"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Freedom of Expression

Arrests have been made in Shrewsbury after comments were made on a Facebook page dedicated to opposing the planned Muslim prayer centre at Column Lodge.

The Shropshire Star reports can be read here and here.

Shropshire Patriot asks all those making comments about Muslims, mosques, immigration and anything else that is important to the British people first carefully consider their words.

Today's society is in a mess. Northern European culture has a long tradition of free speech and liberty and our heroes from Boudica to Hereward the Wake to Enoch Powell did not take kindly to their rights being taken away.

Unfortunately our nation is in the grip of immoral laws which restrict our freedom of expression.

Shropshire Patriot aims to advance the Cause of British nationalism but we will do this in a polite and responsible manner.

Our aim is to have a society ruled by good morals rather than laws, where all points of view are heard and debated.

The ancient Greeks understood this 2,500 years ago but our political masters today do not.

It is not good practice to use the law to stop people saying what they wish to say, even if what they say is offensive to some.

Our people are offended every day by what they see and hear on the streets and in the news.

But one thing is clear - abusive language does not help our Cause and Shropshire Patriot asks for all comments to be carefully considered before posting.

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