"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Monday, 10 June 2013

An Apology to the Few - A Kick up the A*se to the Many

A previous post contained the following words,

"And to my people who are honest, decent and truthful, Shropshire Patriot has this to say: No excuses. No laziness. No fear. No surrender. Step forward and help the British National Party or forever be deemed a coward and a shirker, for the highest contempt should be reserved for those who have realised the truth yet do nothing."

And the following comment was made in the un-moderated comments section,

" ‘forever deemed to be a coward and a shirker’ Strong words but the wrong words. Many people are active in the cause of patriotism or nationalism without wanting to be in a political party. I recognise there are committed members of BNP but it is a party which has to make changes particularly in its leadership before it can attract high numbers of support. Insulting non-members is not the way to go. The language used comes across as superior arrogance. You should try to show some humility."

Shropshire Patriot would like to apologise to any hard working non-BNP nationalist working for the Cause in whatever way works. However, the post was written for the thousands, literally thousands of people who are awake to the problems affecting our land and people but continue to do nothing.

BNP organisers cannot phsyically force people to act. We can ask nicely and we can ask forcefully and we can even try to 'guilt' people into acting.

For many years dedicated BNP organisers have soldiered on, waiting for supporters to become active. And then something unprecedented happened: an off-duty British soldier was brutally hacked to death on a British street whilst returning from work.

Did millions of Britons pile onto the streets and demand answers from the politicians who allowed anti-British extremists to do such a thing?

No they did not.

So please forgive Shropshire Patriot for becomming angry, frustrated and somewhat bemused, and forgive us for trying every legal verbal and written means to encourage our fellow men and women to make a stand.

If you, the reader, honestly believe you're doing something worthwhile for the Cause, then good. Carry on.

But if you're reading this and you 'know the score' yet continue to come up with excuses as to why you cannot help the BNP (for this is a BNP supporting blog) then we hope you beat your demons and get active - fast.

We're not an egotistical bunch. Egotists don't last long. We just need the help of good, honest people.

It's the nationalist Cause that matters, not individuals. Individuals come and go. It's no use waiting for the 'perfect' moment to take action. Act now. What we do works and this blog tries to show the positive actions we take to right wrongs.

And if, for some reason politics isn't for you, don't kid yourself that you're fulfilling your potential in a non-political way if, in the cold, harsh light of day you are not.

We must all do something positive - educate, act and be involved in nationalism.

And next time something awful hits the headlines, don't just sit on your hands. Act!

Shropshire Patriot is committed to peaceful, political action. We believe it is the best way forward for a long term solution to the ills which affect Britain and her people. We have allowed ourselves to be ruled by liberal-globalist fanatics and allowed useful idiots and their handlers to occupy all the rungs of the political ladder. All it takes in order to turn Britain around is for good, honest people to swap positions with those who do not have our best interests at heart.

Perhaps you're capable of addressing thousands at open air rallies. Perhaps you have the kind of skills whereupon you can interact and educate hundreds of people via social networking. Perhaps you can show just how effective you are for the Cause in a non-political way. But if not, then join the BNP, be active and grit it out in the trenches leafleting, campaigning and changing one person at a time.

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