"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Don't Give Up

British National Party activists from Shropshire and Stoke held yet another mass day of action on Monday, visiting Wellington and Shrewsbury. The message was clear and simple: "Don't give up!"

A Message for our People

As UKIP aid the BNP in pushing the immigration debate forwards, our activists delivered the truth on the streets with Wellington being the first point of call. A significant number of leaflets and Voice of Freedom newspapers were delivered door-to-door before our activists moved on to the main shopping area to meet local people and push our message of hope and resistance. It is interesting to note how the BNP are greeted by ordinary people these days; gone are the misinformed opinions. The British people now know exactly where we stand and they empathise with the BNP. They know we don't give up.

Wellington Awakened

Shrewsbury was the next target and being such a large town our activists spent over four hours both on Pride Hill and in local streets putting hard hitting leaflets through letterboxes. "Don't give up!" we told our people.

Meeting the Electorate

As the day drew to a close, as always our activists found time to relax over a cold beverage. Conversation varied between the cutting working class humour that our political elite find so hard to comprehend through to deep debate and discussion over the role of the police in modern Britain.

The BNP exists to offer the people of Britain a safe and secure environment to work, socialise and raise a family and yet it seems clear that the Establishment do not wish us to proceed along that path. We are changing public opinion in a long game of mind-warfare. The traitor politicians want you to base your hopes on short term electoral gains but we are a People's Movement that goes deeper than mere politics.

They want us to give up. However, we won't give up. Make sure you don't give up either.

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