"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

British National Party Demonstration Shrewsbury Crown Court

The gang of Muslim men from Telford accused of offences including child rape and prostitution will face a retrial. The verdict followed a British National Party demonstration outside Shrewsbury Crown Court today. 

The suspects were originally charged with a total of 49 sex offences against young girls. The case held in Telford collapsed under mysterious circumstances, and a newspaper reported that Judge Onions had formally discharged the jury from returning verdicts as they had been exposed to information that the judge felt might prejudice the case.
Today's hearing was to determine whether the defendants should be re-tried before a court. Telford organiser Phil Spencer has been in communication with the Police and the CPS throughout the process and has organised much activism to raise awareness of the case. Phil's hard work paid off today, and well over forty members and supporters made their feelings known at various access points around the Court building. Police confirmed that the Party's megaphones were not interfering with the court procedures but that they could certainly be clearly heard inside the Court.
British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin MEP also attended the demonstration and was warmly greeted by Party activists, including Margaret Clarke, who celebrated her eightieth birthday last month.
The British National Party protest then continued in the centre of Shrewsbury, where the encouraging sound of car horns was replaced by the voices of locals, many of whom were unaware of the court case due to the low-level of media coverage.
A number of young people gathered, and thanks to the brainwashing, which dominates the education system in our country, started to accuse the protestors of being racist. Unlike most politicians, our Chairman chose to answer their questions and spent nearly half an hour in conversation with them. Many then had their photographs taken with Nick, and we hope that some of them will now be motivated to ask questions and to form their own opinions rather than simply borrow those of the politically correct teaching unions.
The Clerk of the Court could not discuss the case in detail but confirmed that the Judge has given directions and that the Court will sit again on October the 14th. The nine accused will face a fresh trial.
We would like to thank the West Mercia Police for their courtesy and their professional approach to our peaceful protest.

Nick with Telford Organiser Phil Spencer and 80-year-old demonstrator Margaret
Nick with Telford Organiser Phil Spencer and 80-year-old demonstrator Margaret

Activists in Shrewsbury town centre after the demo 
Activists in Shrewsbury town centre after the demo


  1. Great to see Nick speaking to young people - I have met many young politics students who know very little about politics. Now they get to hear both sides of the story.


  2. Their (no doubt) left-wing politics tutors won't like this!

  3. These students look like decent, polite kids who are happy to meet Nick.