"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Islam to Dominate Oswestry?

Radical Muslims on a Demo in London, October 2009

Regarding the Muslim Prayer Centre in Oswestry, the British National Party has had plenty of publicity; the latest being a local Border Counties Advertizer article which can be found here.

While obviously we are not happy with plans to introduce a Muslim Prayer Centre into Oswestry, in the long run it may help the nationalist Cause.

A clear divide has been opened up between Shropshire Council and the BNP and the electorate will now have no doubts that we stand alone in protecting British identity. 

The Tory led Council appears to conserve nothing in terms of our heritage and culture and there is not a single voice from any Shropshire County councillor which expresses any doubt that the expansion of Islam in Oswestry is anything but good news.

Furthermore, it is an unfortunate fact of life that 'seeing is believing' and the BNP message will only be comprehended by way of a dose of reality.

A friend from Oswestry spoke to us some years ago about his time serving as a soldier in Bosnia and explained that even when the Muslim population was low in a particular area, Mosques would be erected as a symbol of power. We must remember that Islamic extremism is not what will bring Islam to power in Britain. Muslim leaders know that due to political appeasement, the quickest way to power for Islam in the UK is via birth rates and the ballot box. Gadaffi once said that Islam will conquer Europe through the wombs of their women. He was right unless something is done to alter this. One only has to look at the websites of councils where there is a large local Muslim presence - invariably many or all of the councillors are Muslim, controlling the local budget, deciding upon planning applications and so forth.

The fate of a people is decided by the majority population; when the majority population changes, the culture of that area changes. Why wait for a significant cultural shift before the British say 'enough'? It is not hatred that fuels our agenda but a perfectly natural desire to live our lives in a way that reflects our own ways, laws, traditions and beliefs.

An article in the Daily Mail last year which can be read here reports on Muslim birth rates in Britain and predicts that Britain will have more Muslims than Kuwait by 2030. A journalist once said that Muslim birth rates in Muslim countries were sometimes quite low. But of course in a country already controlled by Muslims, there is no need for Muslims to breed to excess. The practice of having many children is used purely to take over a nation.

The simple fact is that Shropshire County Councillors will eventually lose their seats to Muslims; it is just a matter of time unless the BNP gets elected in significant numbers first. That's right, Tory voters - it's BNP or Islam... feel free to wring your hands and have another cup of strong tea.

So to conclude, Shropshire Patriot is pleased with the publicity we've gained from this. The BNP stand alone in attempting to conserve British heritage and tradition in this small island we call home.

For those of you wanting to know why the BNP opposed the rise of Islam in Britain (and remember, the BNP has no wish to impose its views on Muslims who live outside the UK) the book 'The Sword of the Prophet' is recommended, and can be purchased from as little as 51p here

Should you wish to enquite about joining the BNP then call 0844 809 4581 or click here for your free info pack.


  1. Everyone should try to educate themselves about Islam. As the article suggests, 'The Sword Of The Prophet' is a good place to begin.

  2. I think the idea is a little extreme. Britain cannot say it 'does not want to intervene' with the non British when we at one point we had an empire. I think it's only fair that we should as a population help people of that empire regardless of their belief.
    Why is the BNP so anit-islam? it's not just people of an Islamic faith spreading their beliefs around the U.K, after all we are a country that should thrive on the freedom of speech. I am not trying to cause 'hate debates' and i don't support any other parties. Thanks for reading.

    1. The days of the British Empire are long over - They've had their independence for decades, so I fail to see how we owe countries such as India anything at all.
      Btw, India has a bigger economy than Britain's, it has nuclear weapons and even has it's space programme - yet British taxpayers are still forced to hand over millions of pounds to India in 'foreign aid'!

      Just a few days days ago, Cameron yet again showed his contempt for the British taxpayer when he announced that foreign aid will be increased to £11 billion.
      Thousands of our own elderly die every year, due to neglect and poverty related illness - Surely it's time to put our own people first?

      The BNP are not anti-Islam as such and are certainly not anti-muslim. The BNP are not responsible a death of one single muslim man, woman or child.
      Don't forget that through sanctions and illegal wars for oil, carried out on behalf of the global industrial and financial elites - our Lib-Lab-Con political masters have the blood of many thousands of muslim civillians on their hands.

      Although the BNP has no quarrel with the Islamic world, we will not stand back and watch our country being taken over by Islam. True Islam is a harsh, intolerant cult of conquest and bloodshed and has no place in a Western, democratic, liberal society.
      In short, we don't want to Westernize the Islamic world - but we won't allow the West to be Islamified either.

  3. fucking racist redneck pricks you are

  4. typical shropshire rednecks....you need to get out more mate

  5. Get out more - where exactly? If you mean the Islamified zones or the 'multicultural' cess pits that now sadly infest parts of our country then forget it! The truely beautiful English county of Shropshire will do me just fine thanks.