"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Monday, 31 January 2011

We've never had it so bad! Bank of England chief warns of biggest income squeeze on families since the 1920s

  • Wages in 2011 to be no higher than in 2005
  • As household bills rocketed, average salary rose by just 7.6% since 2007
  • Cost of living 'likely' to keep on rising this year
  • King: 'Bank of England can't wave a magic wand'
Families are being crippled by the biggest squeeze in their finances since the 1920s, the Bank of England’s governor has said.
Mervyn King painted a picture of the nightmare facing millions of ­workers because of the toxic combination of soaring inflation and pay freezes or paltry pay rises.
In his first speech of the year, Britain’s most powerful banker admits many households are suffering misery, saying: ‘It is hardly surprising that unhappiness describes the reaction of many.’
Over the past four years, he added, inflation has ballooned by about 12 per cent but wages have failed to keep up.
His warning piled on the woe after shock figures showed the economy contracted by 0.5 per cent in the final quarter of 2010, ending 12 months of growth.

The unexpected plunge renewed fears of a double dip recession but George Osborne and Vince Cable joined forces to insist: 'There is no alternative.'
They blamed the Big Freeze and the Chancellor declared he would not allow his plans for fiscal tightening to be 'blown off course by the bad weather'.
Figures from the Office for National Statistics show the average salary has increased by only 7.6 per cent since 2007, from £24,043 to £25,879.
In the meantime, however, rocketing household bills have more than wiped out such wage rises.
In addition to those granted meagre, below-inflation pay rises, millions have had their wage levels frozen while some have had their pay cut.
Mr King said the wage squeeze is likely to continue this year, with inflation currently at 3.7 per cent but an average predicted pay rise of only 2.1 per cent.
Speaking in Newcastle, he said: ‘As a result, in 2011 real wages are likely to be no higher than they were in 2005. One has to go back to the 1920s to find a time when real wages fell over a period of six years.’
A ‘real wage’ is wages after inflation has been taken into account.
Mr King piled on the gloom by declaring that the cost of living is set to keep on rising, making a situation which he described as ­‘uncomfortable’ even worse.
The cost of living is ‘likely’ to rise by ‘somewhere between 4 per cent and 5 per cent’ over the next few months, although it will drop back next year, he said.
This is far above the target set by the Government for inflation, measured by the consumer prices index, of 2 per cent.
Source: ONS
Source: ONS
It comes against a backdrop where inflation has been an average of 3 per cent for more than two years.
Mr King's bleak speech was in sharp contrast to Prime Minister Harold Macmillan's in 1957 when he told Britons 'most of our people have never had it so good'.
The PM then painted a positive picture of the economy with booming manufacturing and rising wages thanks to the post-war boom.
The address by the Bank of England governor comes at a time when the finances of millions of Britons are under chronic pressure.
Petrol prices have rocketed to hit new records, with an average bill of nearly £80 to fill up a 60-litre car.
Between November and December, the cost of food jumped by 1.6 per cent, the biggest hike ever recorded at this time of year.
Added into the equation is the ever-spiralling cost of keeping our homes warm. Many of the ‘Big Six’ energy giants have recently hiked their prices, with an average dual fuel bill costing £1,250 a year, close to one month’s take-home pay for an average worker.
Economy graphic
Mr King said the Bank of England could not wave a magic wand to make things better, explaining: ‘[Monetary policy] cannot alter the fact that, one way or another, the squeeze in living standards is the inevitable price to pay for the financial crisis and subsequent rebalancing of the world and UK economies.’
He admitted the squeeze on workers was ‘unpleasant’, and said half the blame lies with higher prices and the other half is due to pay rises being below normal levels.
Mr King also expressed his sadness for savers, who have been savaged by his institution’s decision to keep the base rate rooted at 0.5 per cent, the lowest since the Bank was founded in 1694. 
He said: ‘I sympathise completely with savers, and those who behaved prudently who now find themselves among the ­biggest losers from this crisis.’
Savers – whose accounts outnumber those of borrowers by a ratio of seven to one – are being hit by paltry interest rates of as low as 0.01 per cent.
Anybody wanting to live off the income from their savings, which used to be possible, is now finding that it is impossible.
Dr Ros Altmann, director general of Saga Group, said: ‘The decision to keep rock-bottom rates has had devastating consequences for pensioners.
‘They are being sacrificed to the Government’s economic policies. This really cannot go on.’
1920s strikers
The last time wages were similarly squeezed was the 1920s when recession and deflation followed the Great War

Woman sexually assaulted in Dothill, Wellington, Telford

Monday 24th January 2011, 3:30PM GMT.
Police investigate a sexual assault near St Agathas Close, Wellington.
A young woman was subjected to a midnight sexual assault by a man riding a bicycle as she walked along a footpath in Wellington, police said today.
Residents living in Agathas Close in Dothill, went to her rescue after the attack at about midnight on Saturday.
It happened as she was walking along the nearby footpath, St Agathas Way.
One resident, Graham Pinches, 55, said: “Everyone is quite surprised – there has never been anything like this around here before.
“Apparently a couple of people heard screams, but that’s not unusual around that time of night when the kids come back from the pubs at night.”
Forensic teams scoured the area for clues yesterday and carried out door-to-door inquiries.
Detective Sergeant Mark Jones, from Telford CID, said: “The man we are looking for is described as white with a tanned complexion, aged in his 30s and at least 5ft 9ins tall.
“He is described as being of stocky build with a round face and broad neck.
“He was wearing a heavy dark coloured jacket and dark coloured trousers or jeans. He was riding what is believed to be a dark coloured mountain bike.
“We are hoping that somebody will recognise the suspect from this description and will come forward and speak to us.
“The woman is clearly upset and is being comforted by family and friends.”
He added: “Thankfully incidents of this nature in Telford are rare.
“Police are following up a number of lines of inquiry and are determined to leave no stone unturned in investigating this and bringing the offender to justice,” said Mr Jones.
“This was a nasty attack on a young woman and the offender needs to be caught.”

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Third World Immigration Is Bringing TB Back To Britain

Labour Appeasing Islam: WAKE UP UK. political correctness multiculturalism

Grooming of girls by Asian gangs fuelled by unhappy arranged marriages to cousins claims Muslim peer

A senior Muslim politician has blamed unhappy arranged marriages to cousins for leading some Pakistani men to prey on vulnerable young white girls to fulfil their sexual needs.
Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, Britain’s first Muslim peer, is the first politician to make a link between first-cousin marriages and sex crimes by Pakistani men.
He has spoken out after a spate of high-profile court cases where groups of Asian men have been sentenced for grooming white girls as young as 12 in Derby, Blackburn and Lord Ahmed’s home town of Rotherham.
Speaking out: Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, Britain's first Muslim peer, believes there is a link between first-cousin marriages and sex crimes by Pakistani men
Speaking out: Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, Britain's first Muslim peer, believes there is a link between first-cousin marriages and sex crimes by Pakistani men
Lord Ahmed, who wants an end to cousin marriages, said: ‘They are forced into marriages and they are not happy. They are married to girls from overseas who they don’t have anything in common with, and they have children and a family.
‘But they are looking for fun in their sexual activities and seek out vulnerable girls.’
He said Asian men resort to abusing young white girls because they do not want meaningful relationships with adult white women.
‘An adult woman – if you are having an affair – would want your time, money and for you to break up your marriage,’ the peer added.
His comments come weeks after former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw provoked national outrage by saying that some Pakistani men look at white girls as ‘easy meat’ for sexual abuse.
Labour peer Lord Ahmed said: ‘I get a lot of criticism from Asian people who ask, “How can you say this about Asian men?” But they must wake up and realise there is a problem.
‘I am deeply worried about this as it has happened in my own backyard, and in Rochdale and Bradford.
‘This didn’t happen in my or my father’s generation. This is happening among young Asians. While I respect individual choice, I think the community needs to look at marriages in the UK rather than cousin marriages or economic marriages from abroad.’
Studies have shown that 55 per cent of British Pakistanis marry their first cousins, usually from abroad. In Bradford, the figure is as high as 75 per cent.
Although marriages between first cousins is lawful in Britain, it is frowned upon by many who see it as a form of incest. In America, the practice is illegal in 30 states.
First-cousin marriages among other British Muslim groups such as Bangladeshis or Indians are less prevalent.
Earlier this month, two ringleaders of a Pakistani gang in Derby were given indeterminate jail terms for grooming 26 white girls aged between 12 and 18 after plying them with alcohol and drugs.
Mohammed Liaqat, 28, and Abid Saddique, 27, were jailed for a minimum of 11 and eight years respectively for charges which included rape.
Both had wives through arranged marriages and had young children with them. In Rotherham, a gang of five Asian men were jailed in November for grooming white girls as young as 12.
Since 1997, 56 people with an average age of 28 have been convicted of offences related to on-street grooming of girls aged 11 to 16. Of these, three were white and the rest Asian, of whom 50 were Muslim, with the majority British Pakistani.
A Home Office spokesman said: ‘We should not jump to form conclusions about national patterns of offending without further analysis.’
Health experts have previously warned British Pakistanis to reduce the number of cousin marriages as it is leading to a high number of genetic birth defects in the community.
Lord Ahmed was briefly expelled from Labour after he served 16 days in prison in 2009 for sending text messages at the wheel before a fatal crash.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

The criminal truth

The 10 families who are costing us an astonishing £1m a year between them just in housing benefits

Waste of taxpayers' money: Several families have been given thousands in annual housing benefit like Abdi Nur (pictured)
Waste of taxpayers' money: Several families have been given thousands in annual housing benefit like Abdi Nur (pictured)
Ten families in England are sharing an astonishing £1million a year in housing benefits, it emerged last night.
The huge sums being lavished on the families by the taxpayer are allowing them to live in streets normally reserved for millionaires.
Five of the families are receiving the maximum payment of £2,000 per week.
It is the first proof that George Osborne was correct when he claimed some households were receiving sums in excess of £100,000 a year.
Last night, the Chancellor told the Daily Mail: ‘It is precisely this kind of shocking waste of public money under the previous Labour government that led to Britain’s debt problems.
‘We are bringing an end to this by putting a cap on the total amount of benefit that a family can receive so the days of £100,000 housing benefit claims are gone.’
The Coalition triggered a furious reaction last year when it unveiled plans to cut the top rate of housing benefit to £400 a week. Chris Bryant, the Labour justice spokesman, said the cuts would lead to ‘social cleansing’, with 200,000 people forced out of the capital.
The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, also spoke of a ‘Kosovo-style’ exodus.
Critics even questioned whether Mr Osborne could back his claim that some families were in receipt of six-figure annual sums.
But Freedom of Information replies received by this newspaper show there are at least ten families in London sharing a £1million housing benefit bill between them.
All are being housed in Westminster, Kensington or Chelsea – the wealthiest parts of the country.
Five families are receiving the maximum of £2,000 a week, the equivalent to a working family’s mortgage on a £1.5million house.
It will re-ignite the row over the housing benefit bill, which has spiralled from £14billion ten years ago to £21billion. It is more than the country spends on policing and universities combined.
The identity of the ten families is being kept secret because of privacy rules.
Some previous cases, when the claimaints have been identified, involved even larger sums.

Toorpakai Saiedi, a jobless Afghan immigrant with seven children, had rent of £2,875 per week on a large house in Acton, West London, paid by Ealing Council. The total benefits bill was £170,000 a year.
Outrage at the 2008 case led to Labour introducing the £2,000 per week limit.
In another case, Abdi Nur, along with his wife and their seven children, was given a £2.1million townhouse at the expense of the taxpayer. The 42-year-old, from Somalia, moved into the three-storey property in Notting Hill after he objected to the ‘poor’ area of North-West London they were living in.
David Cameron said his case was ‘an outrage’.
Coalition ministers insist that, while tackling abuse at the top end of the scale, their proposals will not cause the feared ‘social cleansing’.
Figures seen by the Mail show that 96 per cent of 642,200 claimants whose handouts will be reduced will face rent shortfalls of £20 a week or less, and 79 per cent of £10 or less.
The Government expects the vast majority of landlords to cover the shortfall by making a small cut in their rents.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Tongue In Cheek - Breaking News

Breaking News

Simon Darby's Heroic Ancestry Revealed!

After an extensive investigation, the British National Party's North Shropshire Organiser can reveal that long term Party activist Simon Darby is the re-incarnation of an historical Royal Welch Fusilier soldier, as the above image clearly shows.

Mr. Darby, who is often heard saying he is proud of his Black Country roots, will now likely be helping out during forthcoming Welsh Assembly elections after this stunning revelation.


Serious Political Campaigning

Shropshire British National Party are keen to promote unity across the border between England and Wales, and recognise that our present struggle against globalism can be achieved together whilst being proud of our own individual nationalities.

We encourage all our English nationalist friends to offer their help in a serious political campaign, namely the Welsh Assembly elections to be held this coming May.

Welsh Heroes

For those wishing to find out more about the Royal Welch Fusiliers, an excellent first port of call is their museum located in Caernarfon Castle which can be found by clicking here.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A Day In The Life

With the political, social and economic climate in Britain moving at an ever increasing pace towards slavery for the indigenous population, more and more of our people are sympathising with the British National Party.

Due to media lies, however, there is a great misconception regarding what nationalism is all about, and what the role of a local organiser of the British National Party is.

This short article aims to shed some light on the subject and encourage others to step up to the mark and ultimately to help us provide a safe and secure future for our people.

A Day In The Life Of A Local Organiser

04:30 - Get up. I'm lucky enough to have a job and I don't take politics to work.

14:30 - Finish work, check PO Box for new enquiries and head home for lunch.

15:00 - Check emails, both personal and Party, and check Party mobile 'phone for any enquiry texts or answer 'phone messages. Then I get to work on any current projects. Today I'm designing a new 'Local Patriot' leaflet. It's important to limit time spent on the internet as this can swallow up half a day in the blink of an eye, so I try to limit myself to a maximum of two hours.

16:00 - Print off some maps of local area to help in co-ordinating leafleting.

16:30 - An hours leafleting by myself, using last few glossy recruitment leaflets. One person can put out 200 leaflets in an hour, and it's certainly worth while. I expect an enquiry or two from todays activities, but as these leaflets include our blog website address, I know a number of people will be curious enough to look online. It's all about slowly awakening our people, bit by bit.

17:45 - Back home for a shower and prepare tea for my family. Family life is what nationalism is all about, and it's important to spend quality time with my wife and young son.

20:00 - Watch a little television and open a bottle of beer while scribbling notes for ideas on a future meeting. Our Christmas social went well in a new venue and I plan on ensuring even more people attend the next meeting. This will be achieved by telephoning new enquirers and ensuring members and supporters are kept up to date with what's going on. I'm also thinking of some 'Days of Action', where I will continue to build my small but dedicated leafleting team.

21:30 - Time for bed and my good lady is fast asleep the moment her head touches the pillow. Being a mother is hard work, but she'd take motherhood over a glittering career any day of the week. I read for 15mins before nodding off. A number of books sit on my bedside table, from a couple of Terry Partchet novels all the way through to heavier stuff like 'Gods of the North' by Brian Branston, so there's always something to suit my mood.

Nationalism - A Complete Ideology

Political nationalism is tremendously important, but nationalism as an ideology is all about living life with an understanding of who we truly are, understanding nature, understanding our ancestors and and striving to be the best we can be. It's about family, and providing that eternal line of successors who also must learn to understand where they came from and where they're going. Despite the lies pushed forth by traitor politicians and the 'Orwellian' mass media machine, our people are here to stay and we won't be bullied into non-existence.

The United States of Europe

A formal proposal to rename the European Union the United States of Europe is clear evidence that a superstate is on the way, Eurosceptics warned last night.
They said that along with plans for EU citizenship and the running of common foreign, security and defence policies 'on a federal basis', it would give the EU 'all the attributes of a state'.
The name change is part of a 'preliminary draft constitutional treaty' published by former French president Valery Giscard d'Estaing, chairman of a year-long Convention on Europe's future.
The aim is to give the EU a written constitution - a move which sceptics claim is a key part of the development of a single state.
The 18-page draft also suggests giving all residents dual citizenship and sets out the rights of each EU citizen, such as movement, residence and the right to vote and stand in European Parliament and local elections.
Other major proposals are:
The creation of the post of an elected president of the Council. The powers of the European Commission, European Parliament and European Council of member states would also be defined;
A Congress of the Peoples of Europe that would include members of the European Parliament and national legislatures;
EU institutions should be as open as possible, with legislative debates by the Parliament and Council open to the public;
The constitution would also establish the procedure for a country to leave the bloc and the consequences this would have.
The draft blueprint is only a summary of the convention debate so far and final proposals are not due before next summer.
But it provides a wealth of ammunition for Eurosceptics who fear Britain is being sucked into a federal superstate.
A government source admitted it was a 'major negative' that the list of the alternative names for the EU included United States of Europe and United Europe.
There was 'not a cat in hell's chance' of the EU being called a United States of Europe, he said, and United Europe - M Giscard d'Estaing's personal favourite - also risked losing the notion of the nation state.
Peter Hain, the newly appointed Welsh Secretary, is representing the Government at the convention. He will insist the EU does not change its name.
The draft describes the EU as 'a Union of European states which, while retaining their national identities, closely coordinate their policies at the European level, and administer certain common competencies on a federal basis'.
Government officials say the 'f ' word is being used in its proper context, and holds no danger for the UK's sovereignty - but its appearance in an EU ' constitution' is bound to attract hostility.
The other major bugbear for Britain is M Giscard d'Estaing's call for dual citizenship, which would give all EU nationals both national and European citizenship, with the freedom to use either.
The idea of placing EU citizenship above national citizenship is unacceptable to the Government.
The Tory member of the Convention, former minister David Heathcoat-Amory, condemned M Giscard d'Estaing's draft as 'a blueprint for integration'.
He warned: 'The draft constitution published today would endow the European Union with all the attributes of a state.
'The EU will have a single legal personality and will operate on "a federal basis". People will have "dual citizenship", which itself elevates the EU to statehood.
'The British Government must make clear its total opposition to this federal advance.'
But yesterday in the Commons the Prime Minister welcomed the 18-page document, saying it made clear that the EU 'should cooperate as a Union of the European states, not a federal superstate'.
Mr Blair told MPs: 'We are wellplaced in this vital debate.'

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

British Muslims want to take over the UK

Immigrant “Fake Car Crash” Gangs Cause Motor Insurance Premiums to Jump by 30%

Motor car insurance premiums have jumped by an average of 30 percent a year after a massive upsurge in fraud and faked car crash claims which have been blamed by police and insurance crime investigators on Pakistani, Afghan and Bangladeshi immigrants.
The increase in insurance premiums is yet another financial punishment inflicted upon the British public as a result of the massive Third World immigration invasion supported by both Tory and Labour governments.
According to the Automobile Association (AA), car insurance policies have increased by an average of £215 per year. Drivers will now be forced to pay an average of £845 for their annual policy, up 34 percent from last year’s average of £630.
According to Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, as quoted in a recent media report, almost half of the average insurance policy now goes to cover the cost of whiplash claims, fraud, legal fees and tax.
The number of whiplash claims has risen by 25 per cent in six years and £44 from every motorist’s policy goes to cover fraudulent staged accidents.
According to the media, these “crash for cash” claims are so common in certain areas that drivers in some parts of the country either cannot buy insurance at all or have to pay massively inflated premiums.
These areas are often located in wealthier areas where victims are most likely to have full comprehensive insurance.
For example, one company, Esure, reported a 300 percent increase in personal injury claims in the B31 postcode in Birmingham. Towns in this postcode include Longbridge and Northfield, some of the better-off areas of the West Midlands.
Parliament’s Transport Select Committee was told last week by Chief Supt Geraint Anwyl of the Association of Chief Police Officers’ roads policing section that the frauds were “highly organised and clearly very profitable.
“Induced collisions and staged collisions were taking place along with fictitious collisions,” Supt, Anwyl told the committee, adding that this was directly raising premiums.
According to the Insurance Fraud Bureau, there were about 30,000 “staged car crashes” last year which cost insurers about £350 million and added £44 to the premium of every driver.
In September 2009, London police inspector Nick Chalmers told BBC Asian Radio that “Pakistani, Afghan and Bangladeshi criminal gangs in Britain are staging deliberate car accidents in order to claim their victims’ car insurance money.”
Inspector Chalmers said that the gangs operate primarily in Yorkshire, Lancashire and the suburbs of London.
“The modus operandi of the gangs appears to be to move closely in a convoy of two cars. The first car suddenly brakes very hard, as does the second, forcing the targeted victim’s car to crash into the rear of the second car,” he said.
“The perpetrators then make a fraudulent car crash claim to their victim’s insurance company for damages to their vehicle and for personal injuries, such as whiplash, real or not,” he continued.
“Some fraudsters have claimed for injuries to persons not even present in the vehicle.
“Ten such gangs operate in northwest London alone, and the daily count of staged accidents could be up to 20,” Insp. Chalmers said.
An article in the Financial Times from 2008 dealing with the topic quoted the Insurance Fraud Bureau’s (IFB) head, Sue Jones, as saying that the proceeds from the ‘crash for cash’ cases were’ linked to other serious crimes and countries associated with Islamic extremism, such as Afghanistan.’
Ms Jones was quoted as saying that the IFB was specifically targeting these gangs, many of which were linked with "all sorts of other criminality.
“This is not just a crime where greedy people are lining their own pockets and driving around in flash cars and buying nice houses. It's the more sinister uses to which the money is being put,” she said.
Ms Jones added that “the crime was linked to drugs, immigration frauds and other financial offences, perhaps even including the financing of Muslim extremist groups.
"Of concern to us is the volume of money that's going out of the country through places like Dubai and into places like Pakistan and Afghanistan. Once the money is out there, it does become particularly difficult to get a handle on it,” she said.

Muslim father accused of 'running down and killing daughter, 20, because she was becoming too Westernised'

A Muslim father ran over and killed his 20-year-old daughter because he was enraged by her failure to obey him and her increasingly Westernised values, a prosecutor has claimed.
Faleh Almaleki allegedly accelerated his Jeep in a car park in Phoenix, Arizona, hitting Noor as well as her boyfriend's mother, before fleeing the scene - and the country.
The mother survived but Noor died after two weeks in a coma.
Accused: Faleh Hassan Almaleki is charges with murdering his 20-year-old daughter, after she died when he ran over her in his Jeep in October 2009
'Too Westernised': Mr Almaleki is accused of being enraged that his daughter, Noor, was not adhering to Iraqi traditions in America
Accused: Faleh Hassan Almaleki, left, is charged with murdering his 20-year-old daughter Noor, after she died when he ran over her in his Jeep in October 2009. It is alleged he was angry that she was 'too Westernised'
In a case that has gripped America, the jury will now have to decide whether or not Almaleki, an Iraqi immigrant, should be charged with murder, attempted murder or whether it was an accident, as his defence lawyers contest.
The 50-year-old faces life behind bars if he is convicted of murder.
Prosecutor Laura Reckart told the 16-strong jury that Almaleki was increasingly incensed at his daughter's failure to obey him.
In her opening statement, she told jurors that he believed she had dishonoured the family by becoming too Westernised.
And, when he saw her by chance while visiting a state Department of Economic security office in Peoria on October 20, 2009, his rage overflowed, she has claimed.
Almaleki left the office, got in his Jeep and waited for his daughter to emerge as he seethed, Mrs Reckart said. 
'He revved and raced that car right out of the parking spot in a premeditated act and ran them over,' she continued.
However, according to his defence team, led by Elizabeth Mullins, what happened was accidental.
She claimed that when Almaleki saw the older woman walking across the parking lot he made a 'catastrophic' decision to show his disdain.
As he accelerated to about 20 mph (32 kph), a startled Amal Khalaf - the mother of Miss Almaleki's boyfriend - jumped in front of the Jeep.
Almaleki swerved but couldn't avoid hitting the woman, who thankfully survived.
But the Jeep then jumped a curb and ran over his daughter, causing severe injuries that would kill her 13 days later.
Almaleki's lawyer claims it was an accident and that although he should be held responsible, he is not guilty of premeditated murder.
The case caused outrage after prosecutors deemed Miss Almaleki's death an 'honour killing'.
Almaleki is from a small Southern Iraqi town near Basra.
He and his family were relocated by the U.S. military to Saudi Arabia and then the U.S. in the mid-1990s. 
Almaleki later got a job as a truck driver in the Phoenix area and his wife worked for the military.
He wanted his daughter to adhere to Iraqi traditions, but she wanted to be a typical American girl, the court heard.
When she was 17, she refused to enter an arranged marriage in Iraq - a move that enraged her father - the court records showed.
She moved into her own apartment aged 19 and began working at a fast-food restaurant but quit after her parents kept showing up at her workplace, insisting she return home.
Later in 2009, she moved in with her boyfriend and his parents, Reikan and Amal Khalaf, after saying her parents had hit her.
'The relationship between Noor and her father had become very strained,' Mrs Reckart, for the prosecution, said.
'Noor wanted to live her life like those her own age, but the defendant would not allow it.'
That may be true, Mrs Mullins said from the defence bench, but Mr Almaleki would never intentionally harm his first born.
'For a real (Iraqi) man, for a real father, having that child is the most important thing in his world,' she told jurors.
But the prosecutor said Almaleki's actions after he fled the scene - which included travelling to Mexico and then on to London, where he was caught - show he was running away and knew what he had done was wrong.
Mrs Mullins said he simply panicked and left at the urging of his family.
When he was caught, he tried to explain to police that what had happened was an accident, telling them, 'If my daughter dies, I kill myself', she said.
When Miss Almaleki eventually died, her father was marked for suicide watch in the jail, she added.
Prosecutors plan to begin calling witnesses in the case today and the trial could take several weeks.
Almaleki has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault and leaving the scene of a serious injury accident.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Deporting Millions Of Muslims May Be Necessary - Geert Wilders

White children in Birmingham 'a minority' this year because of immigration

Children from white families are in the minority in both Birmingham and Leicester, according to researchers.
More than half of those under 16 in the cities are now from black, Asian and other ethnic communities, they believe.
White children make up 47 per cent of the population in both cities, the researchers estimate.
The figures, which are expected to be confirmed by this year’s census, mean that for the first time white children are a minority group, although they are the biggest single ethnic group.
Education authorities say many different languages are being spoken in Birmingham schools (Picture posed by models)
Education authorities say many different languages are being spoken in Birmingham schools (Picture posed by models)
A report on Birmingham suggests that the figures could be explained by a younger population, more white families moving out of the city and immigration.
The report estimates that in 2006 53 per cent of children under 16 in Birmingham, Britain’s second biggest city, were from white families.
It also forecast that the proportion of children aged under 16 who are from ethnic minorities will rise to about 64 per cent by 2026, while the proportion of children from white families will be 36 per cent.
In Leicester it is predicted that children from white families will make up 31.8 per cent of under 16s by 2026.

The predictions are contained in reports by the Cathie Marsh Institute at the University of Manchester. The Birmingham report was commissioned by Birmingham City Council while the Leicester estimates are from a student’s dissertation.
At the time of the last census in 2001, 70.4 per cent of Birmingham’s population of all age ranges was white and 29.6 per cent from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, dominated by those with Asian, Caribbean and African origins.
It is predicted that by 2024 no ethnic group will form a majority. At present the total population of the city is just over one million.
In Leicester, white British people made up 60.54 per cent of the population at the time of the 2001 census.
More than half of children in Birmingham will be from black and Asian communities, making white families a minority group, a report said today
More than half of children in Birmingham will be from black and Asian communities, making white families a minority group, a report said today
According to the University of Manchester predictions, Leicester will become Britain’s first city where no ethnic group forms a majority in about 2019. Leicester’s population at present is more than 300,000.

Professor Ludi Simpson, who led the research team, said: ‘In Leicester and Birmingham, the white group will remain the largest by far – though it will not account for a majority of the population as a whole.
‘These and most other cities are already diverse with many different ethnic minorities.
‘Indeed it is indisputable that whether the whole of Britain or its city districts are considered, there will be more cultures represented in more equal numbers than in the past.’
The findings for Birmingham chime with Department for Education figures released last January.
They showed that 43 per cent of children at Birmingham’s primary and secondary schools were white. Out of 148,900 pupils attending council-run schools, 63,800 were white.
The 2011 census is being conducted in March, when 25million households across England and Wales will be required by law to answer a range of questions including who is registered as living at a property, their age, their education and their ethnicity.
The results, the first official figures since 2001, will be announced later this year.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Tesco reluctant to refund Christian over Halal meat

British Schoolgirl's Testimony - Muslims Threaten Children With Violence...


Baroness Sayeeda Warsi


By Leo McKinstry

THE British people are among the most tolerant on earth but that tolerance is being abused by a political elite that seems to regard ordinary citizens as the enemy within. One incident last week highlighted the tightening grip of a fashionable ideology that treats our national identity with contempt. in the once tranquil, quintessentially english town of st Neots in Cambridge- shire, two young mothers, emma Knightly and Kimberley Williams, tried to join a crèche where their toddlers could be looked after. to their astonishment they were told their British nationality barred them from becoming members since the publicly funded centre caters only for foreigners.
This is an outrageous policy, promoting discrimination against people who have been born here. this is all too typical of what is happening across Britain. the malign forces of multiculturalism and mass immigration are being used by the state to transform society and to denigrate our heritage. every culture has to be revered except our own. in many towns Britons now feel like aliens in their own land.

From welfare to education, the apparatus of the civic bureaucracy is geared  towards the demands of the ever rising
number of immigrants, now running at more than 500,000 every year, most of them from Asia and Africa.

Meanwhile the British taxpayers who have to pay for this whole racket find themselves marginalised. Any challenge to the destruction of our nation is greeted with outrage by our  political masters. those who refuse to support the official state dogma of multi- culturalism are smeared as dangerous reactionaries and xenophobes.

That was the thrust of the speech given on Thursday by Baroness Warsi, the  co-chairman of the Conservative Party and the first Muslim to sit in the Cabinet.  she warned of a rising tide of “islamophobia” throughout Britain, with anti- islamic bigotry now seen as an  acceptable topic for “dinner party” conversation. Lady Warsi’s accusations against British people could hardly be more hollow.  if Britain really is so prejudiced how come she holds high office and has been given a seat in the house of Lords? the truth is that in the face of severe provocation the public has shown the most remarkable restraint towards Muslims but we cannot deny the reality in front of our eyes.
What she calls “islamophobia” is a  perfectly rational concern about the behaviour of a significant section of the
Muslim population here, which due to  the collapse of our borders is now three million strong and growing.

When she complains about “isolation” she does not acknowledge that far too many Muslims have refused to integrate into our society. instead, they have  pursued an aggressively separatist  agenda, refusing to show respect for  such traditional British customs as freedom of speech, while constantly demanding  special  treatment for their culture  whether it be the acceptance of sharia  law or sale of halal meat. it is a reflection of how craven our  society has become that even in some mainstream schools and shops, the only meat served is halal, even though many 
of us are revolted by ritual slaughter.

Only the most blinkered ideologues can deny that the rise of islam represents a major problem for our society. the terrorist threat remains enormous yet almost as worrying is the passivity, even acquiescence, of the islamic  majority in the face of extremism. One recent study of Muslim students at British universities showed that a third of them support killing in the name of islam.

After the July bombings in London in 2005 there were no Muslim protests at what had been done in the name of their faith, no angry marches against the  terrorists, but when an obscure Danish newspaper published a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed London was brought to a standstill three weekends in a row  by mass demonstrations.
the language of victimhood comes easily to the followers of islam yet all too often they are the real oppressors, as has been shown in the appalling incidence of Muslim sex gangs preying on white girls in the north of england.

Similarly the grim catalogue of forced marriages, “honour” killings and domestic violence demonstrates the brutal
 misogyny of islam, as does the enforcement of such grotesque dress codes as the burka. that primitive garment should have no place in an open, modern society. in the same fashion, self-appointed

Muslim “community leaders” have subverted the democratic process through actions like mass postal voting fraud 
while racist attitudes towards the  “infidel” are all too common.

In a depressing commentary last week a vicar’s wife from a Muslim-dominated area of Birmingham reported that her
husband was abused as a “white bastard” and they had had “dirty white dogs” daubed on the church door.

We have here a fundamental paradox at work in that the liberal doctrine multi- culturalism is demolishing our liberties through its collusion with islam. throughout the world, whether it be in Pakistan or the sudan, we can see that  islam leads to totalitarianism, subjection of women and homosexuals, persecution of other faiths, savage tribalism and the obliteration of democracy. Aspects of that pattern are happening here already. the vicar’s wife said she recently asked a Muslim, newly arrived from  Belgium, why he had moved here and was told: “everybody knows  Birmingham best place to be a pure  Muslim.”

Those words make a nonsense of Lady Warsi’s moans about bigotry. the British public has every right to feel worried.


All homosexuals should be stoned to death, says Muslim preacher of hate

All homosexuals should face stoning to death, a Muslim preacher of hate declared yesterday.
Anjem Choudary, the firebrand cleric who wants to see Britain ruled by Sharia law, said such a regime was the only way to fix the country's ills.
Under it, adulterers and homosexuals would be killed by stoning. Asked if that would include anybody - even a Cabinet minister such as Business Secretary Lord Mandelson - Choudary responded with an astonishing diatribe.
Hate, hate and more hate: Anjem Choudary (centre), flanked by two cohorts, prepares to give a press conference on Friday in which he says homosexuals should be stoned to death

He said: 'If a man likes another man, it can happen, but if you go on to fulfil your desire, if it is proved, then there is a punishment to follow. You don't stone to death unless there are four eyewitnesses. It is a very stringent procedure.
'There are some people who are attracted to donkeys but that does not mean it is right.'
Choudary was speaking at a press conference in London arranged by Muslim extremists to justify their protest in Luton last week against soldiers returning home from Iraq.

His incendiary remarks immediately prompted calls for him to be investigated by police. Tory MP Patrick Mercer said: 'These statements show the depravity of this man's beliefs. They must incite hatred and encourage terrorism, and I would encourage the Metropolitan Police to investigate them as rigorously as possible.'
The Rev Sharon Ferguson, chief executive of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement, said: 'This is appalling. The police should look very closely at what has been said to see if there is any action they should be taking.'
Contempt: Muslim protesters at Tuesday's parade in Luton
Contempt: Muslim protesters hurl insults at the homecoming parade of British soldiers in Luton
Police were not at the press conference but a Scotland Yard spokesman said officers would investigate if a complaint was made.
Only last week, Choudary, a self-styled 'judge of the Sharia Court of the UK', was defending the shameful protests against soldiers parading through Luton after a tour of duty in Iraq.

Yet a week ago, the Daily Mail exposed fundamentalist Choudary's student days when he was pictured swigging beer, cavorting with women and puffing on a cannabis joint - offences for which he would be lashed and stoned under his version of Sharia law. Yesterday he sheepishly confessed:
'Yes, I was not always practising Islam. Certainly in my student days I was not a practising Muslim.'
Muslim cleric Omar Bakri Mohammedi
Wake-up call: Omar Bakri has warned of another 7/7-style attack

Yesterday Choudary, 42, was flanked by two fellow firebrands at the press conference at the Express by Holiday Inn Hotel in Chingford, East London.
It started with warning from fellow hate cleric Omar Bakri, who warned that Britons should 'wake up before it is too late' or suffer another 7/7 terror attack.
The preacher threatened that ordinary Muslims living here would rise up and retaliate for the 'evil' acts of British soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Bakri, banned from Britain four years ago, broadcast his threats from his Lebanon bolthole over a speakerphone.
In London, sitting alongside Choudary was Ishtiaq Alamgir, another ringleader of the Luton protests, who accused British soldiers of torture, rape and murder. He said: 'Those British soldiers have blood on their hands.'
A third firebrand, Abu Abdullah, 30, branded the British Government 'tyrannical' and warned: 'Do not relax, do not recline, or you will be touched by the fire of hell.'

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British Muslims want to take over the UK

English-speaking pupils now the minority in 1,500 British schools

Children who speak English as their first language are a minority in more than 1,500 schools, official figures have revealed.
They show there has been a sharp rise in the number of schools in England where more than half of pupils have a foreign language as their mother tongue.
The statistics released by the Department for Children, Schools and Families show that in 1997, the year Labour came to power, half the pupils in 866 schools spoke English as a second language.
Around one in seven - almost 500,000 primary pupils and just over one in ten, or 364,000 secondary students do not speak English as their first language
Around one in seven - almost 500,000 - primary pupils and just over one in ten, or 364,000 secondary students do not speak English as their first language (file picture)
By last year, this figure had jumped to1,545 - a rise of 78 per cent. It means that more than half the pupils in 1,284 primary schools, 210 secondary schools and 51 special schools across England now come from a non-English speaking background.
Around one in seven - almost 500,000 --primary pupils and just over one in ten, or 364,000, secondary students do not speak English as their first language.
Critics said last night that the figures were another sign of the impact of Labour's open door on immigration and that they risked hampering integration.
They also claimed that the data has serious implications for already-stretched school resources.
The statistics also reveal that the impact of immigration has not been spread evenly across the country. London - often the first point of call for immigrants - has been the hardest hit.
Birmingham has 116 schools where more than 50 per cent of pupils have English as a second language, while in Bradford the figure is 60, in Leicester 34, Manchester 33, Lancashire 30, and Kirklees 30.

Youngest British mother gang-raped at the age of 12 by five Asians

Youngest British mother gang-raped at the age of 12 by five Asians Whilst Sayeeda ‘baroness’ Warsi, deputy Chairman of the Conservative party, complains about the rise of Islamophobia in the UK, the Daily Star publishes a story that lays bare the price native Britons are paying for the treachery of our ‘elected’ politicians.
You may remember the story of a 12 year old girl who, in 2002, became Britain’ youngest mother.
At that time there was outcry about the number of under age single mothers, and the MSM quickly dismissed this story as an example of a broken Britain.
Well, now it has emerged that this child was actually gang raped by five Asians, and the article below should make all nationalists, and any right thinking person seethe with righteous anger.
Britain’s youngest mum fell pregnant at 12 after being passed around an Asian sex gang.
The five-strong mob, made up largely of Pakistani taxi drivers, blitzed the schoolgirl with gifts including phones and sweets.
And after plying her with booze they took it in turns to have sex with her in a car park on “numerous occasions”.
The nation was stunned when the girl fell pregnant and became Britain’s youngest mum in 2002.
Police vowed to hunt the dad and prosecute him for statutory rape. But they were stunned when the girl revealed she had been having sex with five men and did not know who was the father.
Officers soon uncovered she had been lured into underage sex by the mob, but rather than highlight the problem the authorities decided to “brush it under the carpet”, a whistleblower said.
None of the gang was prosecuted and the girl was taken into care. She was Britain’s youngest mum at the time but that record has since been broken.
An injunction bans identifying anyone involved to protect the girl’s identity. The girl, from South Yorkshire, moved away and brought up her daughter with the help of her mum.
The case supports ex-Home Secretary Jack Straw’s claim that Pakistani sex gangs have been preying on white girls for years.
An official involved in the case contacted the Daily Star after reading our exposés of Asian sex gangs.
They said: “It was one of the most horrifying examples of the way these gangs operate. The tragedy was she didn’t even know she had been effectively raped by these men time and again.
“She said they were all her boyfriends and had given her mobile phones, sweets, and drinks.
“She was ever such a sweet girl really and very, very pretty. But starved of affection in her own home she looked to these men for comfort.
“They knew that if they befriended her and were nice to her she would respond.
“Afterwards she was moved away to bring up the youngster and the men involved all just seemed to vanish.
“Political correctness dictated issues like this just could not be discussed. It was brushed under the carpet.”
In another case last year, five Asian men were jailed for a total of 32-and-a-half years after being convicted of sexually abusing three girls.
Nine members of a similar gang were also jailed for 41 years.
And yesterday we revealed Rochdale’s child services chief is to meet ethnic leaders in a bid to drive Asian sex gangs out of the Lancashire town.
Police have smashed four sex gangs in the town in the past three years.
So far 16 fiends, mainly British-born Pakistanis, have been jailed for putting three white schoolgirls as young as 14 through group sex ordeals.
Nine more Asians are currently on police bail after being arrested following claims by 14 girls aged 13 to 17 they were forced into sex.
Seven other police forces are currently conducting operations to tackle the problem.
We would like to know how many cases have been ignored in the last few years.
Also we would like to know what Mrs Warsi has to say on that.
*Nationalists may have noticed I do not address Mrs Warsi as Baroness Warsi (but put the noble title in lower case, and parenthesis).
This is deliberate, I believe that only exceptional people who have done service to this country deserve the right to be addressed as Baroness and frankly Sayeeda Warsi is not one of them.

Police rapped for blunders in murder case of girl 'turned into kebab meat'

Charlene Downes
Charlene Downes has been missing since 2003. Police have been criticised for a catalogue of failures which led to the collapse of her murder retrial
Police investigating the disappearance of a teenage girl allegedly 'chopped up' for kebab meat have been criticised for a catalogue of failures which led to the collapse of a murder retrial.
An independent review found that police surveillance techniques were 'handled poorly and unprofessionally' and as a result nobody is now likely to be convicted of killing Charlene Downes, 14, who was last seen in 2003.
Her mother today said she felt 'badly let down' after the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) recommended that seven officers should be disciplined over the matter.
Charlene was last seen on November 1, 2003 when she kissed her mother goodbye and went to see friends on Blackpool Promenade.
Two men appeared at Preston Crown Court in 2007 in connection with her alleged murder but the jury was discharged after it failed to reach verdicts.

The prosecution claimed the murder suspect was overheard talking about having sex with the teenager and that she had 'gone into kebabs'.
A retrial was scheduled to begin a year later but the Crown Prosecution eventually dropped the case because it had 'grave doubts' about the reliability of some of the evidence.
Iyad Albattikhi, 31, was formally cleared of Charlene's murder and Mohammed Raveshi, 51, was acquitted of helping to dispose of her body.
Charlene's mother, Karen Downes, of Blackpool, said she was 'devastated' at the findings of the police watchdog.
'We feel badly let down by the police and the Crown Prosecution Service,' she said.
Karen and Robert Downes
Grieving: Charleen's parents Karen and Robert Downes feel 'badly let down' by the deficiencies of the police investigation into their daughter's disappearance
'We're no further on, we're back to square one. There is no closure.
'I was devastated when I saw the report. It's very upsetting.'
Lancashire Police apologised to the Downes family but said it remained a live investigation and its officers were still committed to solving the case.
The investigating team were guilty of a strategic and tactical failure in the management of the audio and video material they obtained, the IPCC concluded.
Proper records were not kept, material was not fully transcribed and the overall integrity of the material was not ensured.
The use of untrained and inexperienced officers in the inquiry was also criticised as was the way a human intelligence source was handled.
The IPCC recommended that one officer should face a disciplinary hearing, one should receive a written warning and five others should receive words of advice.

Two other officers who retired prior to the investigation cannot be considered for disciplinary sanctions. It has been recommended that the current role of another officer who retired during the investigation, but was then re-employed in a civilian capacity, be considered.
Assistant Chief Constable for Lancashire Police, Andy Cooke, said he acknowledged the findings.
He said: 'It is clear that certain aspects of the case have not been well managed - specifically during the time prior to the trial - and for this we must certainly apologise to the Downes family.
'I want to reassure them and our local communities that we have learned the lessons from this and have moved on quickly in terms of the handling of such information.'
Naseem Malik, IPCC Commissioner for the North West, said: 'What is abundantly clear is that the covert surveillance aspect of Lancashire Constabulary's investigation into Charlene's disappearance was handled poorly and unprofessionally.
'The IPCC's managed investigation has identified a catalogue of errors which undermined the court case.'
Funny Boyz takeaway food shop
Funny Boyz takeaway: Owner Iyad Albattikhi was cleared of Charlene's murder because the Crown Prosecution had 'grave doubts' about the reliability of some of the evidence
Ms Malik added: 'Six years since the disappearance of Charlene, her parents are no nearer to knowing what happened to their daughter. I cannot imagine how distressing this must be for them.
'The failings in Lancashire Constabulary's investigation can only have compounded that distress. Lessons must be learned from this matter to ensure such failures cannot happen again.'
The inquiry was one of Lancashire's longest-running investigations involving a child missing from home before detectives switched the focus to a murder hunt.
More than 3,000 people were spoken to by police and almost 2,500 statements were taken.
No trace of Charlene has ever been found.
The prosecution in the 2007 trial alleged that Jordanian immigrant Mr Albattikhi, who owned Funny Boyz fast food shop in Blackpool, strangled the teenager after having sex with her.
The court heard Charlene was one of a number of young white girls who gravitated to the resort's fast food shops to have sex with older men.
Expelled from school, she spent her time hanging around the shops on the promenade.
Prosecutors claimed either Mr Albattikhi, known as Eddie, or his Iranian landlord and business partner, Mr Raveshi, was having underage sex with her and they would be in trouble if the police found out.
Both men denied even knowing her.
Police started a murder inquiry when David Cassidy, a former friend of Mr Albattikhi, said the accused's brother had told him the schoolgirl had been strangled and chopped up.
Detectives later bugged both Mr Raveshi's home and car with secret listening devices and claimed the defendants could be heard on the tapes discussing her murder, with references to eating her body and a burial place.
Det Sgt Jan Beasant spent two years and around 2,500 hours listening to the contents of the tapes but such was the poor sound quality that much of the content was hard to decipher at the trial with sound experts and police disagreeing over what was actually said.
John Bromley-Davenport QC, defending Mr Raveshi, claimed Det Sgt Beasant was totally unqualified for the task of listening to the tapes and already knew a huge amount about the case.
Ian Goldrein QC, representing Mr Albattikhi, accused Mr Cassidy of telling a pack of lies and that his evidence was unreliable because he had a lengthy criminal record for dishonesty.
The jury of seven men and five women deliberated for 49 hours before they conceded they could not reach a verdict on either defendant.

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BNP: The Streets of Great Britain.

Seven Telford men in court over child sex allegations

Friday 21st January 2011, 6:30PM GMT.
Seven Telford men in court over child sex allegations
Shrewsbury Crown Court
Seven Telford men today appeared in court charged in connection with alleged sexual offences and child prostitution relating to four girls, one aged 13.
The offences are alleged to have taken place between 2007 and 2009.
All the men today denied a total of 50 charges between them when they appeared at Shrewsbury Crown Court.
Ahdel Ali, 22, of Regent Street, Wellington, is charged with raping a child aged 13, sexual activity with a child, trafficking for sexual exploitation – arranging or facilitating child prostitution – meeting a child following sexual grooming, facilitating child prostitution and controlling a child prostitute.
Mubarek Ali, 27, or Regent Street, is charged with trafficking for sexual exploitation – arranging or facilitating child prostitution – controlling a child prostitute and facilitating child prostitution.
Tanveer Ahmed, 38, of Urban Gardens, Wellington, is charged with sexual activity with a child, facilitating child prostitution, controlling a child prostitute, and causing child prostitution.
Marhoof Khan, 32, of Caradoc Flats, Wellington, is charged with sexual activity with a child.
Mohammed Ali Saltan, 23, of Victoria Avenue, Wellington, is charged with rape and sexual activity with a child. Mohammed Islam Choudhrey, 51, of Solway Drive, Sutton Hill, is charged with paying for sexual services with a child, causing child prostitution, and arranging or facilitating child prostitution.
Noshad Hussain, 20, of Regent Street, Wellington, is accused of having sexual activity with a child. Abdul Rouf, 33, of Kingsland, Arleston, is charged with conspiracy to cause child prostitution.
The case was adjourned until April 15 at Wolverhampton.
All the men were granted bail.

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Thank God for Andy Choudary

Rape in Islam

Anjem Choudary: Pedophilia in Islam?

Tory chief Baroness Warsi attacks 'bigotry' against Muslims

Prejudice against Muslims has become widespread and socially acceptable in Britain, the Conservative chairman will claim.

Baroness Warsi will warn against trying to divide Muslims into ?moderates? and ?extremists? saying that it simply fosters intolerance
Baroness Warsi will warn against trying to divide Muslims into 'moderates' and 'extremists' saying that it simply fosters intolerance Photo: IAN JONES
Islamophobia has “passed the dinner-table test” and is seen by many as normal and uncontroversial, Baroness Warsi will say in a speech on Thursday.
The minister without portfolio will also warn that describing Muslims as either “moderate” or “extremist” fosters growing prejudice.
Lady Warsi, the first Muslim woman to attend Cabinet, has pledged to use her position to wage an “ongoing battle against bigotry”.
Her comments are the most high-profile intervention in Britain’s religious debate by any member of David Cameron’s government.
They also confirm the Coalition’s determination to depart from its Labour predecessor’s policy of keeping out of issues of faith.
Lady Warsi will use a speech at the University of Leicester to attack what she sees as growing religious intolerance in the country, especially towards followers of Islam.
A recent study estimated there are now around 2.9 million Muslims in Britain, up from 1.6 million in 2001.
Some religious and social commentators have suggested that growth in numbers gives rise to legitimate concerns, asking whether strict adherence to the faith is compatible with the values of Western democracies.
Some Christian leaders have also said that Britain has become less tolerant of their faith during the same period.
In response, Lady Warsi will blame “the patronising, superficial way faith is discussed in certain quarters, including the media”. The peer will describe how prejudice against Muslims has grown along with their numbers, partly because of the way they are often portrayed.
The notion that all followers of Islam can be described either as “moderate” or “extremist” can fuel misunderstanding and intolerance, she will say.
“It’s not a big leap of imagination to predict where the talk of 'moderate’ Muslims leads; in the factory, where they’ve just hired a Muslim worker, the boss says to his employees: 'Not to worry, he’s only fairly Muslim’.
“In the school, the kids say: 'The family next door are Muslim but they’re not too bad’.
“And in the road, as a woman walks past wearing a burka, the passers-by think: 'That woman’s either oppressed or is making a political statement’.”
A decade of growth in the British Muslim population also saw the first al-Qaeda attacks on British soil and Lady Warsi will address the issue of terrorism and extremism.
Terrorist offences committed by a small number of Muslims must not be used to condemn all who follow the faith, she will insist.
But she will also suggest that some Muslim communities must do more to make clear to extremists that their beliefs and actions are not acceptable.
“Those who commit criminal acts of terrorism in our country need to be dealt with not just by the full force of the law,” she will say.
“They also should face social rejection and alienation across society and their acts must not be used as an opportunity to tar all Muslims.”
Her call echoes Mr Cameron’s New Year message, in which the Prime Minister asked why the country was “allowing” the continuing radicalisation of young British Muslims.
Lady Warsi will also reveal that she raised the issue of Islamophobia with the Pope when he visited Britain last year, urging him to “create a better understanding between Europe and its Muslim citizens.”
Despite her warnings, she will recognise that Britain has a long history of tolerance and diversity.

Armed Forces 'are fighting British Muslims with Yorkshire accents' in Afghanistan

The Armed Forces are increasingly fighting British Muslims with Midlands and Yorkshire accents on the battlefields of Afghanistan.
Intelligence reports show that rising numbers of home-grown jihadists have joined the Taliban so they can kill British soldiers.
Senior military sources say UK troops are engaged in a 'surreal mini-civil war' in the dusty badlands of Helmand Province.
The revelations came as the Ministry of Defence announced another three British soldiers had been killed in a roadside bomb attack in southern Afghanistan today.
UK troops in action in Helmand
UK troops in action in Helmand are now fighting fellow Britons, it is believed
The soldiers, from 1st Battalion The Rifles, were hit by the blast near Lashkar Gar on Wednesday morning. It brings the British death toll in Afghanistan since the war began in October 2001 to 148.
Surveillance operations from the warzone has picked up voices talking with West Midlands and Yorkshire accents, according to official briefing documents.
The electronic 'chatter' confirms mounting fears that young disaffected Muslims are travelling to southern Afghanistan to commit violence against British targets.
MI5 has estimated that up to 4,000 British Muslims had travelled to Pakistan and Afghanistan for military training, with 'dozens' switching to the front-line.
One senior military source said intelligence officers had been hearing more voices speaking in Pakistani accents such as Punjabi, Urdu and Kashmiri Urdu rather than Pashtu, the official Afghan language.
He said: 'There appears to be more men from other parts of Pakistan fighting with the Taliban than just the Pashtuns who have tribal allegiances with the Afghan Pashtuns.
'It is this group, the Urdu, Punjabi speakers, etc, who fall back into English in, for example, Brummie accents.
'You get the impression that they have been told not to talk in English but sometimes simply can't help it.'
Tory MP Patrick Mercer, the chairman of the Commons anti-terrorism sub-committee which has been examining British Muslim extremism, said: 'We know the problem we have with UK-based jihadists.
'We also know that a number of them have been arrested trying to leave the country.
'With the UK intelligence services at full stretch, it is not surprising some of these jihadists have ended up in Afghanistan.'
The main concern of the security services about British Muslims travelling to Pakistan has been the part they played in terrorist atrocities and plots in the UK.
But after RAF spy planes 'listened in' to the conversations of Taliban fighters, officials now believe the jihadists are mounting missions against British and Western targets in the warzone.
The Ministry of Defence refused to comment on the reports.
A Royal Marine from 42 Commando fires a mortar in Helmand
A Royal Marine from 42 Commando fires a mortar in Helmand, where members of the unit say the Taliban are now resurgent
Meanwhile, the MoD confirmed that another three UK soldiers had been killed when a homemade bomb exploded and ripped through their patrol in the Gereshk district of southern Afghanistan.

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British Conservatives Support Hard-Line Islam

Pakistan to Pornistan_Pakistan top on porn search: Google

Foreigners take two out of three new jobs as statistics reveal nearly 200,000 vacancies were filled by those born overseas

Just a third of all jobs created last year went to British-born workers, official
figures indicate.
They show that only 100,000 of the 297,000 workers who began new posts between July and September 2010 were native Britons.
Of the rest, 90,000 were born in Poland and other Eastern European countries that joined the EU in 2004, and the remainder were born elsewhere in the world.
Statistics have shown that foreign workers took two out of three new jobs in the UK between July and September last year
Statistics have shown that foreign workers took two out of three new jobs in the UK between July and September last year
The summer figures from the Office for National Statistics are the latest available and are understood to be representative of the whole year.
The analysis, published in the ONS journal Economic and Labour Market Review, also showed that while a million jobs have become available in Britain over the past six years, there are now a third of a million fewer British-born people in work.
Since the beginning of 2004, the number of British-born people in jobs has gone down by 334,000, while nearly 1.3million foreign-born individuals have found work in the UK.
Of these, 530,000 were from Eastern Europe and 770,000 from elsewhere in the world.
Sir Andrew Green, of the think-tank MigrationWatch, said: ‘These latest figures can only be described as spectacular. There are no fixed numbers of jobs in an economy but it is very hard to escape the conclusion that foreign-born workers are taking jobs that might be done by British workers.’

Two mothers and their toddler children banned from council-funded playgroup - for being BRITISH

  • Local mum booked a place after mixed-race friend had recommended it
Two mothers who were kicked out of a council-funded playgroup spoke of their humiliation today after being told the group was for immigrant families only.
Emma Knightley, 25, and Kimberley Wildman, 27, turned up at the 'Making Links' playgroup with their children Imogen, 21 months, and Olivia, 18 months.  
But they were stunned when organisers at the centre in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, ordered them to leave after demanding to know 'what country are you from?'  
Kicked out: Emma Knightley and her daughter Imogen were told to leave with Kimberley Wildman and her child Olivia after trying to join 'Making Links' playgroup in St Neots, Cambridgeshire which is only for immigrants
Kicked out: Emma Knightley and her daughter Imogen were told to leave with Kimberley Wildman and her child Olivia after trying to join 'Making Links' playgroup in St Neots, Cambridgeshire which is only for immigrants
The best friends were told that only foreign mums and children are welcome at the council-funded playgroup - which they have accused of discrimination.  
Shop worker Emma, who lives in St Neots, booked a place at the playgroup six weeks ago after it was recommended by a mixed-race friend.  
'I said I knew it was trying to integrate people into the community but didn't realise that meant British people and their children were banned.'  
She said: 'The first thing I was asked about was my nationality and when I said I was British I was told we had to leave.  
'She said are you not aware this is for foreign people only? 
'I said I knew it was trying to integrate people into the community but didn't realise that meant British people and their children were banned.  
'I felt humiliated. It shouldn't matter what nationality you are we shouldn't be discriminated against.  
'You wouldn't get away with a British-only mum and children's group.
'We want to welcome other nations to the community but turning British people away is not the way to do this.'
Trainee midwife Kimberley, also from St Neots, chose the group because it was free - whereas other groups in the area charged £2.  
She said: 'They asked me what race I was and I said British. They said I couldn't come in. It's ridiculous.  
Making trouble: The playgroup is located in the town's Priory Centre where the women were left feeling humiliated and discriminated against
Making trouble: The playgroup is located in the town's Priory Centre where the women were left feeling humiliated and discriminated against
'Surely if this group is about making links in the community they should let all people in, regardless of race or nationality.  
'It's a real shame. I want my children to play with children from other races and integrate in the community because that stops discrimination.  
'I can't believe we were discriminated against because we are British.'
Making Links, which is based at the Priory Centre in the town, is funded by a £1,000 annual grant from St Neots Town Council.  
The community group is staffed by church volunteers and also receives money from the Co-operative community development fund and the Open Door Church in St Neots.  
According to Making Links' website the group 'seeks to operate in the spirit of the Commission for Racial Equality'.  
Its targets include: 'bringing communities together and facilitating interaction between them'. 
The website claims about 50 women attend the weekly sessions every Thursday.
It adds: 'Making Links frees them from feelings of isolation, helps them build multicultural friendships and empowers them with knowledge about the local community.  
'Thus Making Links presents a friendly St Neots face to people who might otherwise be outsiders.'  
Roger Owen, administrator for Making Links, said that the group is not a 'typical' playgroup and is funded entirely for women from other nationalities.  
He said: 'We believe there are plenty of other alternatives for British mothers in the town.  
'We have had an issue with men turning up before and back then we told them the group is strictly for mothers so it's nothing to do with racial discrimination.'
According to the Equality and Human Rights Commission website, under the Equality Act 2010 it is not unlawful to set up a group especially for a particular ethnic or national group.  
Under the act discrimination based on colour is unlawful.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Nick Griffin BNP MEP Oldham, Grooming and Barnsley

Pakistani TV executive who set up pro-Muslim station in the U.S. goes on trial accused of beheading his wife

Jurors are set to begin hearing the case of a television executive from Pakistan charged with beheading his wife soon after she filed for divorce.
Opening statements in the second-degree murder trial of Muzzammil Hassan are scheduled to start today in Erie County Court in Buffalo.
The 46-year-old Hassan is accused of stabbing and decapitating Aasiya Hassan, 37, in 2009 inside the studios of Bridges TV.

Standing trial: Muzzammil Hassan (right) is accused of stabbing and decapitating his wife Aasiva (left) in February 2009
Standing trial: Muzzammil Hassan (right) is accused of stabbing and decapitating his wife Aasiva (left) in February 2009
The Pakistan-born couple founded the station to counter negative images of Muslims after 9/11.
she was 'too westernised' Hassan's lawyer Jeremy Schwartz - the accused's fourth attorney since the case began- has said he may use a battered spouse defence.
On the stand: Muzzamil Hassan's trial for allegedly beheading his wife begins today
On the stand: Muzzamil Hassan's trial for allegedly beheading his wife begins today
But in divorce papers signed six days before she died,  Aasiya Hassan says she was the one who was abused.
Police have said they responded to several domestic violence calls at the couple's arrest but no arrests were ever made.
Jury selection for the trial took a week as 285 potential applicants were whittled down to a final 16, with the process hampered by media attention on the case.
Hassan’s lawyer told CNN he is confident his client will receive a fair trial.
‘We will try to choose people for the jury that are going to strictly abide by the judge’s instructions,’ he added
‘But we understand that this [story] is everywhere, there is a Buffalo News article today and they’ve all had access to all of that.’
It has been claimed in a local newspaper bythe victim’s family that her husband had begun another relationship and had ‘taunted’ his spouse about his new lover.
While Hassan founded Bridges TV, his wife had served as the station's general manager after its 2004 launch.
The network, available across the U.S. and Canada, was believed to be the first English-language cable station aimed at the rapidly growing Muslim demographic.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Why Bring It Here?

The following immensely shocking video shows some aspects of life from various third world countries.

There are powerful comments from members of the communities of these third world countries.

Considering Shropshire is, like the rest of Britain, suffering from a significant number of cases where young, white females are being sexually abused by people who originate from third world countries, Shropshire BNP asks, "Why import the third world to Britain?"

This video is shocking, however unless our people are shocked into awakening, Britain will become a third world country due to immigration from the third world and the high birth rates from settled third world people.

We cannot continue to ignore these issues on the basis of 'political correctness', for in ignoring these issues our government creates a 'pressure cooker' environment within our communities.

A nation is the combination of land and people. If you change the people, you change the culture.

Multi-cultralism isn't a 'rainbow eutopia'. The experiment has failed.

Shropshire BNP implores the authorities to look at the issues of crime in a balanced manner, and we ask that all criminals are treated equally in the eyes of the law.