Greeks understood this 2,500 years ago but our political masters today do not.

It is not good practice to use the law to stop people saying what they wish to say, even if what they say is offensive to some.

Our people are offended every day by what they see and hear on the streets and in the news.

But one thing is clear - abusive language does not help our Cause and Shropshire Patriot asks for all comments to be carefully considered before posting.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Telford Muslims Jailed for Sexually Abusing Girls

Ahdel Ali, 25, Mubarek Ali, 29, Mohammed Ali Sultan, 26, Tanveer Ahmed, 40, Mohammed Younis, 60, and Mohammed Islam Choudhrey, 53,
Ahdel Ali, 25, Mubarek Ali, 29, Mohammed Ali Sultan, 26, Tanveer Ahmed, 40, Mohammed Younis, 60, and Mohammed Islam Choudhrey, 53.

Seven Muslim men have been jailed after a series of complex court cases.

Today, the Shropshire Star reveals details of those court cases following a hearing in the High Court today in which a judge upheld a decision that another man accused of child sex abuse offences was not mentally fit to be retried.

Mahroof Khan, 35,
Mahroof Khan, 35

After West Mercia Police’s investigation into suspected under-age sex and child prostitution, seven men were finally convicted in cases stretching over two years.

Four experienced judges have heard distressing evidence from four young women, who were aged 13 to 16 when they were abused during a two-year period between 2007 and 2009.

The leading players in the abuse were brothers, Ahdel and Mubarek Ali, of Regent Street, Wellington, who received long jail sentences after an eight-week trial.

The full story can be found at the Shropshire Star website here.

Shropshire Patriot poses the following questions:

1. Is this a case of a few criminals who happen to be Muslim or is there a deeper religious and cultural issue which has yet to be fully explained by the establishment and the press?

2. Why have we had no apologies from the Muslim community in Shropshire?

3. Why does the local Conservative run Council seem so eager to encourage the conversion of old churches into 'Muslim prayer centres' aka mosques?

One fact shines brightly through the confusion, however - the BNP have long campaigned on the issue of sexual exploitation of our young girls while all the other political mainstream parties did nothing and still do nothing except to cuddle up to Islam.

If you believe the sexual grooming of young girls is still going on in your area, seemingly unopposed by the authorities, the BNP would like to hear from you on 0844 809 4581

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Former Church in Shrewsbury Sold to Muslims

The former register office at Column Lodge, Shrewsbury
Column Lodge - Sold to Shropshire Bangladesh Welfare Society


Note: To comment on this 'change of use' proposal, follow the link to Shropshire Council's planning website here. Please read all the available information before commenting.


Shropshire Council has sold Column Lodge to the Shropshire Bangladesh Welfare Society in a £215,000 deal.

The former church, based near to the Column roundabout, was home to the council’s registration services before they were transferred to the Guildhall in Frankwell last year.

Martin Kabir, a trustee of the Shropshire Bangladesh Welfare Society, today said the building would become a Muslim prayer centre and community room, and it would be open to all members of the public. He said: “The building was a place of worship years ago.

“It will become a facility for Muslim prayer and a day care centre. It is a first for Shrewsbury and everyone will be welcome.

“We have been looking for somewhere for a long time and this is close to the outskirts of town and easy to access.”

A statement in support of the planning application said that at peak times on a Friday afternoon there could be up to 50 visitors.

See the full story on the Shropshire Star website here


Shropshire Branch of the BNP calls on Shropshire Council to decide upon this Planning Application at an Open Meeting.

Previously, the Council had opted for a similar decision in to be made by unelected planning officers, when Oswestry Muslim Society applied to convert a former church into a mosque.

We demand electoral accountability, which means that only elected councillors must be the ones who make the decisions that have the potential to alter Shropshire's cultural landscape.

A full local campaign is planned by Shropshire BNP to raise awareness of these proposals.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Understanding NLP


Understand Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that is being used against the population of Britain by visiting Common Purpose Exposed.

Friday, 3 May 2013

British Persistence!

Attempting to change the face of British politics isn't easy. In fact the task we in the British National Party have set ourselves is huge. We must alter people's habits, tackle a system that has had decades to embed itself in people's psyche and wait patiently for our window of opportunity, all the while keeping our composure, taking defeat after defeat and coming back for more, never knowing how long we'll have to wait until our time comes.

However, there are many positives to consider; firstly, over the last few years the voting public have toyed with the idea of change - from a cautious voting experiment which gave way to a coalition government in 2010 to the bolder  notion of offering UKIP seats at local level. This shows that while many are quite rightly disillusioned with politics, some of the electorate are taking a few steps in a different direction, testing the water with something new.

The economy of Britain and the personal finances of many British people is near breaking point, but today, right now, we are mostly okay. And so people only vote for as much change as they think they need while at the same time pretending bad things just won't happen. This is human nature - a mental defence mechanism, for the alternative is to accept just what a problematic situation we all face.

The BNP is the British Resistance, but for most people there isn't much to resist, at least not on their immediate personal radar. Nationalists can see what is round the corner but trying to explain this to the electorate is difficult. It is negative politics in a sense, for although we have a grand vision of how our country could be, that grand vision is even harder to convey because the mental aptitude for great achievements has been promoted as unfashionable by a Communist vein which runs through today's society and which has a vested interest in holding our people down. 

As nationalists we understand what is happening to Britain and we have the policies to deal with the situation and to rebuild our country into something to be proud of once again.

But what we need from BNP members is one thing and one thing only - endless persistence.

We shall keep on trying, ignoring the weak naysayers, who repeatedly tell us all is lost, and continue onwards.

Question: How many times does it take to get elected?
Answer: As many as it takes.

Results for the Shropshire County Council elections 2013 can be found here.