"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Islam to Dominate Oswestry?

Radical Muslims on a Demo in London, October 2009

Regarding the Muslim Prayer Centre in Oswestry, the British National Party has had plenty of publicity; the latest being a local Border Counties Advertizer article which can be found here.

While obviously we are not happy with plans to introduce a Muslim Prayer Centre into Oswestry, in the long run it may help the nationalist Cause.

A clear divide has been opened up between Shropshire Council and the BNP and the electorate will now have no doubts that we stand alone in protecting British identity. 

The Tory led Council appears to conserve nothing in terms of our heritage and culture and there is not a single voice from any Shropshire County councillor which expresses any doubt that the expansion of Islam in Oswestry is anything but good news.

Furthermore, it is an unfortunate fact of life that 'seeing is believing' and the BNP message will only be comprehended by way of a dose of reality.

A friend from Oswestry spoke to us some years ago about his time serving as a soldier in Bosnia and explained that even when the Muslim population was low in a particular area, Mosques would be erected as a symbol of power. We must remember that Islamic extremism is not what will bring Islam to power in Britain. Muslim leaders know that due to political appeasement, the quickest way to power for Islam in the UK is via birth rates and the ballot box. Gadaffi once said that Islam will conquer Europe through the wombs of their women. He was right unless something is done to alter this. One only has to look at the websites of councils where there is a large local Muslim presence - invariably many or all of the councillors are Muslim, controlling the local budget, deciding upon planning applications and so forth.

The fate of a people is decided by the majority population; when the majority population changes, the culture of that area changes. Why wait for a significant cultural shift before the British say 'enough'? It is not hatred that fuels our agenda but a perfectly natural desire to live our lives in a way that reflects our own ways, laws, traditions and beliefs.

An article in the Daily Mail last year which can be read here reports on Muslim birth rates in Britain and predicts that Britain will have more Muslims than Kuwait by 2030. A journalist once said that Muslim birth rates in Muslim countries were sometimes quite low. But of course in a country already controlled by Muslims, there is no need for Muslims to breed to excess. The practice of having many children is used purely to take over a nation.

The simple fact is that Shropshire County Councillors will eventually lose their seats to Muslims; it is just a matter of time unless the BNP gets elected in significant numbers first. That's right, Tory voters - it's BNP or Islam... feel free to wring your hands and have another cup of strong tea.

So to conclude, Shropshire Patriot is pleased with the publicity we've gained from this. The BNP stand alone in attempting to conserve British heritage and tradition in this small island we call home.

For those of you wanting to know why the BNP opposed the rise of Islam in Britain (and remember, the BNP has no wish to impose its views on Muslims who live outside the UK) the book 'The Sword of the Prophet' is recommended, and can be purchased from as little as 51p here

Should you wish to enquite about joining the BNP then call 0844 809 4581 or click here for your free info pack.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A Yuletide Story From Anglo Saxon History

From the British National Party website comes this historical account of a Saxon military action.

Merry Yule to all nationalists! As an alternative to the Nativity (since not every nationalist is Christian and the BNP is a non-confessional party) here is presented a reminder of an important part of our national narrative and origins.
This is an account of another tree and another “saviour”, a contemporary of Jesus.
This is a hero who saved the European peoples from an attempt to use ethnic diversity to make us into slaves, and who belonged to the tribe that are the direct ancestors of the English – the Cherusci.
Let us remember and revere Hermann, also known as “Irimin” or by his Roman name “Arminius”.
The tree so much revered by our Germanic ancestors was the Irminsul and it stood where Hermann and his army fought one of the most important and decisive battles for our people.
In the year 2009, the director James Cameron released the film “Avatar”.
This film came out on the 2000th Anniversary of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest and contains a number of references suggesting that the story in Avatar is a nod towards acknowledging the significance.
Briefly: a brave hero, warrior defects from the army he has been recruited into, and saves a people who worship a sacred tree of their ancestors.
These people with a great reverence for nature and their tree were targeted for destruction by a ruthless materialistic enemy.
2009 marked the two thousandth anniversary of Hermann’s battle for the
Germanic people. A 19th century monument of Hermann stands in the Teutoburg forest,
bullet-ridden by hate-filled American soldiers who were stationed
nearby after the end of WWII.
Hermann, 16BC - 21AD, was chief of the ancient Germanic Cherusci tribe.
While serving as a Roman army general (his Roman name was Arminius), as
part of his tribal contingent, Hermann benefited from the highly disciplined Roman military
Stationed in Gaul, Hermann was shocked to learn the dreadful fact that
Roman legions from Gaul and western Germany would be sent to Rome, Africa
and Asia, while legions from Africa and Asia would be sent to Germany.
The Roman authorities knew well the effect on a population when they would lose their national character and be systematically diversified.
The thought of this fate was intolerable to Hermann, as he realized the
inevitable damage to his ancestral homeland and people that this would
cause. (The very term “German” comes from the Latin “germ” and “nus”, and
indicates a people whose ancestry is all the same race.)
Only if Rome were to be expelled from Germany, could this tragedy be averted. Hermann’s
decision to rebel against Rome is one of the most critically important
decisions ever made by anyone in history.
As historian Sir Edward Creasy points out, in his
“Decisive Battles of the World”, Hermann’s Cherusci tribe went on, from
their original 200,000 strong, to become the ancestors of the many
millions of Anglo-Saxon English speaking people of today.
Hermann’s family was divided, as were other families in his tribe, over
rebellion against the Romans.
Hermann was opposed by his brother,
brother-in-law, father, father-in-law and an uncle. Hermann’s brother,
also an officer in the Roman army, would not join Hermann, despite being
implored to in the name of his mother and their racial gods.
His brother
was angered and challenged Hermann to combat which, fortunately, was
prevented by others.
Hermann’s father-in-law, Segestes, was such a traitor to his tribe that he even gave Hermann’s pregnant wife - his own daughter -
to the Romans, to ingratiate himself with them. She and her golden haired son were
displayed, chained, in Rome in 17AD. Strabo, the Greek historian,
witnessed this.
Tacitus, Roman historian who wrote much about the character of the Germanic people, claimed that this outrage galvanized Hermann who let it be known to all Germanic tribes that their women and children were at risk of being taken by the Romans.
They would face becoming fodder for brothels, paedophiles and homosexuals. This would be in stark contrast to the pure morals of the Germanic people, who would rather die than be reduced to that.
Rome had given special favours to members of the leading families, and had
thus bought their loyalty, but Varus, the new Roman governor of Germany,
restricted these privileges.
Hermann noticed there was a growing unease as
a result of Varus further usurping the tribal chiefs’ power.
Hermann’s warriors were much bigger, sturdier men than the Romans, but the
Romans had the advantage of their armour and their disciplined manoeuvres.
There was a solution to this, and that was to lure the Romans into a
killing ground of the Germanics’ own choosing: the narrow defiles, muddy
tracks and gloomy forests of the Teutoburg would be ideal.
conditions within the forest only allowed for little more than single file
passage. Hermann planned to get Varus and his legions to march through the
forest, so that the enemy could easily be picked off.
Varus suspected none of this revolt, being reassured by the peaceful
appearance of the common people. Hermann’s own father-in-law, Segestes,
tried to warn Varus that things were not as they seemed and that the
German troops commanded by Hermann were planning to revolt, uniting with
the other tribal warriors. Varus would not believe him.
Once the Romans were in the forest, the baggage train and troops became
drawn out. Seeing that they were unable to deploy with their usual
discipline, the signal was given and the barbarian attack launched.
battle lasted for three days. No quarter was given, nor asked for. Three
legions were massacred to a man, near present day Detmold, Paderborn.
Around 35,000 enemies were killed, which included more than 17,000 Romans
and a similar number of camp followers and auxiliaries, including
mercenaries and Jewish slave traders.
Skulls and entrails were fixed to
trees to increase the terror felt by the enemy. This practice of hanging
such trophies from trees can be seen as the origin of the Germanic
tradition of offering sacrifices to trees.
This race memory continued to
be represented on Viking renditions of the sacred tree at Upsalla up until
the end of the heathen times.
The tradition is a gruesome parallel with the present innocuous hanging of decorations on Yule trees – although some might prefer to consider that a coincidence.
After the battle, the victorious Teutons pledged forever to maintain their
race and liberty. That night, the forests were full with their war cries.
On the battle site, a great oak tree grew: Irminsul.
This sacred tree
was venerated for hundreds of years and, even during the First World War, German officers
were reputed still to have made offerings to oak trees.
The head of Varus was sent as a present to Marbod, another German chief,
in order to encourage his forces to unite with Hermann’s in
attacking Rome.
The plan failed, as Marbod was a cunning schemer who felt
that he would benefit by having Rome fight Hermann’s tribe, thus weakening
both and possibly allowing him to take over.
However, Augustus Caesar expected the German tribes would indeed unite and
that the Empire would be invaded.
He forced slaves and freemen of war age
into the Roman army. Augustus Caesar was emotionally devastated by the defeat
of Varus and his legions.
Until Augustus’ end, he mourned on the
anniversary of this disaster to Rome.
When it was discovered that Marbod was not going to join forces with
Herman after all, Imperial Rome attempted revenge and re-conquest.
war against Hermann failed, after six years of battle. Desperate not to
lose face, the Roman commanders said that they were withdrawing because
they had pacified the area.
In fact, only tribes west of the Rheine were
subjugated. The Anglo-Saxons were left well alone behind their 100 mile
death zone, where any outsiders who entered would be killed immediately.
Rome never raised significant troops from Africa and Asia again
(considering them of inferior quality) and henceforth 95% of recruits into the
legions were from the Rhineland, Gaul, Belgium, Britannia and Holland.
Four hundred years later came the Anglo-Saxon migration from Germany to
Britain, forming the ethnic English nation.
History would have taken a very different direction had Hermann not
succeeded in preventing the Romans from reaching the Baltic.
With the
help of Roman-controlled German warriors, even Scandinavia could have been conquered and subjected to inevitable mongrelization.
As other Germanic tribes realised that their race and their liberty had
been rescued by Hermann, their reverence for him grew. Becoming
like a religious worship, the memory of Hermann was sacred, and lasted for
centuries, as well it deserved.
The Irminsul, the great oak named after Hermann, was very important to these Teutons. Because of this, after hundreds of years standing, the tree was targeted by Charlemagne in 772
He had Irminsul, also known as the Tree of Thor, cut down in his attempt to snuff out paganism. This desecration initiated the Viking racial holy war, lasting for 200 years.
It was this thirst for vengeance that made the Vikings so keen to raid
Christian nations, burn churches and plunder.
As the Germanics declared
upon the destruction of Irminsul: You can kill us all, but then you will
have to answer to our cousins across the Baltic and they are fiercer than
From an Earthly point of view, Hermann is far more worthy of the honour of our people than other religious figures currently worshiped.
Effectively, he is the father of our people, without whom there would have been no European civilization in America, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.
Indeed, without Hermann’s timely intervention, there might now be no White race at all.
Let us honour and revere Hermann as a shining example of how one man can
make a huge difference in the struggle to protect their racial heritage
and future progeny.
The anniversary of Hermann’s revolt passed silently, as we live in an alien culture where true history is hidden for religious and ideological reasons. Let us hope that Hermann will inspire a new revolt of sorts, against materialism and universalism.
We should remember his legacy, summed up in the Icelandic term for those ancient Germanics:
“thodthverdthur”, “the people’s defenders”.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Muslim in Wellington Jailed for Using Flat as Brothel

A 60-year-old Muslim man residing in Wellington, Shropshire was jailed on Friday for allowing his flat to be used as a brothel and allowing a man to have sex with a girl who was being controlled as a prostitute.
Mohammed Younis was said to have been at the flat in Kingsland, Arleston, when the 16-year-old was paid £50 by her customer.

At Wolverhampton Crown Court today Younis was jailed for two and a half years after admitting a charge of facilitating child prostitution four years ago.

As Younis had been on a monitored tag while on bail and had spent time on remand, he was set to be released almost immediately.

Younis, who now lives in Birmingham, was also banned from working with children for life.

An allegation of conspiring with another man to facilitate child prostitution will lie on file.

Mr Simon Davies, defending, said Younis’s marriage had failed.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Oswestry Day of Action

Local activists were joined in Oswestry today by other British National Party members and supporters in a day of action aimed at raising awareness of the BNP's opposition to the advance of Islam in the town.

Two teams of activists set out to deliver leaflets and Voice of Freedom newspapers, with team A returning first having reportedly used up almost 2,000 leaflets in under three hours.

One of Our Leafleting Teams

North Shropshire organiser Phil Reddall told Shropshire Patriot that Oswestry Muslim Society's proposed plans to convert an old church into a Muslim prayer centre was a stepping stone towards the town having its first mosque.

"Muslim centres such as this act as a power base, a beacon of light, to Muslims and Shropshire Council must wake up to the fact that Britain is sleepwalking towards Islamification.

"Muslims are allowed to lie to 'non-believers' in order to get what they want. It says so in the Qu'ran. One minute they're talking about having tea and biscuits and holding inter-faith coffee mornings, the next thing you know they've taken local council seats and are asserting their dominance while the political establishment and the police are fearful to act if crimes are committed by Muslims.

"Local councillors are playing a dangerous game of appeasement. We know we cannot wake up our elected officials, however, so we're taking to the streets instead to attempt to help the public understand this issue.

"The BNP is the only political party to oppose the Islamification of Britain. Muslims can do what they want in their own countries and a BNP government would have never bombed Iraq or invaded Afghanistan, but we won't stand by while ordinary people are duped by the media into thinking Islam is good for Britain. Muslims in Britain won't rest until they have asserted full control, and we don't want that to happen."

Shropshire branch have produced the short film (above) in order to better explain why the BNP is opposed to Islam. The film has some shocking scenes of halal slaughter which makes us wonder if the RSPCA are acting to halt these barbaric practices.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Ukraine Elections vs British Elections

With elections here in Shropshire next year, members of all political parties and most importantly voters should be aware that UK election procedures aren't necessarily the best in the world.

We presently have no suspicions regarding procedure in Shropshire but we will be keeping our eye on how it all works nevertheless.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Shropshire Christmas Meeting 2012

Shropshire Branch held their Christmas meeting on Monday evening and councillor Mike Whitby was guest speaker, entertaining and at times provoking his audience with a very powerful talk on the state of Britain's finances.

cllr Mike Whitby

Organisers Karl Foulkes and Phil Reddall told members about the year's local and national media stories relating to Shropshire BNP, from the sex grooming epidemic which the Times broke many months ago after pressure from our activists, to the Oswestry Muslim Community Centre story covered by the Shropshire Star and BBC Radio Shropshire last week. Details of forthcoming pre-Christmas activism were passed to members and a team of leafleters volunteered their services.

After the speakers, a substantial buffet was served and members socialised over drinks.

The following covers the basics of what cllr Mike Whitby spoke about and the information provided should be passed on to every friend and family member. It has been paraphrased and greatly simplified for this report.

The British National Party has long had in its Manifesto certain ways of bringing our finances back under control of the people. Cllr Whitby brought to members' attention a film which won a 'Best Documentary' award in 2010, entitled 'The Secrets of Oz'. This film explores how money is made and who benefits.

Britain and our people are shackled in debt. It is time to understand and promote how we break these shackles. But prepare yourselves for a struggle, for if you think the word 'racism' is something to fear, just wait until you begin to tackle the global banksters. You can be locked up for being perceived as a 'racist' but attempting to confront the money lenders is another step entirely, and one that has seen US Presidents removed from office (and I don't mean via the ballot box).

The following appeared in the BNPs 2010 Manifesto on p. 80
Quantitative Easing

The fact that the banking system has been able to increase the supply of money electronically has confirmed the long-held nationalist interpretation of money creation, namely that it is possible to generate ‘valid’ banknotes quite literally out of nothing.

This new money has been employed to purchase gilt-edged stock, with a view to lowering interest rates. We would have employed at least a significant element of the new funding to create capital projects and investment in new infrastructure in the energy and transportation sectors — which would also have created real jobs.

Currently, new money — excepting for the very small fraction of money that comprises notes and coin — enters into circulation as an interest bearing debt from the activities within the banking sector.

The banking sector is undoubtedly efficient in allocating credit but the question is whether the nation’s credit should, in part or in whole, be created under Crown authority?

In such an event, would it not best be employed to finance the public sector, thus enabling a reduction in taxation?

The right to issue money should ultimately rest with the state, and not with a consortium of private bankers.

Nationalist policy is anti-globalist, and a part of this principle means we intend to look after our own finances. This does not mean we can't trade abroad.

This subject which cllr Whitby spoke about is something which baffles many, but really it is quite simple. We have been 'baffled by science' so to speak, and the solution is surprisingly straightforward. We take over the Bank of England, call it the Bank of Britain, print enough money to pay off our national debt (should we feel generous enough to actually pay those people who have bled us dry for many, many years) and get back to the basics of manufacturing, engineering, high technology and trading real-world goods.

Iceland took control of their own finances. We can too.

I've tried to explain things simply. Posted below leads is the film mentioned earlier which will explain things in more detail.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Oswestry - Press & Media Interest

Dripping Tap of Islamification

Is the planned 'Oswestry Muslim Centre' going to be a place where anyone can drop in for a cup of tea, as the spokesman for Oswestry Muslim Society said, or are these plans a dripping tap towards the Islamic colonisation of Oswestry, as predicted by our north Shropshire organiser?

Time will tell, but as it explains here it is difficult to take at face value the 'tea and biscuits' approach to Islam which the Oswestry Muslim Society promotes.

"There are two forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, taqiyya and kitman.  These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause Islam - in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them." 

Furthermore, Serge Trifkovic, in his book 'The Sword of the Prophet' says:

"The House of Islam is in a permanent state of war with the lands that surround it... but peace will only come with the completion of global conquest.

"The progress from Dar al Sulh - when the Muslims are a minority community, and need to adopt temporarily a peaceful attitude in order to deceive their neighbours - to Dar al Harb, when the territory of the infidel becomes a war zone by definition. This happens when the Muslim side feels strong enough to dispense with pretence."

The BBC Radio Shropshire interview with BNP's north Shropshire organiser can be found here by advancing the player to 2 hours and 12 minutes. Be quick, it may not be online long.

Shropshire Star coverage from Monday night can be found here.

It is interesting to know that during the pre-recorded BBC Radio Shropshire interview, cllr Phil Reddall tried to raise the issue of the interesting cultural phenomenon that Islam has brought to the small Shropshire town of Wellington, but this never made it into the final cut.

It is, of course, difficult to make an argument when your most powerful points are left on the cutting room floor, so to speak.

People of Oswestry, we're doing our best to highlight the dangers of forced multi-culturalism in a law abiding and peaceful manner. Either put in your objections to Oswestry Muslim Society's plans or, as a friend of mine once said to a rather liberal-left individual, "Enjoy Islam!".

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Oswestry 'Mosque' Proposal

North Shropshire British National Party is beginning its campaign to halt development plans submitted by Oswestry Muslim Society regarding the Change of Use from ‘Furniture Store’ (previously Presbyterian Church) to ‘Oswestry Muslim Centre’ including internal alterations at Oswald Road Fine Furniture, Oswald Road, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY11 1RE.

Former Presbyterian Church

Speaking about this campaign, local organiser councillor Phil Reddall said,

“Shropshire Branch are planning numerous days of action in Oswestry in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We intend to ensure local residents are made aware of the plans submitted by Oswestry Muslim Society. We will be leafleting the area and speaking to residents and shoppers. Also a press release is being prepared.

“I believe this application has been carefully timed to catch local people unawares as they prepare for the festive period. Furthermore, the word ‘Mosque’ has been deliberately omitted in this ‘softly-softly’ approach towards the gradual colonisation of Oswestry.”

Shropshire Branch would like to make it clear that in order to oppose planning applications for Muslim Prayer Centres and Mosques, leafleting and days of action are only a part of what must be done.

Objections must be submitted in significant numbers to the Planning Department.

Most if not all local authorities advise that objections are best submitted online.

It is important to note that any comments made online appear in the Public Domain and objections will only be taken into account if they refer to planning matters. There is absolutely no point on commenting on religious or ethnic grounds per se, and comments must be well considered before posting. Valid comments might include concerns over parking or noise.

It would be advisable to read this link for advice before comments are made.

Should readers wish to view the application and make a well informed comment after viewing all documentation supplied, the link to follow here.
Readers can view the location which is situated next door to the Border Counties Advertizer office by searching Google Maps using the postcode SY11 1RE.

As a final note, all BNP organisers should visit the website of their Local Authority and bookmark the planning page which can be swiftly disseminated to local people should a Mosque proposal be submitted in their area.