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'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Asians 21 Times More Likely Than Whites to Be Child Groomers

By Stephen Palmer – Asians are at least 21 times more likely to commit child grooming offences in Britain than whites, according to figures from the child protection agency Ceop.
The statistics show that almost as many Asians have been reported for child grooming offences as whites, despite making up a distinctly smaller percentage of the population.
Ceop’s report identified 2,083 victims and 2,379 offenders since the start of 2008.
The report showed that, in half of the cases, the race of the perpetrators had been excluded because of insufficient evidence. Of the remaining half, 38 per cent were 'unknown', 30 per cent were white, 28 per cent were Asian, 3 per cent black and 0.16 per cent Chinese.
Typically, the mainstream media have reported the most politically correct set of statistics listed in the report, which state that 38 per cent of offenders were white and 26 per cent Asian; however, those numbers only account for one of two ‘groups’ of offenders, and when both groups are combined, the totals are much closer: 30 per cent white and 28 per cent Asian, or 367 white offenders to 346 Asian.
After 'British' and 'unknown', the largest offender group listed by nationality is 'Pakistani', although the statistics are clearly lacking completion.
The report gives no religious breakdown of the offenders.
According to the 2001 census, Asians (excluding Chinese) make up 4.3 per cent of the population, whereas whites (including non-Britons) make up 92.1 per cent.
This means that, even with Ceop’s incomplete statistics, Asians who, judging by recent court cases, are almost exclusively if not exclusively Muslim are at least 21 times more likely to commit grooming offences than whites.
The victims were clearly separated along racial lines as well: the study showed that 61 per cent of the 2,083 victims were white, while 2.6 per cent were Asian, 1.3 per cent were black and 33 per cent were of ‘unknown ethnic origin’.
The vast majority of victims recorded were female, but there were 182 male victims. The youngest victims listed were 10 years old.
Despite these revealing statistics, Ceop has warned against any focus on ethnicity when dealing with these horrific crimes.
Its chief executive Peter Davies said: ‘Focusing on the problem simply through the lens of ethnicity does not do it service.’
The Ceop report, titled 'Out of Mind, Out of Sight' added: ‘We do not draw national conclusions about ethnicity from the data available at this time because it is too inconsistent.
‘Further research would be needed to examine whether the ethnic breakdown reflects issues that need to be addressed within a community context, local demographics of the areas from which data is drawn, an unconscious bias among agency responses or other factors that need to be explored.’
Ceop said it had evidence of 230 gangs, mostly young men, who were identifying and grooming children for systematic sexual abuse. Some groups were large enough to be considered organised crime enterprises that were supplying victims to be raped by paying clients.
The majority of the offenders recorded were aged between 18 and 24.
The report was based on testimonies from victims, police and child protection workers, as well as a review of existing studies.
Unlike Ceop, the British National Party is not afraid to point out the huge statistical disparity of the racial and religious backgrounds of those who commit such heinous crimes.
Rather than ignoring such factors for fear of being called ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’ etc., we must expose them and tackle them head on – after all, it is our children’s lives that are at stake – and those who ignore the racial and religious origins of such a vastly disproportionate number of these crimes are just as culpable as those who commit them.
The British National Party will continue to highlight the Muslim paedophile grooming scandal on Saturday 2 July, in Telford. Join us, and make your voice heard – Our Children Are Not Halal Meat.
Anyone interested in attending the demo should contact Telford organiser Phil Spencer on 07964 203827 for details.

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