"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Shropshire Organisers' Meeting

Shropshire Branch Officials

A meeting of key Shropshire Branch officials took place on Sunday 7th October to discuss future activism and election plans.

Local organisers gave reports from their areas which included a councillor's report.

Leaflets and Voice of Freedom newspapers have been regularly distributed in towns and villages. Many pubs have received multiple copies of 'Freedom' and a 'Saturday Night Team' has been out and about, recruiting new members by word of mouth in pubs and clubs. A number of people were keen on joining in with future demonstrations.

Fund raising boxes are currently being distributed amongst members to raise cash for election campaigns and a number of friendly landlords have kindly agreed to place a collection box on the bar.

The 'Shropshire Striders' walking group has been out and about visiting some scenic and historical places, including a walk along a 23 mile section of the Offa's Dyke Path. This walk saw a good turn out.

Funds are stable with a decent 'war chest' available to all Shropshire Units, however efforts are well underway to increase our fighting funds. Usual collections at meetings plus occasional Patriot's Dinners and collection boxes will ensure that elections can be fought now and in future.

Activism will continue during the latter part of 2012 as usual before a traditional short Christmas break.

A large social for members and supporters has been organised and a report on this will follow at a later date.

Shropshire Branch have a tradition of support for the Party Chairman and have some of the longest serving local organisers in the BNP. 

It is imperative that local people support the British National Party, whether in terms of activism or by offering their financial support. At the very least, all our people should be voting BNP and passing on the nationalist message via word of mouth.

Want to understand nationalism? Click here.


  1. It's a pity that none of you seems to have taken History at school. The 'British' - including yourselves no doubt - have always been of mixed race origin, right back to the Danes, Vikings, Saxons and French invaders. Your narrow-minded views on what constitutes being British have no place in modern society. Do not think for one minute that you reflect the views of anything but the tiniest minority of ignorant residents of Shropshire.

  2. Dear Anonymous, with the greatest of respect, you are talking through your sphincter.

    The British have been 'mixed race' insofar as they have interbred with other white Europeans. They have NOT, until very recent times, interbred with africans or other third world peoples.

    Narrow-minded views? as narrow-minded as those who say that everyone is equal, but refuse to acknowledge the blatantly obvious genetic differences in every race? As narrow-minded as those who believe every race is entitled to celebrate their heritage, unless they are English?

    I think you will find that Nationalists reflect the views of far more than a tiny minority, and are not as ignorant as many of the brain dead marxists who are incapable of debating issues, preferring to cause mayhem instead.

  3. So 'anonymous' thinks that lots of white people breeding means that the British are of mixed race? Up until the last few decades we were of mixed northern European culture (Danes, Vikings, Celts etc) but all those cultures are racially white. Nevermind history, try biology.

    And talking of minority views, only a minority of people bother to vote at all, which says alot for ordinary British people's view of the establishment.

    I challenge 'anonymous' to give his/her real name and debate with us face to face instead of hiding under 'anonymous'.

    Councillor Phil Reddall

    1. Well said, Cllr Reddall.