"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Friday, 16 November 2012

White Tigers - Self Defence Youth Group Launched

Design by Local YBNP Members

Shropshire BNP will no longer tolerate the Establishment’s failure to properly protect our people from racist  hate crime - so as well as our ongoing campaign regarding this issue, we have also decided to set up a self defence group (named by local YBNP members) called the White Tigers. The White Tigers will not only help to educate local young Britons about the dangers of racist 'grooming' and 'pack attack' gangs, we will also train them how to physically defend themselves too.

Grooming gangs have been operating in Shropshire for years and reports of racist attacks on white youths are increasing in the area. These crimes go unrecognised simply because the Establishment ignores hate crimes when the victim is white. Many young white people never report these attacks for fear of being branded racist themselves.

We doubt that certain sections of the Establishment will receive this news gladly; well that's just too bad. Time and again our young folk have been let down and ignored by teachers, the police, the news broadcasters (especially the BBC) and social services. Perhaps if they had taken anti-white racist hate crime more seriously then we would not have had to resort to setting up our own self defence group. 

We stress that the White Tigers will have no political role. The self-defence aspect for youngsters is just that, and nothing more. Betrayal by the authorities and the aggressive racism of certain minorities makes this a sad necessity, but the campaign for political change is, and will remain, an entirely separate and totally constitutional one.

As our Shropshire streets are no longer safe, and with 'political correctness' putting the mental and physical wellbeing of young white people at risk, Shropshire BNP have decided to take direct action and provide our youngsters with the means to survive an increasingly hostile environment.

Proud and Safe

Qualified and experienced instructors have offered their time for free and ex-military professionals will offer advice on physical training. Look out for future reports, including details of a planned 'extreme winter training camp' which will be held mid winter in a rural environment.  We hope to make a film of some of our over 18's during their training.

Remember: self-defence is no offence!

Watch out for the White Tigers - Whose streets? Our Streets!


  1. It's about bloody time! Setting up street patrols around Wellington and Telford would be a great idea too.

  2. Nice to hear you have some military people who will help you. I'm sure their no nonsense attitude will go a hell of a long way to sharpening the kids up and this idea will keep them safe. Good luck, and if some do-gooder asks about CRB checks tell them CRB checks didn't help those poor young white girls abused by muslims in flats above take aways. I am so sick of 'pc' Britain. Go for it white tigers.

  3. Glad to see this venture is being kept seperate from the daily grind of politics. Self defence and physical fitness is a great idea and I know you will have fun too!