"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Green Man Festival

A team of Shropshire Patriots attended the excellent Clun Green Man festival on Sunday 1st May in order to celebrate the ancient ritual of May Day and hand out leaflets.

This age old celebration continues to remind our people of the coming of spring and a new awakening of the land, and it goes hand in hand with the British National Party's 'Land & People' motto.

Our team of Patriots spent the morning handing out leaflets but also took time out to enjoy some of the excellent real ales on offer, and our children enjoyed watching the mediaeval knights and the Morris Men, who should be praised for keeping this tradition alive.

In the afternoon, our members were surprised to hear a band actually mention the BNP in one of their songs, and children and adults alike stopped to listen as hundreds of English people clapped and sang along to the various traditional tunes.

When all our leaflets had been distributed and local people suitably reminded about the connection between our people and our important traditions, our team of proud patriotic families took a walk up to Clun castle and enjoyed a wonderful picnic overlooking the river and looked in wonder at the amazing views.

It is of vital importance that our people not only hold on to their customs but that we remember exactly what they mean to us. The May Day festivities and especially the May Pole dance are all about fertility - fertility of the land and our people. It reminds us all that we must care for our land and also that we must nuture our children too.

Having said that, it seems our children are feisty enough to take care of themselves, having managed to defeat the thoroughly evil Black Knight!

Shropshire BNP are always busy with social events as well as political activity. Why not get in touch and come and enjoy such events as walking the Offa's Dyke path, days out to local events and attractions and camping with fireside songs and BBQ's?

"Healthy Land - Healthy People!"


  1. Clunton Clunbury
    Clungunford and Clun
    Are the quietest places
    Under the sun.

    A.E Housman

  2. Nice to see the bnp really are a 'family' and enjoy social days out an not just politics.

    I mite come along sometime.

    James from Whitchurch.

  3. hard tasks ahead ...but can they realy match a day morris dancicg and old tales a bold...real work is done on the streets of the soon to be dispossed of the native english...would be glad to see you downin clun bishops castle cleobury mortimer the styper stones the moat orr when you pass any real salopian way ..the hard yards are gained by the men that helped build this land not talked or drank it at a summers fair my lads...old welllingtonian

  4. Sorry to jump in but have a look at this and spread it around.