"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Craven Arms Mosque Extension Plans

Craven Arms is a small town and in Shropshire, It has a Population of just 2,289.
Even a small Market town which is in a very rural setting is not safe from the Mosque invasion.

Plans have been drawn up to extend a small mosque in south Shropshire.

The terraced house in Craven Arms currently accommodates about 25 people in its main prayer room.

The town's Muslim community hopes to extend the building in order to build a library, computer room, creche and meeting room, which could all be used by the wider community.

Imam Sohayb Peerbhai said they wanted to show the mosque was open to everyone.

"We hope to have a meeting room for inter-faith dialogue groups, for the local police... and also for other community events that are nothing to do with Muslims, but we hope that they also can he held here so we can play our part in the Craven Arms community.

"It's very important that Muslims embrace the non-Muslim community in a way where people don't feel afraid of Muslims.

"We have decided not to have a minaret or a dome so it doesn't look like the mosque is trying to take over the skyline."

More details will follow.


  1. This Mosque must be stopped at all costs. Muslims moving into quaint little towns like Craven Arms is just putting two fingers up to the predominently Christian population of Britain.

    Everyone needs to see this short film. The Preacher of Hate tells the Devil’s Disciples how to take over Britain. He also admits that they did this in Kosovo, which was a Christian region of Serbia, until the Muslims moved in from Albania. Their conquest of Kosovo became complete when the Muslim invaders were assisted in their land grab by the UN.

    Western governments, including Britain’s, demonised the Serbian Christians that were trying to defend their OWN COUNTRY against invasion.


  2. I think that this is a great idea as it will enrich the local area with people of a differing outlook. Think of all different cultures all living side by side in harmony.

    So what if this ruffles the feathers of the local people, they will be out bred soon anyway with the current trend in birth demographics.

  3. My post above was VERY tongue in cheek. Some people no doubt will actually believe in the first paragraph as some sort of quote from a UAF pamphlet.

    Word verification for first post was MAMYI - I kid you not :-)

  4. "We have decided not to have a minaret or a dome so it doesn't look like the mosque is trying to take over the skyline." Odd, they don't usually decide not to do that. It's important that the locals "don't feel afraid of muslims". Jihad through colonisation and a bit of the old "Al Taquia" me thinks.

  5. we will not stand for another mosque extension u will be met with force muzzie scum.

  6. As Englishman I find the anti Islam postings very offensive, thisis a country built on tolerance and to be honest we invaded half the world and were very intolerant of their feelings and now when they come over, do jobs that are needed because we do not do them we moan.
    The mosque has 25 people going to it, good on them, lets see you people at Church eh...oh I forgot Craven Arms does nto even have a holy place and Stokesay Church has barely 5 of local bums on seats on a Sunday....