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'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Number of Eastern Europeans in UK jails goes up by 850% in five years

A few days ago it was revealed that under Labour rule 3 million immigrants entered in the UK, an invasion unprecedented in British history.

It is probable that the real number is way higher than that, no one knows how many illegal immigrants are living here, or those with EU passports that have the right to stay here.

These figures are outrageous, and the citizens of this country should be up in arms, especially when we now know that Labour planned this invasion deliberately in order to make Britain multicultural.

Below is an article published by The Sun that demonstrates, once again, how much ( not only financially) we are paying for this enrichment.


The Sun

The number of Eastern Europeans caged in our jails annually jumped 850 per cent in five years, The Sun can reveal.

And one in ten foreigners jailed every year is Polish, according to shock figures.

Just 99 Poles were banged up in England and Wales in 2004. But there were 1,240 Polish lags in 2009, the last year figures were available – a staggering leap of 1,153 per cent.

The statistics are revealed in Freedom of Information figures obtained by The Sun.

Eight Eastern European bloc countries joined the EU in 2004. It gave people from those countries the right to live and work freely in the UK.

Overall, the number of foreigners jailed here between 2004 and 2009 rocketed from 8,355 to 12,408 – a 48.5 per cent hike.

A total of 883 Lithuanians were jailed in 2009 – compared with only 105 in 2004.

There were 326 Latvians caged in 2009 compared with 23 five years earlier. The number of Romanians locked up mirrored the pattern – going from 180 in 2004 to 880 in 2009. Initial figures suggest the number of foreign lags jailed here in 2010 topped 2009′s statistics.

Last night a TaxPayers’ Alliance spokeswoman said: “The number of foreigners who come to the country, commit crime and then stay here in prison at the taxpayers’ expense is worrying. They are a burden.”

The Sun also published a table of the number of inmates put in prison in order of nationality in 2009.

1 Poland 1240

2 Lithuania 883

3 Romania 880

4 Ireland 689

5 Nigeria 581

6 China 527

7 Jamaica 485

8 Vietnam 477

9 Somalia 380

10 Pakistan 372

11 India 364

12 Zimbabwe 330

13 Latvia 326

14 Portugal 293

15 Iran 256

The above figures underestimate the number of foreign prisoners enormously because they don’t take into account the number of people jailed in the previous years or the second and third generation immigrants.

As British prisons are severely overcrowded it would make sense to send these foreigners home to serve their sentence in their own country so that we could make space and save money.

But I don’t think I have to explain that European Yooman right laws make this impossible.

*In the meantime in Holland the minister for social affairs and employment Henk Kamp said that unemployed and homeless immigrants from Eastern Europe should be sent back home and if they do not want to leave the Netherlands they should be expelled.

In an interview for the De Telegraaf daily the minister also said that if the immigrants keep coming back to the Netherlands they should have “unwelcome foreigner” status slapped on their passports.

Kamp, a member of the right-wing VVD party which is currently the senior coalition partner in the Dutch government, alluded mainly to Poles who are the largest group of 200,000 ‘gastarbeiters’ from the new EU states.

The Dutch minister said that Poles can stay in the Netherlands as long as they have a legal job. But when they lose employment they become a burden to the state.

“As a government, you have to point this out to people and if they don’t listen or keep coming back, deport them. As a last resort, you can declare them ‘undesirable aliens,’ Kamp told De Telegraaf.

According to Kamp, 40 percent in Dutch homeless shelters are Polish.

A Polish ex-pat organisation in the Netherlands says that the politician is pointing the finger at Poles before local elections in March.

“Dutch politicians have started campaigning for the March municipal elections and Poles are under fire,” Malgorzata Bos-Karczewska, head of Polonia.nl web site for Polish expats in the Netherlands told the Gazeta Wyborcza daily.

If Mr Kamp is getting tough on immigration it is because one of the parties belonging to the government coalition is the Party for Freedom, led by Geert Wilders.

Indeed the increasing support enjoyed by Mr Wilders is forcing Dutch politicians to pay attention to voters’ concern about immigration.

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  1. Mr geert Wilders is a very brave voice in a wilderness of multicultural stupidity, the netherlands is overrun with muslims hell bent on taking over the country, I particularly liked the article by Geert of the mental health profile of muhammad, this shows Mo to be a Narcissist with psychopathic characteristics, the article can be found on Mr Wilders website in English.