"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Woodside Election Results

Phil Spencer would like to thank those awakened individuals who voted for him in the recent Woodside election.

Woodside is an area which comprises a large number of people who have been utterly let down by the political Establishment. Most of those people do not trust politicians of any kind, and most of them did not turn out to vote.

It is an uphill task re-empowering our people with confidence and self-belief after years of betrayal by the mainstream parties, who have allowed immigrants to take away jobs, drugs to be freely avaliable and paedophiles and other criminals to be treated with kid gloves.

Once our people had the confidence to achieve anything, but today our people are broken. However we WILL give them back their self-belief and with the help of the British National Party our people WILL get to determine their own future once again.

Shropshire British National Party would like to remind readers that the modern BNP is still young, and that it takes time and hard work to achieve goals.

We must also thank our activists, and remind everyone that we are never giving in and never giving up on our children's future.

Join us and help us. Don't roll over and give in.

Woodside Results

Turnout for the election was (approximately) 25%

Candidate name Party Votes Elected?

Raemonde Catherine Labour Party 635 Yes

Grant Nathen Lence Conservative Party 373 No

Kevin Ronald Labour Party 564 Yes

Christopher Owen Ernest Conservative Party 377 No

Philip William British National Party 145 No


  1. If we lie down they have won, and I for one will not let that happen.
    We have got to get off our arses, dust ourselves off and start again.
    I'm British and proud of it.
    I will not let a Muslim loving commie take my land.
    Its time for all Nationalists to stand up and be counted.
    Whatever the cost.

  2. Hear, hear!

    As Terry says, if we lie down they've won.
    Are we going to forget the blood sacrifice of our British ancestors? Do we betray today's British children as well the children yet to be born? ... NEVER!

  3. well done phil a good campaign with limited resources...next time out it will be a different scenario all together

  4. No Surrender .....

  5. If the 145 people from Woodside joined with our BNP activists to help us, think how well our movement could progress!

    Local people can enquire about the BNP using the contact form on the right of this webpage.

  6. Although the UAF used a particularly nasty smear leaflet in the Woodside ward, I don't think it did that much damage.
    Phil's team did as much as time and resources allowed. I think the sad thing is that too many people don't seen to care enough.

    Apathy is the biggest winner at the moment. Maybe further ecomomic downturn, job losses and benefit cut are going to force the - 'stay at home and watch Eastenders' brigade to get switched on to what's really happening.
    There nothing like REAL poverty to sharpen the senses.

    Well done to the 145 patriots in Woodside!