"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Shropshire BNP Christmas Message

It is at this time of year we settle down to enjoy time with our families, and despite the pressures of modern consumerism it is this basic building block which sets the foundation for our society.

Shropshire British National Party members hold traditional values and yet the mainstream media continue to try and present the BNP as 'extremist'. But what is extremist in Britain today?

  • Pensioners perishing from the cold because they cannot afford to heat their homes is extreme.
  • Offering foreign aid while UK debt continues to rise is extreme.
  • Remaining in the EU and awaiting mass economic migration into Britain from Romania is extreme.
  • The murder of Lee Rigby is extreme. And that WAS a 'River of Blood'.
  • Allowing paedophiles to be released from prison is extreme.

British people's attitude is NOT the attitude of those with the biggest voice. Ordinary, honest people DO NOT think and act like Members of Parliament, BBC Journalists or Big City Bankers.

The BNP have used the phrase 'silent majority' for a reason - because there are millions of us who disagree with the views forced upon us but few of those millions bother to speak up outside their own social circle.

All those politically correct churchmen, policians and newsreaders who read from the same hymn sheet are NOT the voice of Britain. But if we, the ordinary men, women and children of this land, are to have a voice then it is high time we spoke a little louder.

Because you will find that you are not alone in your views.

Shropshire BNP's simple Christmas message is this:

"Speak firmly, simply and from the heart, for that is how the truth is spread."

May our Yuletide gatherings be full of festive cheer.

* * *

Note: Look out for reports of our forthcoming Winter Fitness Camp, aimed at blowing away the cobwebs and building morale as we head into a New Year!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Shropshire BNP Members Honour the Fallen

On Sunday, members and supporters of the British National Party attended parades across Shropshire to honour those who gave their lives in service to their country.

Very little needs to be said; our people gathered, paid their respects, laid wreaths, said a few quiet words and held socials afterwards to mark the passing of heroes.

Ian Deakin in Wem

Phil Reddall in Market Drayton

Fran Foulkes in Shrewsbury

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Shropshire Striders visit Haughmond Hill

A Handful of Striders
Patriotic walking group the 'Shropshire Striders' held a brief ramble around Haughmond Hill on Sunday 13th October.

A number of children attended the walk and enjoyed an afternoon playing in the woods and a fantastic time was had by all despite the poor weather.

After a couple of hours walkers retired to a good working class Shrewsbury pub for an informal chat about life and nationalism, and a number of events were discussed including a winter camping weekend for hardy members and supporters.

Shropshire BNP branch - still active and still committed!

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Shrewsbury Rape Victim Issues Warning

A rape victim from Shrewsbury has issued a warning following an horrific ordeal at the hands of taxi driver Ahmet Baser after a night out on the town.

Ahmet Baser

Ahmet Baser, 34, of London Road, Shrewsbury, started a seven-and-a-half year jail sentence, having being found guilty of the offence at Stoke Crown Court.

The attack happened way back in August 2011 and Baser’s courageous victim has had to wait nearly two years to see him brought to justice because of delays in the court process.

She has bravely spoken out about her experience – and warned others to be vigilant.

Shropshire Patriot encourages our women to be aware and make themselves a 'hard target' against such attacks. Those having experienced crime must stand strong and report it to the police.

The full story can be read here.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Owen Patterson and GM Crops

North Shropshire MP Owen Patterson's picture 'crops' up during a UK Column Live debate regarding GM food. Watch the whole show or skip to 30mins 20secs for the GM crops news item.

GM crops should alarm nationalists, as although we seek advancments in science, many of us understand that we should work with nature rather than against it.

Ex-Taxi Driver Jailed Over Sex With Schoolgirl

53-year-old Mohammed Islam Choudhrey, a former taxi driver and fast food worker who paid to have sex with a Shropshire schoolgirl, has been jailed.

Mohammed Islam Choudhrey

He was said to have handed over more than £600 to the teenager in a just a few months.

At Wolverhampton Crown Court yesterday Choudhrey was sentenced to prison for a mere two-and-a-half years.

He had admitted a charge of paying for the sexual services of a child between January and December, 2009.

Shropshire Patriot is disgusted at the lenient sentence.

The full story can be read here.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Crisis in Masculinity - Imam Speaks Out

Imam Alyas Karmani refers to a crisis in masculinity among Muslim men, so says BBC Radio 4 on today's World at One which can be found here. You should advance the timeline to 26 mins 25 seconds.

He says there is a profound disrespect culture when it comes to treating women and blames poor role models and access to pornography which creates a culture where men are now ambiguous when it comes to the issue of violence against women.  

The report is an interesting one in that at no point do we hear any critisism of the Qu'ran.

For Imam Alyas Karmani to put aside the Qu'ran and place the blame outside the context of Islamic teachings and culture is only dealing with a tiny fraction of the issue at hand in regards to the debate on some Muslim's attitude to women.

The website here lists some quotations from the Qu'ran regarding women. It also includes a video here in which Muslims discuss the age of a girl (Aisha) when the Prophet Mohammed married her and had sex with her. The Prophet Mohammed is a role model for all Muslims.

Shropshire Patriot certainly believes there are forces at work in western society which popularise the denigration of women and thus destroy the bedrock of our society, i.e: a solid family unit based on marriage and the raising of children.

The Communist manipulation of the feminist movement is an example whereby western society has suffered but we do not have to look back too far to find the image of western women was once altogether more inspiring that that which is promoted today.

To modern British feminists, Shropshire Patriot has this to say, "We value our women and you must not become sidetracked into attacking that which is good for the whole merely for the benefit of that which holds some hedonistic short term benefit for the individual."

Freyja - Worshiped Western Feminine

To our menfolk we say, "Defend our women and try to understand that they are an integral part of our culture. Try to show them their true value."
We need good role models of both sexes along with a proven reassurance that our government sees the traditional family unit as having an important role to play. As in Homer's tale of Troy, our women are highly thought of and an attack on them is an attack on western society as a whole.

The British National Party holds to an ideology that does not seek to impose restrictions on our freedom but which maintains that for a western society to achieve its potential and stay healthy it must be free to promote positive western cultural values as beneficial to its folk and also be free to oppose that which is harmful.

At present British nationalists are frowned upon for promoting that which is healthy for our people and are occasionally arrested for pointing out that which is harmful.

One fact remains: our traditional western values are right for us and however unfashionable it may seem to some, a return to our true, folkish mindset will be a step forward for the British people rather than a step back. 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Important Victory for Democracy

Oswestry curry house owner George Miah, who was behind the success of the recently approved Muslim prayer centre in Shrewsbury, has again spoken of Muslims' ongoing plans to get a permanent place of worship in the north Shropshire town.

'George' Miah
The Shropshire Star reported: Oswestry businessman George Miah, chairman of the Shropshire Bangladeshi Welfare Society, said he was “delighted” councillors had backed the Shrewsbury [Muslim prayer centre] plans. But he said the decision did not mean Oswestry Muslims would give up their search for a home. The full article can be read here.

Important Victory

Regular readers may be disappointed to hear this news, but it is important to remember one thing: your local BNP have fought hard and won a very significant victory. Until now, 'Muslim prayer centre' approval had merely gone before non-elected planners. But the Shrewsbury prayer centre plan changed all that as we, along with many ordinary local people, helped to force councillors to make the decision to approve the plans.

This is what Shropshire BNP have fought for since day one - full electoral accountability so we can now point the finger of blame at councillors who are aiding the advance of Islam in Shropshire.

Way back on Thursday 9th May, BNP organiser for north Shropshire wrote one of the first objections to the Shrewsbury prayer centre plans, which can be found here:

"In a previous and very similar case 12/04730/FUL [the earlier Oswestry prayer centre plans] the decision to grant a 'change of use' of a religious nature was made by unelected planning officers.

In this case, whatever the outcome, I, as a concerned member of the electorate, demand that any decisions made in relation to this case are made by elected councillors at an open meeting where local residents are able to comment via a Public Forum.

In any matter such as this, where the cultural atmosphere, identity or feel of a locality could be significantly changed, it is absolutely essential that the decisions are made in a democratic manner, which means by elected members of the Council with members of the Public present.

Finally, I object on the moral grounds of unwanted cultural change." 

We have flushed out the pro-Islamic agenda of Shropshire councillors, and as our man in the Public Meeting observed, not a single elected representative spoke up on behalf of those who had objected. If you object to the Islamification of Shropshire, do not vote for pro-Islamic councillors.

"It's a Bloody Mosque, Innit!"

Those were the words of a local man walking his dog past the new 'prayer centre' in Shrewsbury last Saturday afternoon.

In the past, Shropshire BNP have been critiscised for caling proposed prayer centres 'mosques'. However, after a few minutes researching the word 'mosque' in various reputable dictionaries, we find our initial description is correct.

The Cambridge dictionary states here that a mosque is "a building for Islamic religious activities and worship" while the Oxford dictionary states here that a mosque is "a Muslim place of worship".

So from now on, we'll be using the word Mosque. Don't blame us because it's true.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Flag Burners Will Not Win

Saturday afternoon saw a group of British National Party activists out leafleting in Shrewsbury despite the local Muslim community winning their battle for a permanent prayer centre at Column Lodge in Preston Street.

One Party member who attended the packed planning meeting at Shirehall on Thursday said, "Not a single councillor spoke out against the prayer centre plans despite a significant number of local residents' objections. Either every local councillor fully supports the forward march of Islam in Shropshire, or they are all too afraid to speak out on the issue. The fact that there was not one word of objection from any councillor is testament to the true motives of the local establishment."

Local BNP organiser Karl Foulkes also spoke to Shropshire Patriot, "It is important to understand how the far-left bully people into submission. They use the word 'racism' to stifle open, honest debate and this allows a minority of anti-British individuals to get what they want. Many people are scared to air their views for fear of being classed as racist. The fact is, race sholdn't even come into this debate as it is a religious matter.

"Most interesting was the ability of a section of the local community to mobilise protests without any help from the BNP. While our activists were working politically, distributing leaflets, encouraging people to formally object and so forth, other well organised non-political individuals organised fairly large anti-mosque demonstrations. It is very interesting to observe the rise of autonomous nationalist groups like these. They rarely turn out in elections but are highly motivated in their own way."

Also out leafleting was Mr Alan Coles who, upon conclusion of the day's activism, talked over a pint regarding his dealings with the far left. "They felt it was acceptable to trespass into my garden and set fire to my Union Jack flag," he said. "This really shows the mentality of those who organise anti-BNP campaigns. They hate Britain and they hate our flag because deep down inside they actually hate themselves. They hate what it means to be white. I mean, what kind of warped individual could possibly condone the burning of the British flag in the garden of a British man here in Shrewsbury?"

The full story of Alan's plight was covered by the BBC here. Unfortunately their reporter didn't manage to get Alan Coles' name right.

Alan with his Burnt Union Flag

Interestingly, during the last few weeks thousands of leaflets have been distributed in Abbey and Column wards (many handed to residents who were in their gardens enjoying fleeting glimpses of sunshine) and only two leaflets were handed back to our activists. Most individuals who were spoken to agreed with the BNP's general sentiments and when pressed some admitted feeling 'scared' to express their patriotic or Christian views.

The far left have created a self-policing society where the word 'racism' is used to deny good, honest people a voice in society. It is leading to a fall in voter turn out and the rise of autonomous nationalist groups who are not part of the political process.

Shropshire BNP remains committed to politics and we are working towards a day when good, honest people are awakened enough to vote for good, honest political candidates.

To find out more call 0844 809 4581

Friday, 21 June 2013

Shrewsbury Prayer Centre Plan Approved

Shrewsbury’s first dedicated Muslim prayer centre has received the blessing of councillors – marking the end of a decade-long search by worshippers for suitable facilities.

The Shropshire Star reports the full story here.

The British National Party continue to lay the foundations of a new political era where our people are able to make decisions free from the subversive brainwashing that makes our folk accept that which is harmful to them.

Nationalism is not just a political ideology; it is an all encompassing way of being which should be practiced by all races who crave freedom of expression and real diversity.

We seek a spiritual awakening for our people and we are never giving in.

Want to be active? Just call 0844 809 4581

Monday, 10 June 2013

An Apology to the Few - A Kick up the A*se to the Many

A previous post contained the following words,

"And to my people who are honest, decent and truthful, Shropshire Patriot has this to say: No excuses. No laziness. No fear. No surrender. Step forward and help the British National Party or forever be deemed a coward and a shirker, for the highest contempt should be reserved for those who have realised the truth yet do nothing."

And the following comment was made in the un-moderated comments section,

" ‘forever deemed to be a coward and a shirker’ Strong words but the wrong words. Many people are active in the cause of patriotism or nationalism without wanting to be in a political party. I recognise there are committed members of BNP but it is a party which has to make changes particularly in its leadership before it can attract high numbers of support. Insulting non-members is not the way to go. The language used comes across as superior arrogance. You should try to show some humility."

Shropshire Patriot would like to apologise to any hard working non-BNP nationalist working for the Cause in whatever way works. However, the post was written for the thousands, literally thousands of people who are awake to the problems affecting our land and people but continue to do nothing.

BNP organisers cannot phsyically force people to act. We can ask nicely and we can ask forcefully and we can even try to 'guilt' people into acting.

For many years dedicated BNP organisers have soldiered on, waiting for supporters to become active. And then something unprecedented happened: an off-duty British soldier was brutally hacked to death on a British street whilst returning from work.

Did millions of Britons pile onto the streets and demand answers from the politicians who allowed anti-British extremists to do such a thing?

No they did not.

So please forgive Shropshire Patriot for becomming angry, frustrated and somewhat bemused, and forgive us for trying every legal verbal and written means to encourage our fellow men and women to make a stand.

If you, the reader, honestly believe you're doing something worthwhile for the Cause, then good. Carry on.

But if you're reading this and you 'know the score' yet continue to come up with excuses as to why you cannot help the BNP (for this is a BNP supporting blog) then we hope you beat your demons and get active - fast.

We're not an egotistical bunch. Egotists don't last long. We just need the help of good, honest people.

It's the nationalist Cause that matters, not individuals. Individuals come and go. It's no use waiting for the 'perfect' moment to take action. Act now. What we do works and this blog tries to show the positive actions we take to right wrongs.

And if, for some reason politics isn't for you, don't kid yourself that you're fulfilling your potential in a non-political way if, in the cold, harsh light of day you are not.

We must all do something positive - educate, act and be involved in nationalism.

And next time something awful hits the headlines, don't just sit on your hands. Act!

Shropshire Patriot is committed to peaceful, political action. We believe it is the best way forward for a long term solution to the ills which affect Britain and her people. We have allowed ourselves to be ruled by liberal-globalist fanatics and allowed useful idiots and their handlers to occupy all the rungs of the political ladder. All it takes in order to turn Britain around is for good, honest people to swap positions with those who do not have our best interests at heart.

Perhaps you're capable of addressing thousands at open air rallies. Perhaps you have the kind of skills whereupon you can interact and educate hundreds of people via social networking. Perhaps you can show just how effective you are for the Cause in a non-political way. But if not, then join the BNP, be active and grit it out in the trenches leafleting, campaigning and changing one person at a time.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Action for Drummer Lee Rigby

Your north Shropshire British National Party organiser has produced the above short video calling for good, honest people to get involved with the BNP in a campaign of peaceful political action.

With Respect to Drummer Lee Rigby

Shropshire BNP members visited their local cenotaphs on Saturday to lay tributes for Drummer Lee Rigby who was savagely murdered on a British street by Islamic extremists.


We laid our tributes quietly and with respect for a soldier who died not while in combat. The 25-year-old was killed near the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, southeast London, on May 22, as he returned from a day working at the Tower of London.

One of Our Young Girls Lays Flowers in Newport

After our respects had been paid, members gathered for a brief social in a north Shropshire pub. It was then that we talked about our frustration and our anger.

"Just how much blood constitutes a river?" commented one local drinker, brandishing a copy of the Shropshire Star [01.06.13] where Nigel Hastilow's column included a picture of Enoch Powell and asked a similarly phrased question.

Keeping up to speed with the demonstration which was taking place in Woolwich that afternoon, a Party supporter fed live information to us from his iPad. The BNP as usual were the peaceful demonstrators while the anti-BNP brigade clashed with police. Quite how these people's logic works is beyond us here at Shropshire Patriot - the BNP are angry that a soldier's life has been taken by Islamic extremists while he quietly walked home along a British street yet some warped individuals with a Communist agenda believe we are wrong to be angry. Naive, thick or just anti-British? A mix of all three we suspect.

Make no mistake, our people are angry but they are struggling to vocalise and manage their anger in this politically correct age. They are seemingly impotent, but the BNP has a simple solution to this nation's ills which you will find by visiting the BNP website. You can click the 'British Revolution' image at the top right hand corner of this blog and you will be taken straight to the British National Party's page.

Shropshire Patriot has this message to readers: Wake up, get up and act! Our folk had the ability to build Empires yet today many of you remain frozen, strangely unable to swing into action. There is absolutely no excuse for sitting at home while others do the work for you. In the past, revolutionaries risked the very death for their beliefs. All you have to lose is a bit of time and energy. We can and will fix broken Britain - all it takes is for good, honest people to say "No more!"

Peaceful political action works but in order for it to work ALL decent folk must take part. And all decent folk means you must make that effort too.

And for those who oppose the BNP's efforts for peace and justice, we ask you to give us an alternative. One anti-BNP protestor on CH4 News [7.05pm, 01.06.13] said in reference to Drummer Lee Rigby's murder, "Things like this happen." Shropshire Patriot says, "We do not accept this, we will not accept this, and we have a solution so that it never happens again."

Every mainstream politician in Britain today should hang their heads in shame and quit their post. Their cowardly denial of reality has led to the death of a British soldier who peacefully walked a British street in broad daylight. Stand aside now and make way for a new breed of politician - honest, decent and truthful. Should you dare debate with us, you will get a dose of the truth which will shake you to your core.

And to my people who are honest, decent and truthful, Shropshire Patriot has this to say: No excuses. No laziness. No fear. No surrender. Step forward and help the British National Party or forever be deemed a coward and a shirker, for the highest contempt should be reserved for those who have realised the truth yet do nothing.

We Will Never Forget

To help out in Shropshire, make an enquiry via the BNP homepage. You will shortly recieve an introductory letter from your local organiser.

We Demand a Public Inquiry

 We demand a public inquiry! That is the recent announcement from Shropshire BNP, whose on-going fight to protect local people from anti-white racist crime has already seen a number of street activities including mass leafleting and demonstrations.
The campaign which started over three years ago has already been a great success, even forcing an extremely reluctant Establishment to admit its own failings when dealing with racist crime against our people.

Referring to the Muslim grooming / rape-gang epidemic, Telford based Detective Chief Inspector Alan Edwards told The Times newspaper two years ago: "To stop this type of crime you need to start talking about it, but everyone's been too scared to address the ethnicity factor."

The police are admitting that they have failed up to 100 girls over a three year period in this case alone - so we can only speculate that the true figure is of course much higher.

Shropshire BNP applauds DCI Edwards' brave and honest admission that the local Establishment is failing to protect our folk - whether they are vulnerable young girls in so-called 'care' homes or young English lads who fall victim to violent Pakistani street gangs. We believe that these crimes are hate crimes and should be officially recognized as such.

If cowardly MPs Mark Pritchard (Wrekin) and David Wright (Telford) - along with Telford & Wrekin Council - believe that they can continue to remain silent over this then they had better think again. The BNP is now taking the fight directly to them and we will be demanding justice for our children.

Join our campaign for a Public Inquiry Now!

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Shrewsbury Prayer Centre Plan: Update

Column Lodge in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury residents are calling for the proposed plan for a Muslim prayer centre in Shrewsbury to be scrapped. People are objecting to the plan on the grounds that the prayer centre would create additional traffic and cause problems with parking along with the obvious cultural change that it would bring.

Shropshire Bangladesh Welfare Society bought the former register office at Column Lodge from the council in a deal worth £215,000 and has applied for it to be turned into a prayer centre and community room.

As soon as this plan was made public, local BNP activists swung into action and targeted thousands of homes with the party's excellent "Protecting British Identity" leaflet which was very well received by residents - many who claim that they have been betrayed by the council and its councillors.

Along with a very well attended public demonstration organised by local residents, hundreds of concerned folk have also written to Shropshire Council, and of the 460 comments that have been received so far during the public consultation period, the vast majority are against the proposed prayer centre. 

In the latest comments section on the Shropshire Council website, Amy Humphreys, one of the people opposing the plan, said: “After reading a number of the comments from those who support this plan, I’m now absolutely convinced that opposing it is the right thing to do. The belief that a lovely traditional English town needs to become ‘more multicultural’ is disturbing.” Well said Amy; Shropshire Patriot couldn't agree more!

Councillor Quits After Just Two Weeks

George Miah

George Miah, the resturant owner who recently failed in his campaign to set up a 'Muslim Prayer Centre' aka Mosque in an old church on Oswald Road has given up his Town Council seat after just two weeks in the position, letting down the local residents and potentially costing the taxpayer money should a by election be held.

The full story can be found here.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Free or Terrorised - It's Up To You

Activism in Oswestry

After the shocking murder of one of our soldiers, Shropshire BNP hit the streets immediately using a leaflet available to download and print which can be found here.

Our chairman Nick Griffin - the hardest working nationalist in British political history - was on hand to help out.

There is one fact which must be heard: if you are concerned about how Britain is being run, it is time for you to join (or re-join) the BNP.

It doesn't matter if there are one or two things you disagree with or if there are one or two members you don't get on with. The most important thing is the Cause, not individual egos.

We are here to provide a bright and secure future for generations to come. It is that simple. We are a small island and the world is a big place. We just want a safe haven to call home, where we can continue to trade with the world and shake hands with leaders of other nations while retaining our freedom, security, identity and democracy.

But when Islamic terrorists behead a British soldier, on a British street, in broad daylight, it is time to say "No more!"

The BNP is not anti-Muslim. We respect the right of Muslims to do whatever they like in their own countries. But if our people are murdered by extremist Muslims on our own streets while our politicians and our media bend over backwards to appease the extremists, it is time we made a stand.

The leaflet available to download has details of a major demonstration in Woolwich. Get down there and make a peaceful stand for our right to be safe and free in our own country.

Shropshire Patriot aims to help the BNP secure freedom in our land peacefully and by using moderate but firm language. Violence has come to British streets, but it is not us who are violent. Stand with us; be firm, do not yeild and never give in.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Don't Sit Back


Our politicians and police are impotent. They cannot stop terrorist attacks like the one in Woolwich yesterday afternoon.

Enoch Powell warned you over 40 years ago. The British National Party has been warning you for decades since.

The government send our troops to die in the middle east, 'fighting terrorism' while a young soldier is beheaded on our streets by Islamic terrorists. The police take almost half an hour to turn up. Our politicians tell us not to over react. Britain is being run by retarded scumbags.

Our current crop of politicians do not have the moral strength to care for the British people, yet all it takes is for good, honest, courageous people like you to stand up and say, "No more!"

To join the BNP, click on the 'British Revolution' link at the top right hand corner of this blog.

Don't sit back and say there's nothing you can do. The British people can do whatever they set their minds to.

Monday, 20 May 2013

CH4 Documentary Focuses on Grooming Scandal in Shropshire

The horrific abuse and sexual exploitation of schoolgirls by a group of Asian men in Shropshire – and the problems facing police officers in bringing them to justice without being accused of racism – is to be exposed in a hard-hitting TV documentary this Thursday at 9pm.

Channel Four’s Dispatches team was given access to Telford police during Operation Chalice, one of the country’s largest ever child sex abuse investigations.

And the results, including candid interviews with many of the leading detectives, are revealed in an hour-long special, The Hunt For Britain’s Sex Gangs, at 9pm on Thursday.

Mr Heneghan (for CH4) said the programme examined how Telford Police also had to face the reality that the men who were perpetrators in this case were all British Pakistanis.

“As one of the DCI’s in charge of launching the initial arrests says: ‘How do you deal with that, without being accused of being racist? My view is this: I’ve got a bunch of criminals, I don’t care what background they come from, I don’t care about anything else about them other than that they are gang-raping young girls’.”

Shropshire Patriot says that in this particular case, the police seem to be confused between race and religion.

Read the full article from the Shropshire Star here and watch the Dispatches documentary at 9pm on Channel 4 this Thursday 23rd May. If you miss the programme, CH4 can be viewed online here.

Will Shropshire BNP feature, considering that our campaigning helped to raise this issue in the first place? Remember, Nick Griffin spoke about this many years ago and the Establishment twice tried to jail him for doing so.

We were right, we are right and we always intend to get it right.

One day our people will awake and say, "No More!".

Friday, 17 May 2013

Freedom of Expression

Arrests have been made in Shrewsbury after comments were made on a Facebook page dedicated to opposing the planned Muslim prayer centre at Column Lodge.

The Shropshire Star reports can be read here and here.

Shropshire Patriot asks all those making comments about Muslims, mosques, immigration and anything else that is important to the British people first carefully consider their words.

Today's society is in a mess. Northern European culture has a long tradition of free speech and liberty and our heroes from Boudica to Hereward the Wake to Enoch Powell did not take kindly to their rights being taken away.

Unfortunately our nation is in the grip of immoral laws which restrict our freedom of expression.

Shropshire Patriot aims to advance the Cause of British nationalism but we will do this in a polite and responsible manner.

Our aim is to have a society ruled by good morals rather than laws, where all points of view are heard and debated.

The ancient Greeks understood this 2,500 years ago but our political masters today do not.

It is not good practice to use the law to stop people saying what they wish to say, even if what they say is offensive to some.

Our people are offended every day by what they see and hear on the streets and in the news.

But one thing is clear - abusive language does not help our Cause and Shropshire Patriot asks for all comments to be carefully considered before posting.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Telford Muslims Jailed for Sexually Abusing Girls

Ahdel Ali, 25, Mubarek Ali, 29, Mohammed Ali Sultan, 26, Tanveer Ahmed, 40, Mohammed Younis, 60, and Mohammed Islam Choudhrey, 53,
Ahdel Ali, 25, Mubarek Ali, 29, Mohammed Ali Sultan, 26, Tanveer Ahmed, 40, Mohammed Younis, 60, and Mohammed Islam Choudhrey, 53.

Seven Muslim men have been jailed after a series of complex court cases.

Today, the Shropshire Star reveals details of those court cases following a hearing in the High Court today in which a judge upheld a decision that another man accused of child sex abuse offences was not mentally fit to be retried.

Mahroof Khan, 35,
Mahroof Khan, 35

After West Mercia Police’s investigation into suspected under-age sex and child prostitution, seven men were finally convicted in cases stretching over two years.

Four experienced judges have heard distressing evidence from four young women, who were aged 13 to 16 when they were abused during a two-year period between 2007 and 2009.

The leading players in the abuse were brothers, Ahdel and Mubarek Ali, of Regent Street, Wellington, who received long jail sentences after an eight-week trial.

The full story can be found at the Shropshire Star website here.

Shropshire Patriot poses the following questions:

1. Is this a case of a few criminals who happen to be Muslim or is there a deeper religious and cultural issue which has yet to be fully explained by the establishment and the press?

2. Why have we had no apologies from the Muslim community in Shropshire?

3. Why does the local Conservative run Council seem so eager to encourage the conversion of old churches into 'Muslim prayer centres' aka mosques?

One fact shines brightly through the confusion, however - the BNP have long campaigned on the issue of sexual exploitation of our young girls while all the other political mainstream parties did nothing and still do nothing except to cuddle up to Islam.

If you believe the sexual grooming of young girls is still going on in your area, seemingly unopposed by the authorities, the BNP would like to hear from you on 0844 809 4581

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Former Church in Shrewsbury Sold to Muslims

The former register office at Column Lodge, Shrewsbury
Column Lodge - Sold to Shropshire Bangladesh Welfare Society


Note: To comment on this 'change of use' proposal, follow the link to Shropshire Council's planning website here. Please read all the available information before commenting.


Shropshire Council has sold Column Lodge to the Shropshire Bangladesh Welfare Society in a £215,000 deal.

The former church, based near to the Column roundabout, was home to the council’s registration services before they were transferred to the Guildhall in Frankwell last year.

Martin Kabir, a trustee of the Shropshire Bangladesh Welfare Society, today said the building would become a Muslim prayer centre and community room, and it would be open to all members of the public. He said: “The building was a place of worship years ago.

“It will become a facility for Muslim prayer and a day care centre. It is a first for Shrewsbury and everyone will be welcome.

“We have been looking for somewhere for a long time and this is close to the outskirts of town and easy to access.”

A statement in support of the planning application said that at peak times on a Friday afternoon there could be up to 50 visitors.

See the full story on the Shropshire Star website here


Shropshire Branch of the BNP calls on Shropshire Council to decide upon this Planning Application at an Open Meeting.

Previously, the Council had opted for a similar decision in to be made by unelected planning officers, when Oswestry Muslim Society applied to convert a former church into a mosque.

We demand electoral accountability, which means that only elected councillors must be the ones who make the decisions that have the potential to alter Shropshire's cultural landscape.

A full local campaign is planned by Shropshire BNP to raise awareness of these proposals.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Understanding NLP


Understand Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that is being used against the population of Britain by visiting Common Purpose Exposed.

Friday, 3 May 2013

British Persistence!

Attempting to change the face of British politics isn't easy. In fact the task we in the British National Party have set ourselves is huge. We must alter people's habits, tackle a system that has had decades to embed itself in people's psyche and wait patiently for our window of opportunity, all the while keeping our composure, taking defeat after defeat and coming back for more, never knowing how long we'll have to wait until our time comes.

However, there are many positives to consider; firstly, over the last few years the voting public have toyed with the idea of change - from a cautious voting experiment which gave way to a coalition government in 2010 to the bolder  notion of offering UKIP seats at local level. This shows that while many are quite rightly disillusioned with politics, some of the electorate are taking a few steps in a different direction, testing the water with something new.

The economy of Britain and the personal finances of many British people is near breaking point, but today, right now, we are mostly okay. And so people only vote for as much change as they think they need while at the same time pretending bad things just won't happen. This is human nature - a mental defence mechanism, for the alternative is to accept just what a problematic situation we all face.

The BNP is the British Resistance, but for most people there isn't much to resist, at least not on their immediate personal radar. Nationalists can see what is round the corner but trying to explain this to the electorate is difficult. It is negative politics in a sense, for although we have a grand vision of how our country could be, that grand vision is even harder to convey because the mental aptitude for great achievements has been promoted as unfashionable by a Communist vein which runs through today's society and which has a vested interest in holding our people down. 

As nationalists we understand what is happening to Britain and we have the policies to deal with the situation and to rebuild our country into something to be proud of once again.

But what we need from BNP members is one thing and one thing only - endless persistence.

We shall keep on trying, ignoring the weak naysayers, who repeatedly tell us all is lost, and continue onwards.

Question: How many times does it take to get elected?
Answer: As many as it takes.

Results for the Shropshire County Council elections 2013 can be found here.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Market Drayton West - A Message of Awakening

Activists Just Like You

This afternoon three teams of BNP activists were out and about in Market Drayton West ward distributing a second hard hitting leaflet aimed at awakening our people to the immense threat posed to Britain by the so called 'mainstream' politicians.

The British National Party is not 'mainstream' in the warped eyes of the media but we talk and think like our people because we ARE our people - honest, hardworking, patriotic folk who see things the way they really are.

Britain is broken and is being propped up on a false economy. We are here to promote a message that seems radical to the current crop of self-serving politicians, but to us the message is not really radical at all.

We are prepared to go to great lengths to ensure genuine democracy prevails; we will leaflet relentlessly, we will stand up for the common man, we will endure pressure from the establishment. We will never give in.

The message in our leaflets is getting to work right now; subtly altering the thought process in the minds of our people and gradually guiding them away from the perverse teachings promulgated by a liberal elite who have lived off the British kindred like vampires, bleeding them dry daily and removing sense of their self worth and the ability to self determination.

The BNP is out every day in Market Drayton putting good, wholesome thoughts into the minds of our folk and showing them a 'third way' - not right wing, not left wing - just good, honest policies to rid our nation of the menace which has gripped this country tight for six long decades.

Protest, resist and vote BNP on Thursday 2nd May 2013.

And then join our Movement...

Shropshire Election Video

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Shropshire County Council Candidates

PHIL REDDALL - MARKET DRAYTON WEST: I’ve lived in Shropshire for the last fifteen years and am married with two children. For the last three years I have been a Parish Councillor, serving my community and playing a key role in initiatives such as the local allotments association.

I joined the BNP ten years ago as I felt let down by all the other political parties. No one else spoke for me - a white working class lad who couldn’t afford to go to university and who couldn’t get an engineering apprenticeship. Nowadays I can’t afford to buy my own home and there aren’t enough council houses to go round. The Conservative Party, the Labour Party and the Lib Dems have all had a chance to fix broken Britain, but things only ever get worse. British people must start thinking about who they vote for. If you keep voting the same way you'll keep getting the same thing!

All I want is a simple family life where my kids are safe to play in the park; I want to see Britain lead the world in manufacturing again; I want out of the EU and I want an end the kind of immigration that has seen British towns and cities transformed beyond recognition.

That’s why I’ll continue to help the British National Party.

JENNIFER MATTHYS - OSWESTRY WEST: I have been married to Angus for four years, we are blessed with a one year old toddler, as well as our trio of dogs. I live in picturesque and rural Shropshire, not far from where I grew up.

I am semi fluent in Welsh and have been involved in politics and the BNP since my mid-teens; After all, with Nick Griffin as my dad, it was a natural step!

I started working for the BNP in 2009, and can honestly say that I find it both interesting and rewarding working in politics. That is why I'm proud to be standing as a candidate, because I care about the future that we're leaving for our children, and will work to make that a better future. So on election day, place your cross next to the British National Party heart - because you care too.

IAN DEAKIN - WEM: I’ve lived in and around Wem all my life and know my local community inside out. Getting out of the EU is a big issue for me and after a brief look at UKIP I joined the BNP - the only party with the guts and determination to act and a party which has a really strong grassroots membership base.

I've worked in Britain and abroad and I've seen alot in my time. I'd like to think that my life experiences have contributed to the opinions that I have formed and I have certainly done some serious thinking about what political party I support these days. It's no use complaining; we must act! Our country is in a sorry state but I know we can turn it back around. At my time of life I wouldn't be contesting elections if I didn't think it was worth while. I'm still up for the fight and I hope my fellow Brits are too.

ANGUS MATTHYS - OSWESTRY EAST: I married Jennifer 4 years ago and last year we welcomed our little boy into the world; there's no nicer feeling than walking in the countryside with our three dogs while listening to him chatter away to us!

I grew up in a small village not far from Aberystwyth, and although always interested in politics, I didn't get actively involved until after I had met Jennifer.

I started working for the BNP in 2009 and although the hours are long, I can honestly say that I find it both exciting and rewarding working in politics. That is why I'm proud to be standing as a candidate, because I care about the future that we're leaving for our children, and I will work hard to make that a better future. So on election day, place your cross next to the British National Party heart - because you care too.

KARL FOULKES - SUNDORNE: I’m a Shropshire lad born and bred and I’ve been contesting elections for the BNP for quite some time. I am a married family man with children and a grandchild and people often ask me how I manage to squeeze in political activity between work and a busy family life. The simple truth is that I find time for the BNP because I must. No other political party cares so much for the traditional family unit and it amazes me that it has actually become politically incorrect to talk about traditional family values!

While some people seem to have given up on Britain and her people, I am as steadfast as ever in my belief that the wheel will turn full circle and the British spirit community spirit will be rekindled once again.

I want people to lend their vote to the BNP in hope for the future and in defiance of the out of touch politicians who have led this country to financial ruin and disenfranchised a whole generation of young people in the process. I’m never, ever giving in and I know we can motivate the electorate towards an honest, wholesome political revolution. 

Inside the BNP Engine Room

Shropshire Branch roars into action as the first batch of leaflets are produced for the 2013 County Council elections. The following short film offers an inside view of the Shropshire BNP Engine Room in full swing.

Days of action are being organised for our target wards and leaflets are going out NOW!

To get in touch and help us hammer the Establishment call the BNP hotline on 0844 809 4582
BNP: The Best Protest Vote In Town!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Mosque Victory... For Now

BNP Victory Against Oswestry Mosque Proposal

Great news today as the Shropshire Star reports here that the plan for a 'Muslim Prayer Centre' in Oswestry has now been dropped.

But north Shropshire organiser Phil Reddall this afternoon spoke of his suspicion regarding the announcement.

"With elections looming and the BNP's north Shropshire group poised to stand more candidates than ever before, this headline could well be a ploy to divert the attention of voters away from the highly controversial mosque issue.

"I would not be at all surprised if a new planning application from Oswestry Muslim Society appears after the elections have passed," Mr Reddall continued.

Shropshire Patriot believes that had it not been for the BNP's campaign to raise awareness of this plan, Oswestry would by now be the first north Shropshire town to have its own mosque.

In truth, it is only a matter of time before Islam rears its head again in Shropshire and until our local Council chambers are filled with honest patriots, our County will continue to change in ways not beneficial to the British way of life.

Opposing the Islamification of our country is only one aspect of British National Party policy. Radical alterations to the banking system is another major point we contend with, along with a day by day crusade to free the minds of our people and get them thinking once again.

For the BNP's full manifesto, click here.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

An Open Letter To Enquirers

Nationalists Working Together

In the eyes of the media and the mainstream politicians, the BNP’s policies are seen as ‘extreme’, but this is not the case. What is extreme is what is being done to Britain and her people by those who are running Britain today.

In Wellington, Shropshire, young teenage white girls have been molested and abused over a long period of time by Muslim gangs. Action was only taken to arrest and prosecute some of the perpetrators when the BNP relentlessly leafleted and protested, telling the local people exactly what was going on. What was allowed to happen for so long is extreme.

Huge areas of our towns and cities do not have a single white person living in them. Small numbers of socially integrated immigrants is fine, but the total replacement of an indigenous people is extreme.

Nationally, our government gives away billions of pounds in foreign aid while pensioners freeze to death because they can’t afford to heat their homes. This is extreme.

Our government have dropped bombs onto innocent Muslims in the Middle East while at the same time Muslims have been imported into Britain. This creates a terrorist threat and it is extreme.

Our government allows global banksters to control our economy. The interest alone is killing Britain and only the BNP would take back control of our banking system. In fact this is one of the real reasons why the powers that be hate the BNP.

The establishment rules by creating chaos and division in our society. They care about money and power and nothing else. What kind of establishment calls the BNP 'racist' yet drops bombs on Iraqi schools? Mainstream politicians are psychopaths who care for nothing other than fulfilling their greedy ambitions.

The BNP wants to bring back social order and a return to a traditional moral code that has worked in western society for thousands of generations.

I could go on and on, but our message to you is clear and simple; in this modern world everything has been turned upside down. What was once good and wholesome is now regarded as evil, and vice-versa. The BNP and our nationalist morals are hated by a twisted, evil establishment and are attacked at every opportunity by twisted media corporations. But it is we who are the genuine ‘good guys’ and we are never giving in.

I won’t beat around the bush. Ideally we’d like you to join the British National Party and we’d like you to be an active member of our Shropshire Branch. That may be too much for you... or perhaps it’s exactly what you’ve been planning on doing. But whatever you do decide to do, keep in touch. We are not 'salesmen' who want you join the BNP so we can merely hit targets and take your money. We’d like you to to join our Party so you can help us put our country back on track and provide a bright future for our children.

It’s not an easy task but it is worthwhile. We can and do make a difference and one day we will be in a position to right many wrongs.

PS – Don’t forget to vote BNP on Thursday 2nd May... and encourage others to do so too.