"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Shropshire Christmas Meeting 2012

Shropshire Branch held their Christmas meeting on Monday evening and councillor Mike Whitby was guest speaker, entertaining and at times provoking his audience with a very powerful talk on the state of Britain's finances.

cllr Mike Whitby

Organisers Karl Foulkes and Phil Reddall told members about the year's local and national media stories relating to Shropshire BNP, from the sex grooming epidemic which the Times broke many months ago after pressure from our activists, to the Oswestry Muslim Community Centre story covered by the Shropshire Star and BBC Radio Shropshire last week. Details of forthcoming pre-Christmas activism were passed to members and a team of leafleters volunteered their services.

After the speakers, a substantial buffet was served and members socialised over drinks.

The following covers the basics of what cllr Mike Whitby spoke about and the information provided should be passed on to every friend and family member. It has been paraphrased and greatly simplified for this report.

The British National Party has long had in its Manifesto certain ways of bringing our finances back under control of the people. Cllr Whitby brought to members' attention a film which won a 'Best Documentary' award in 2010, entitled 'The Secrets of Oz'. This film explores how money is made and who benefits.

Britain and our people are shackled in debt. It is time to understand and promote how we break these shackles. But prepare yourselves for a struggle, for if you think the word 'racism' is something to fear, just wait until you begin to tackle the global banksters. You can be locked up for being perceived as a 'racist' but attempting to confront the money lenders is another step entirely, and one that has seen US Presidents removed from office (and I don't mean via the ballot box).

The following appeared in the BNPs 2010 Manifesto on p. 80
Quantitative Easing

The fact that the banking system has been able to increase the supply of money electronically has confirmed the long-held nationalist interpretation of money creation, namely that it is possible to generate ‘valid’ banknotes quite literally out of nothing.

This new money has been employed to purchase gilt-edged stock, with a view to lowering interest rates. We would have employed at least a significant element of the new funding to create capital projects and investment in new infrastructure in the energy and transportation sectors — which would also have created real jobs.

Currently, new money — excepting for the very small fraction of money that comprises notes and coin — enters into circulation as an interest bearing debt from the activities within the banking sector.

The banking sector is undoubtedly efficient in allocating credit but the question is whether the nation’s credit should, in part or in whole, be created under Crown authority?

In such an event, would it not best be employed to finance the public sector, thus enabling a reduction in taxation?

The right to issue money should ultimately rest with the state, and not with a consortium of private bankers.

Nationalist policy is anti-globalist, and a part of this principle means we intend to look after our own finances. This does not mean we can't trade abroad.

This subject which cllr Whitby spoke about is something which baffles many, but really it is quite simple. We have been 'baffled by science' so to speak, and the solution is surprisingly straightforward. We take over the Bank of England, call it the Bank of Britain, print enough money to pay off our national debt (should we feel generous enough to actually pay those people who have bled us dry for many, many years) and get back to the basics of manufacturing, engineering, high technology and trading real-world goods.

Iceland took control of their own finances. We can too.

I've tried to explain things simply. Posted below leads is the film mentioned earlier which will explain things in more detail.


  1. Wake up fella. The BNP is dead.
    But if you want to keep Griffin and his family in the luxury they are used to then keep joining and paying your subs to the Family run Bank Of Griffin.

    In 5yrs people will not remember what/who the BNP was.

    If your happy paying paying towards the salaries of the Griffins, Kitchens (PORN), Walker Bros - both with Criminal Records, 1 Brother for inappropriate behaviour with a minor, and the other Brother for dangerous driving at Children and threatening children with a kife (alledgedly(.
    Clive Aitken, DRUG TRAFFICKER/importer/supplier/dealer (not sure which ones).
    Mrs KitXchen has a penchant for being the Lead Female in HARDCORE PORN.
    The BNP has NO INTENTION of getting elected. Look at the debacle on QT, the latest Election Results where the BNP had a candidate standing. Griffin is a pariah which is why the Political media never ask him on to their shows for an indepth interview.
    Griffin was unable to attend the queens Garden Party, due to his uncouthness.

    When your Grand/Great Grandchildren ask you what you did to stop TPTB from killing off OUR RACE, CULTURE, COUNTRY and PEOPLE you can hold your head high and say...........When those who knew the truth (about Griffin) tried to warn us we reported them and they were kicked out of the party.
    Even after Griffins LIES are proven to be LIES. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO WAKE UP ?

    THE BNP WILL NEVER ACHIEVE THE RESULTS OF 2009-10 ever again, due to Griffins Actions to destroy the party. Was he only following orders ?


    Maybe you've fallen in love with Griffin, as I don't see any redeeming features or any reasons to stay with a leader who talks a good talk to those already converted but CANNOT WALK the WALK that TRUE NATIONALIST CAN

    But it's your decision, you can either CARRY ON DREAMING THAT THE BNP, UNDER Nick(this and) Nick(that).
    But you must sooner or later realise that Griffin and the BNP will never be able to change a thing and will never win a single Parliamentary seat.
    It's not his Political Plans.

    If you joined the BNP to try to do something to save OUR Country and create a Safe and Prosperous Country for you Children and GrandChildren, then you've failed and with Griffin leading the BNP that is all the BNP will do from now on...FAIL.
    But there is now a real chance for change in Nationalist Politics which is aimed at FIGHTING and WINNING Elections and restoring OUR RIGHTS and FREEDOMS in a non-Orwellian BRITAIN, ruled over by ELECTED INDIGENOUS BRITISH CITIZENS.

    How long are you going to continue supporting Griffin who is a LIAR A THIEF, GLUTTON, CHEAT, TRAITOR.

    Please WAKE UP !.

    We don't have enough time left to wait for Griffins promises, which are NEVER kept.

    We don't have enough time wait hoping that the BNP wil arise from the ashes like a pheonix from the flames.

    The only time we have is .........NOW.

    Join the BIGGEST NATIONALIST PARTY in BRITAIN. Which has already managed to create Regional Groups, Major Activists at least 80% of those activists who left the BNP, smaller Nationalist Partys closing down to join the BDP in a sign of NATIONALIST UNITY with plenty more to follow.

    Please think about your familys future.
    Griffin will never deliver.



    Tony, Ex-Wigan BNP

    1. Thanks but no thanks, Tony. From what I can see, the BNP is still the only serious nationalist game in town.

    2. Sorry mate but we are all realists and activists here in this neck of the woods. We're not in the slightest bit interested in any vanity projects that are destined to self destruct after 5 minutes. Seen it all before.

      Could you please suggest to Mr Brons that he does the decent thing and hand over his MEP seat (that BNP voters gave him) to the truely brave and loyal Marlene Guest? - Thanks

    3. Any anti-BNP propaganda won't work now. The BNP is strong, united and growing again. Every attempt to destroy us has failed.

    4. Silly Kuffar, We believe that we've made the right decision by backing Nick Griffin and that the BNP is the only worthwhile vehicle for British ethno-nationalism.

      As nationalists, both you and want the same thing - whichever org we decide to back. So I wish you luck in any campaign against the anti British 'Establshment'.
      However, we're 100% sticking with the BNP.

  2. cllr Phil Reddall14 December 2012 at 07:36

    Over many years now I've watched and listened to the anti-Nick brigade but rather than contribute to nationalism in a positive way, most go online and vent their ills on Forums.

    I certainly respect those who, for whatever reason, leave the BNP and do something constructive. I am happy to see multiple nationalist organisations.

    But please don't come on here moaning and talking down to seasoned activists like they were fools.

    We're rock solid in Shropshire and we know the score. The BNP in Shopshire has done much over the years and this blog details some of our real world activism.

    The BNP is the only nationalist political party which is constantly active and gets results. And if there's anyone out there who can do the job of leading the BNP better than Nick, I don't know who it is.

  3. So the BNP has failed? Who got the Establishment to arrest Muslim groomers in Wellington? It was BNP activists that made it happen - active in the real world, not online.