"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Craven Arms Activism

Sunday 12th February saw activists from Shropshire BNP Branch out leafleting Craven Arms.

Craven Arms is a beautiful part of Shropshire but has become known recently for its Halal meat factory and extended mosque - both of which point to the rapid Islamification of one of Shropshire's previously most English of towns.

While local folk were busy enjoying their traditional Sunday lunches, our activists, including some YBNP youngsters, were busy delivering 'We Want Our Country Back' leaflets in a marathon four hour session.

As the Establishment busy themselves with getting Britain into a Trillion pounds worth of debt whilst continuing to press on with the Islamification of Britain, our activists are busy pushing for real, positive change.

We want to give the silent majority a voice. If you want to join us, call our national enquiries helpline on: 0844 809 4581


  1. I believe, very unfortunately that it is already too late to solve the problem by political or even peaceful means. Muslims are outbreeding us,by a large margin as it is, and still they flock here by a variety of means from arranged/multiple marriages to the back of a lorry. They will not leave peacefully, and in any case there is not enough money to 'buy them off' Islam is not the only danger however, only the most active and vocal one. The volume of other 'ethnics'is also changing/has changed the face of this country.

    1. The attitude that it is 'too late' is wrong! If our parents/grandparents had expressed those thoughts --well--. It is never too late, all you have to do is vote. many people are too lazy or don't care what happens to our country and it is this apathy that is dragging us down!!!!

  2. The Establishment's time is running out and time for real change is approaching. Our government has burdened us with an insurmountable burden of debt an has sold off our material wealth. There is no way out of this mess other than a radical political revolution and the only party to offer workable answers is the British National Party.

  3. The thing is to keep doing something. Future generations will ask why nobody did anything. Well some of us did.
    I believe that results will not be immediate but when many people try to solve a problem over years, over decades even, eventually a solution emerges. Also unforseen events can change current trends in unimaginable ways.
    Keep it up Shropshire Patriot. You have my full respect and support!

  4. It's good to see our young folk actively getting involved with the nationalist cause.
    Best of luck to the YBNP in Shropshire!

  5. Craven Arms beautiful? Since when?

  6. Ask Nick where the money has gone.
    Ask him how he managed to turn a credible political voice for white working class people into a sad, sorry joke.
    He's living like a millionaire(when baliffs aren't confiscating his car) in Llanerfyl while fools are out on the streets pretending the BNP is a credible voice for ordinary folk.
    A posh boy poncing off the working class; and thus it has always been and always will be for you so long as you hang on to his coat tails.
    Next time you see him ask him about the murdering terrorists he gave refuge to in his home when he lived right here in south shropshire. You weren't even born then but he's still remembered for it around here.