"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Former Church in Shrewsbury Sold to Muslims

The former register office at Column Lodge, Shrewsbury
Column Lodge - Sold to Shropshire Bangladesh Welfare Society


Note: To comment on this 'change of use' proposal, follow the link to Shropshire Council's planning website here. Please read all the available information before commenting.


Shropshire Council has sold Column Lodge to the Shropshire Bangladesh Welfare Society in a £215,000 deal.

The former church, based near to the Column roundabout, was home to the council’s registration services before they were transferred to the Guildhall in Frankwell last year.

Martin Kabir, a trustee of the Shropshire Bangladesh Welfare Society, today said the building would become a Muslim prayer centre and community room, and it would be open to all members of the public. He said: “The building was a place of worship years ago.

“It will become a facility for Muslim prayer and a day care centre. It is a first for Shrewsbury and everyone will be welcome.

“We have been looking for somewhere for a long time and this is close to the outskirts of town and easy to access.”

A statement in support of the planning application said that at peak times on a Friday afternoon there could be up to 50 visitors.

See the full story on the Shropshire Star website here


Shropshire Branch of the BNP calls on Shropshire Council to decide upon this Planning Application at an Open Meeting.

Previously, the Council had opted for a similar decision in to be made by unelected planning officers, when Oswestry Muslim Society applied to convert a former church into a mosque.

We demand electoral accountability, which means that only elected councillors must be the ones who make the decisions that have the potential to alter Shropshire's cultural landscape.

A full local campaign is planned by Shropshire BNP to raise awareness of these proposals.


  1. Looks a sound well maintained building. Secret deal. Knock down price. May 21st deadline for comments. Has the Council colluded with Bangladesh Welfare Society to hush this deal up and rush it through? silence objectors and stop campaigns against Muslim prayer centre. Go for it. Stop it. No to Islamic colonisers.

  2. Islams ultimate goal is to become the dominant world religion,
    multicultural lefties working for Councils and Local Authorities(there are many) seem only too pleased and bend over backwards to help them acheive their aims.The old saying is very true, there are none so blind as those that refuse to see, can't they realise the trouble they are creating for future generations as islam will never integrate.
    Terrible news also from Ireland, Dublin Council has approved a new Mega Mosque paid for by the Saudi's (44 million)to be built on the outskirts of Dublin.For Islam it's all going exactly to plan.

    1. Agree with you there anon. Politicians are untrustworthy and deceitful. It is they that are facilitating and enabling an alien culture and religion. The question is why. To many of us its clear to where it will eventually lead. It must be clear to local and national politicians also. They can’t be that stupid. Can they! Maybe they think Islam can be managed and controlled. Maybe they think Islam can be integrated into wider society and live happy ever after. People and communities from across the world who have been on the receiving end of Islamic intimidation and violence would certainly dispute that theory. When this so-called religion of peace is appeased when its mosques dominate every town and city when its numbers increase it will strike against its host country with a vengeance. That’s why Shropshire Council would be totally misguided in allowing planning permission for the Muslim prayer centre. Not an inch to Islam!


    3. BNP leaflets are flying out at the moment but let's get a demo together a.s.a.p.

  3. Edith Crowther12 May 2013 at 07:30

    Hallo Patriots from the other side of the country (Norfolk).

    The Shropshire Bangladeshi Welfare Society is a registered Charity and its accounts are therefore viewable online. It is also bound by the stringent new laws on Donations in the new Charities Act 2011.

    The website is called "cafonline,org", caf stands for Charities Aid Foundation. I will put the link below, but if it does not work you need to put "Shropshire Bangladeshi Welfare Society" into the search box on the main website. Then a page will come up immeidately showing the latest income, which is £3,420 a year - right down from nearly £50,000 a year in 2008.

    Therefore, I do not know how this site was purchased, as large donations are heavily regulated. This needs investigating, even if it gets careless officers at the Council into trouble.


    I will add that all Bangladeshis should return home and fight for their country, their country needs them badly and it is rotten of them to stay in comfort in Europe. There is a BNP in Bangaldesh - the Bangladesh National Party, it needs support and votes although it has been in power once or twice, and is the leading opposition party.

    1. That’s valuable information Edith. As I understand being a local resident the building is a council tax funded asset and as such should be subject to open accountability and scrutiny before being disposed of in this way. It would appear that individuals (we need their names to make them accountable for their actions) within Shropshire council have made an arbitrary decision to bypass the normal local government procedures on these matters and as such it could be an illegal sale. Armed with your info Shropshire Patriot and any other objectors certainly have a good case to make against this possibly corrupt and underhand sale. A source of additional help could be: www. lawandfreedomfoundation.org “We call what we do empowering local communities to decide their fates. The law is on your side. By contacting us in the early stage of a planning application, we can offer you assistance, advice and support to get your concerns heard by those elected to represent you”.

    2. Now that's some handy information.Thanks very much Edith.

  4. Edith Crowther12 May 2013 at 14:02

    Thanks, it is nice to get a reply. This charity's accounts show that after receiving nearly £50,000 in 2008, income plummeted the next year to the current level of £3,000 to £4,000 a year. So I really cannot understand how this site was purchased unless by a donation so large that it is called a "Tainted Donation" which disables or cancels legitimate charity tax avoidance.

    If this charity cannot avoid council tax etc. by being a charity, it will not have enough income to maintain the building or run its operations.

    The law is the Finance Act 2011, not the Charities Act 2011, I got the name of the Act wrong! Chapter 8 of the Act is grandly titled "Tainted Charity Donations" - basically all donations have to be tested for 3 conditions, if they do not meet the conditions they are "Tainted" and there is big big trouble.

    I don't think a large donation to this Shropshire Bangladesh charity (to enable purchase of the property) is likely to pass the test, somehow.

    Just asking questions could be enough to scare off everyone involved in the sale of the asset, even if you don't get an answer. But remember not to make any false accusations - just very polite inquiries! How can anyone buy a building like that and operate it as a going concern on a declared income of £3,420 a year? The Finance Act 2011 is a bit of a shock to a lot of people, they don't realise that a crackdown has started on "charities", it is all too new. Any council staff involved could be naive and ignorant, rather than corrupt, if something really is not quite right.

    1. Edith you have clearly highlighted a major issue. I'm a concerned local and not part of a party or group. I'm sure activists who run this blog will be able to use your research to good effect.

  5. Now I know how journalists like a good story. Well Mr Martin Wright, Editor of Shropshire Star, here is a challenge, follow-up the leads on this blog to see if there has been any dubious or even criminal behaviour involving the sale of this property and the planning application. Even to me as mere member of the public the deal appears dodgy. Come on Mr Wright it will only take a few clicks of a computer mouse and a few telephone calls.

  6. Dave Burrows of the Shrewsbury Chronicle spews out his bile against opponents of prayer centre. His opinion is not impartial and balanced journalism, it’s a biased viewpoint. Clearly this no-mark scribbler has not researched any issues associated with Islam, for example their hostility to ‘Kuffars’ (non-muslims) and their ‘Taqiyya’(lie to and deceive non-muslims) Burrows and his journo cronies are the problem. They take a one-sided view and resort to name calling and insults in an attempt to discredit and silence the other side. ’Dhimmie’ ( non-muslim appeaser) Burrows thinks he is being clever in attempting to shape public opinion. But this Quisling should be aware the battle is just starting and no amount of his poison pen will stop the opposition.

    1. I've just read his article - I see that there's no criticism of Shropshire Council or the re-elected Labour councillors (who would have recently been on the doorsteps of local residents) for staying quiet about this until the last minute. The plan for a mosque should have been made public long ago.

      Please take a moment to object to the mosque on the Council's website (here) http://planningpa.shropshire.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=makeComment&keyVal=MLTJ1STD07U00

  7. Ref to the Arabic word Dhimmi or Dhimmitude. In muslim countries Dhimmis, non-muslims, have to accept second class status and be subservient and subordinate to muslims and the Islamic religion. Let us assume Burrows is not a muslim. He is therefore promoting the cause of Islam and in that context is a subservient non-muslim. A classic Dhimmi.
    More can be found here:http://www.politicalislam.com/blog/the-dhimmi-2/

  8. cllr Phil Reddall17 May 2013 at 07:50

    May I say thank you to all who have commented here. Last night's Shropshire Star refered to some arrests of young lads who had commented against this proposal, apparently using 'inflamatory language'.

    The comments section of this blog is not moderated as we believe folk should be alowed their say, but as someone who feels it is important to be polite and decent while making a point, I thank you all again for your careful consideration of your words.

    This blog is a news and real-world activism blog and we at Shropshire Patriot do not promote agression, improper language or anything similar. While we do have some strong points to make, it is our intention to stay within the law at all times.

    Please be active in our Cause. Use any anger you may have in a sensible manner.

    cllr Phil Reddall

    1. Hi there Phil. Your comment is sensible and much appreciated. How do i help support the campaign against the centre? Is there a group or contact?

    2. Hello Anon, I suppose the best thing to do is fill in the boxes on the top right hand corner - You'll receive an info pack and the Shropshire groupo will get your details.

    3. Thank you Anon but I don't want to be part of a political party at the moment. Rather be a concerned local. I have found a facebook page; opposition to the muslim prayer centre in shrewsbury. Best wishes.

    4. No problem my friend. Facebook can come in really handy with these kind of campaigns.
      All the best.

    5. You can make an enquiry to the BNP by calling their number on the main BNP website. Your local organiser will contact you soon after and you can then offer your help but no need to join if you do not wish to. You would merely be a supporter with no official link to the BNP.

  9. I am originally from Wolverhampton and watched first hand the destruction of that area from multiculturalism. I moved to Shrewsbury as it is one of the few remaining traditional towns. I'm very sad to be witnessing now once again what could be the start of a very slippery slope. It seems a country doesn't have to be at war to be invaded anymore.