"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Shropshire pensioner beaten by robbers

A pensioner was beaten with his own walking stick by a gang of robbers who targeted his Shropshire home and fled with jewellery and cash.
The man in his 80s was attacked at his home in Quatt, near Bridgnorth, after he answered the door to the gang who were asking directions to a pub at 8.40pm yesterday.
One of the robbers knocked the pensioner to the floor and attacked him with his own walking stick.
A second robber demanded money before he snatched a phone from the man’s terrified wife as she tried to call for help. The robber then ordered the woman to remove her rings and hand them over.
The couple were held in the living room while the robbers demanded cash. The third gang member kept watch outside.
Detective Constable Jason Whelan, of Bridgnorth CID, said at this stage it was not known exactly what was stolen, but believed jewellery and the elderly lady’s purse were taken.
He said the couple were left “extremely shaken” and appealed for anyone who saw anything suspicious to contact police.
All three men were of Asian appearance. Two were believed to be in their 20s and the one who waited outside in his mid to late teens.
It comes after an elderly couple tackled a masked burglar as he brandished a six-inch knife and demanded cash at their home in King Street, Dawley, Telford.
The victim in his 60s was confronted by a masked burglar brandishing a knife when he answered the door at 8.30pm on Saturday. His wife was also threatened.
The victim grabbed a chair and threatened the burglar who fled towards Purbeckdale empty handed.
Police can be contacted on 0300 333 3000.

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