"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Owen Patterson and GM Crops

North Shropshire MP Owen Patterson's picture 'crops' up during a UK Column Live debate regarding GM food. Watch the whole show or skip to 30mins 20secs for the GM crops news item.

GM crops should alarm nationalists, as although we seek advancments in science, many of us understand that we should work with nature rather than against it.


  1. why o why if the bnp is the party of law & order ,is adam walker still national activitys organizer after his violence towards children ???
    how will this be explained in the next despatchs or panorama

  2. Such a thick, illiterate lying comment doesn't really deserve a response - but anyway, here you go.

    (taken from a recent article by Adam Walker)

    In 2010 the General Teaching Council investigated me for allegations of racial intolerance. The GTC panel looked at the evidence and said I was not guilty. Michael Gove abolished the GTC a week later and in a Commons statement, he described the panel’s decision as “quite wrong”.

    Last year, I went to court after I’d foolishly driven behind three kids, who’d disrupted a St George’s Day event and stabbed their bike tyres with a craft knife I’d been using to remove bunting from my car.I pleaded guilty in court to all the genuine charges and received the proper sentence.

    Michael Gove’ NCTL, the new replacement for the GTC, attempted to have a re-trial but on their own terms. They wanted to accuse me of threatening a child with a knife, which was utter rubbish and was contradicted by all the other witness statements at the time and rejected by the CPS. It was only when their own barrister accepted that it would be illegal to do so that the NCTL dropped their plan.

    The NCTL panel looked at the convictions and all the testimonies, including the transcript of the judge in court. They decided a two-year ban would be appropriate. I accepted my punishment.

    But then Michael Gove stepped-in again and his Department overruled the panel and banned me for life.

    GOVE wasn’t there during the 2010 hearing in front of the GTC but he said the decision was wrong and abolished the department.

    GOVE wasn’t there during the court case but he decided the judge was wrong and tried to stage a re-trial in the NCTL.

    GOVE wasn’t there when the NCTL panel saw the evidence and had opportunity to cross-examine me but he decided they were wrong and overruled their decision.

    GOVE has now banned me for life from teaching because of my BNP associations, just like he has always publicly said he would.

  3. foolishly is the right word, he can not worm his way out of this he has let the bnp down .
    would lab/con/lib let one of theirs keep a job after something like that .
    i know the ptb have it in for him but we expect better .

  4. Shropshire Patriot23 August 2013 at 04:18

    This blog is run by Shropshire BNP and we are honest and dedicated to nationalist principles.

    If 'anonymous' has a question for Adam Walker or any other Party official, then we suggest you question them directly rather than post on a local blog run by honest, decent local activists.

  5. im sorry , but we both know if i put it on the main bnp site it would not get printed , thats why its here because you are honest .