"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Flag Burners Will Not Win

Saturday afternoon saw a group of British National Party activists out leafleting in Shrewsbury despite the local Muslim community winning their battle for a permanent prayer centre at Column Lodge in Preston Street.

One Party member who attended the packed planning meeting at Shirehall on Thursday said, "Not a single councillor spoke out against the prayer centre plans despite a significant number of local residents' objections. Either every local councillor fully supports the forward march of Islam in Shropshire, or they are all too afraid to speak out on the issue. The fact that there was not one word of objection from any councillor is testament to the true motives of the local establishment."

Local BNP organiser Karl Foulkes also spoke to Shropshire Patriot, "It is important to understand how the far-left bully people into submission. They use the word 'racism' to stifle open, honest debate and this allows a minority of anti-British individuals to get what they want. Many people are scared to air their views for fear of being classed as racist. The fact is, race sholdn't even come into this debate as it is a religious matter.

"Most interesting was the ability of a section of the local community to mobilise protests without any help from the BNP. While our activists were working politically, distributing leaflets, encouraging people to formally object and so forth, other well organised non-political individuals organised fairly large anti-mosque demonstrations. It is very interesting to observe the rise of autonomous nationalist groups like these. They rarely turn out in elections but are highly motivated in their own way."

Also out leafleting was Mr Alan Coles who, upon conclusion of the day's activism, talked over a pint regarding his dealings with the far left. "They felt it was acceptable to trespass into my garden and set fire to my Union Jack flag," he said. "This really shows the mentality of those who organise anti-BNP campaigns. They hate Britain and they hate our flag because deep down inside they actually hate themselves. They hate what it means to be white. I mean, what kind of warped individual could possibly condone the burning of the British flag in the garden of a British man here in Shrewsbury?"

The full story of Alan's plight was covered by the BBC here. Unfortunately their reporter didn't manage to get Alan Coles' name right.

Alan with his Burnt Union Flag

Interestingly, during the last few weeks thousands of leaflets have been distributed in Abbey and Column wards (many handed to residents who were in their gardens enjoying fleeting glimpses of sunshine) and only two leaflets were handed back to our activists. Most individuals who were spoken to agreed with the BNP's general sentiments and when pressed some admitted feeling 'scared' to express their patriotic or Christian views.

The far left have created a self-policing society where the word 'racism' is used to deny good, honest people a voice in society. It is leading to a fall in voter turn out and the rise of autonomous nationalist groups who are not part of the political process.

Shropshire BNP remains committed to politics and we are working towards a day when good, honest people are awakened enough to vote for good, honest political candidates.

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  1. There are some really sick, twisted individuals in the far left. It's frightening to what degree these creatures have infested our councils, schools, colleges, etc. No wonder there are still a number of youngsters leaving colleges who are dhimmified and brainwashed into hating their own culture and country.

    It's ironic that if Islam were ever to take over Britain, these freaks in the far left would probably be the first to have their heads on the choppping block.