"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Another Muslim Paedophile Jailed

Jailed paedophile Mohammed Ali Sultan had sex with a 13-year-old girl in his car after taking her to a lay-by and slapping her, a court was told.

Mohammed Ali-Sultan

The 26-year-old married man had first asked the girl to perform a sex act when she was just 12 years old, Wolverhampton Crown Court was told.

Sultan, of Victoria Avenue in Wellington, was yesterday jailed for seven years after the court was told of a string of sex-related offences with children and youngsters.

He was told he would have to serve an extended period on licence and banned from working with children for life.

Sultan admitted having illegal sex with two teenage girls - including the 13-year-old.

He was also sentenced for taking a third teenager from Telford to have sex with workers at a fish and chip shop.

Judge Michael Challinor told Ali Sultan he had known that the 16-year-old girl, who was being prostituted, was damaged, and that the other two victims were both young and vulnerable.

“The harm this sort of sexual activity causes is incalculable. I have seen with my own eyes what has happened to these girls,” he said.

Ali Sultan had pleaded guilty to being involved in sexually activity with the 13-year-old girl more than four years ago.

He also admitted sexual activity with a second girl in 2009, in the weeks leading up to her 16th birthday, and a charge of controlling the prostitution of a child.

Judge Challinor imposed an extended period of licence for an additional five years on Ali Sultan’s release from prison.

He was also banned for life from working with children and must be on the sex offenders’ register for life and was made the subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order until further notice.

Miss Deborah Gould, prosecuting, said the youngest victim met Ali Sultan when she was just 12 when he had asked her to perform a sex act.

She refused but later, when she was 13, the defendant took her in his car to a lay-by where he had slapped her and had sex with her.

Miss Gould said the 16-year-old victim had been groomed and exploited as a prostitute by two other men who were friends of the defendant.

He had twice been involved in taking her to a fish and chip shop in Hadley where she was sold for sex to several of the workers.

The third victim was taken into a house in Victoria Avenue, two doors from Ali Sultan’s home. He knew she was still 15 and gave her vodka, cider and cannabis before he had sex with her.

Shropshire Patriot says: In order to understand this issue it would be useful to read 'White Gold' by Giles Milton which gives an historical account of the sex-trafficking of White people by Muslim slave traders.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Telford Child Sex Sale Driver Jailed

A fast food delivery driver who sold a teenage girl for sex to a fish and chip shop worker in Telford has been jailed for two-and-a-half years.

Tanveer Ahmed

Tanveer Ahmed needed the cash he was paid – around £40 – to replace the 'float' on his round because he had lost the money gambling.

Ahmed, 40, was jailed at Wolverhampton Crown Court. He admitted a charge of controlling a child prostitute in 2009.

Judge Michael Challinor told Ahmed that the harm he had caused to the 16-year-old had been ‘considerable and inevitable’ by offering her to a stranger.

Ahmed, of Urban Gardens, Wellington, will be on the sex offenders register for an indefinite period and is banned from working with children for life.

Ahmed, who is married with three children, had denied two offences relating to the victim’s prostitution and two more of sexual activity with a child. Judge Challinor ordered the charges to lie on file.

Miss Debbie Gould, prosecuting, said that the victim met Ahmed when she was 15, at a time when she was heavily involved with a number of Asian men.

The court heard when she was 16 the girl was involved in sexual activity with Ahmed and he was aware of her being prostituted by other men.

Miss Gould said Ahmed had a gambling habit and visited casinos and betting shops. “He had spent his float on gambling and asked one of the shop workers for £40 to have sex with the girl. She had sex with the man in Ahmed’s car while he waited in the fish and chip shop. The man handed him £40 in change which he used to replenish his float,” she said.

Are our young girls worth just forty quid? In Homer's Illiad, the female archetype* (Helen) was worth going to war over. Now they are being sold to cover the minor gambling costs of fast food delivery drivers.

Back in the summer of 2011, good, honest patriots held a demo in Telford to raise awareness of the grooming scandal.  In this politically correct age it is risky business speaking out on any sensitive issue; but if our Members of Parliament will not do it then we will.

Our Girls are Worth the Effort

We will not rest until these injustices are righted by nationalist political action.


The 'archetypes' of our people should be brought to mind often. Whether this be a traditional male warrior figure, a noble female or mother or any other particular image that characterises our folk throughout the ages. It is images and thoughts such as these which raise us up to higher deeds and helps us to deal with the difficult situation we find ourselves in today.

* ar·che·type


the original pattern or model from which all things of the same kind are copied or on which they are based; a model or first form; prototype.
(in Jungian psychology) a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, image, etc., universally present in individual psyches.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Wellington - The Most Dangerous Place in Britain for Young White Girls?

Shropshire Patriot reports that an unemployed chef who admitted having sex with a schoolgirl at his Telford home has been given a 30-month prison sentence, but delays in the case against 35-year-old Mahroof Khan resulted in him being allowed to walk free from Wolverhampton Crown Court on Friday 16th November.

Mahroof Kahn

Sentence was imposed after Khan, of Caradoc Flats, Kingshaye Road, Wellington, admitted a charge of sexual activity with a child. Judge Michael Challinor was told that Khan had spent more than 900 days on a monitored tag while on bail – equal to receiving a three-year jail term.

Passing sentence Judge Challinor told Khan he would remain on licence, be on the Sex Offenders’ Register and was disqualified from working with children indefinitely. The judge ordered two other charges of sexual activity with a child and two of paying for sexual services of a child against Khan should lie on file.

Miss Debbie Gould, prosecuting, said the offence happened sometime in 2008 when the girl was 15. She said at the time the victim had been avoiding school and spent time at Khan’s flat drinking and smoking cannabis.

Miss Gould said the girl had been engaged in sexual activity with other men Khan knew and he was aware of her age at the time of the offence.

Khan had only been in the country for a short time.

Given the size of Wellington along with recent cases of grooming, rape and paedophillia, is it possible that this area is perhaps the most dangerous place in Britain for young white girls?

The education and training of our young people to understand and defend against this menace is now underway with the formation of the 'White Tigers' self defence group, which will exist purely to encourage the safety, awareness and fitness of our young people and has no political significance. For more information on this, see our previous article.

Shropshire Star:

White Tigers:

Friday, 16 November 2012

White Tigers - Self Defence Youth Group Launched

Design by Local YBNP Members

Shropshire BNP will no longer tolerate the Establishment’s failure to properly protect our people from racist  hate crime - so as well as our ongoing campaign regarding this issue, we have also decided to set up a self defence group (named by local YBNP members) called the White Tigers. The White Tigers will not only help to educate local young Britons about the dangers of racist 'grooming' and 'pack attack' gangs, we will also train them how to physically defend themselves too.

Grooming gangs have been operating in Shropshire for years and reports of racist attacks on white youths are increasing in the area. These crimes go unrecognised simply because the Establishment ignores hate crimes when the victim is white. Many young white people never report these attacks for fear of being branded racist themselves.

We doubt that certain sections of the Establishment will receive this news gladly; well that's just too bad. Time and again our young folk have been let down and ignored by teachers, the police, the news broadcasters (especially the BBC) and social services. Perhaps if they had taken anti-white racist hate crime more seriously then we would not have had to resort to setting up our own self defence group. 

We stress that the White Tigers will have no political role. The self-defence aspect for youngsters is just that, and nothing more. Betrayal by the authorities and the aggressive racism of certain minorities makes this a sad necessity, but the campaign for political change is, and will remain, an entirely separate and totally constitutional one.

As our Shropshire streets are no longer safe, and with 'political correctness' putting the mental and physical wellbeing of young white people at risk, Shropshire BNP have decided to take direct action and provide our youngsters with the means to survive an increasingly hostile environment.

Proud and Safe

Qualified and experienced instructors have offered their time for free and ex-military professionals will offer advice on physical training. Look out for future reports, including details of a planned 'extreme winter training camp' which will be held mid winter in a rural environment.  We hope to make a film of some of our over 18's during their training.

Remember: self-defence is no offence!

Watch out for the White Tigers - Whose streets? Our Streets!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Remembrance Sunday - Shropshire Branch

Local units from Shropshire Branch paid their respects to the fallen on Sunday. The British National Party supports our troops and each year we honour the sacrifice of those who fought for British freedom. Our members have fathers and grandfathers who did not return from the field of battle. We have mothers and grandmothers who endured years of struggle, not knowing if they would see their husbands again. We will never forget; we will never surrender.

"Lest We Forget"

Market Drayton Cenotaph

Wreath Laid in Shrewsbury

Friday, 9 November 2012

Together We'll Beat 'Em!

Our Shropshire correspondent reports:

Hotspots for anti-white race crime in Shropshire are going to be saturated with thousands of the party's new 'Together we'll beat 'em!' leaflet - That is the announcement from Shropshire BNP regarding our ongoing fight to protect local people. The coming weeks will see also see other street activities and even the formation of a local self defence club run by qualified instructors.

This campaign which started over three years ago has already been a great success and has forced an extremely reluctant Establishment to acknowledge racist crime against our people. Referring to the Muslim grooming/rape-gang epidemic, Telford based Detective Chief Inspector Alan Edwards told The Times newspaper last year: 'To stop this type of crime you need to start talking about it, but everyone's been too scared to address the ethnicity factor.'

Telford BNP organiser, Phil Spencer says: "Shropshire BNP applauds DCI Edwards' brave and honest admission that the local Establishment is failing to protect our folk; whether they are vulnerable young girls in so-called 'care' homes or young English lads who fall victim to violent Pakistani street gangs." he added, "We believe that these crimes are hate crimes and should be officially recognized as such."

 Shropshire BNP will campaign hard to make our streets safe for our people - that's a cast-iron promise.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Boycott Police Elections

A local retired policeman commented last week, "I've always voted but I won't be voting in this election".

He was referring to the forthcoming Crime Commissioner Elections.

Do you know who is standing? Do you even know when the elections are? The Establishment have conspired to make these elections the most undemocratic ever seen on British soil.

Few people know the details. Fewer still even care. Even a retired policeman who has been part of the democratic process for decades doesn't want to know.

The question is, simply, why bother?

Answers on a postcard (or more simply, via the comments section).