"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Important Victory for Democracy

Oswestry curry house owner George Miah, who was behind the success of the recently approved Muslim prayer centre in Shrewsbury, has again spoken of Muslims' ongoing plans to get a permanent place of worship in the north Shropshire town.

'George' Miah
The Shropshire Star reported: Oswestry businessman George Miah, chairman of the Shropshire Bangladeshi Welfare Society, said he was “delighted” councillors had backed the Shrewsbury [Muslim prayer centre] plans. But he said the decision did not mean Oswestry Muslims would give up their search for a home. The full article can be read here.

Important Victory

Regular readers may be disappointed to hear this news, but it is important to remember one thing: your local BNP have fought hard and won a very significant victory. Until now, 'Muslim prayer centre' approval had merely gone before non-elected planners. But the Shrewsbury prayer centre plan changed all that as we, along with many ordinary local people, helped to force councillors to make the decision to approve the plans.

This is what Shropshire BNP have fought for since day one - full electoral accountability so we can now point the finger of blame at councillors who are aiding the advance of Islam in Shropshire.

Way back on Thursday 9th May, BNP organiser for north Shropshire wrote one of the first objections to the Shrewsbury prayer centre plans, which can be found here:

"In a previous and very similar case 12/04730/FUL [the earlier Oswestry prayer centre plans] the decision to grant a 'change of use' of a religious nature was made by unelected planning officers.

In this case, whatever the outcome, I, as a concerned member of the electorate, demand that any decisions made in relation to this case are made by elected councillors at an open meeting where local residents are able to comment via a Public Forum.

In any matter such as this, where the cultural atmosphere, identity or feel of a locality could be significantly changed, it is absolutely essential that the decisions are made in a democratic manner, which means by elected members of the Council with members of the Public present.

Finally, I object on the moral grounds of unwanted cultural change." 

We have flushed out the pro-Islamic agenda of Shropshire councillors, and as our man in the Public Meeting observed, not a single elected representative spoke up on behalf of those who had objected. If you object to the Islamification of Shropshire, do not vote for pro-Islamic councillors.

"It's a Bloody Mosque, Innit!"

Those were the words of a local man walking his dog past the new 'prayer centre' in Shrewsbury last Saturday afternoon.

In the past, Shropshire BNP have been critiscised for caling proposed prayer centres 'mosques'. However, after a few minutes researching the word 'mosque' in various reputable dictionaries, we find our initial description is correct.

The Cambridge dictionary states here that a mosque is "a building for Islamic religious activities and worship" while the Oxford dictionary states here that a mosque is "a Muslim place of worship".

So from now on, we'll be using the word Mosque. Don't blame us because it's true.

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  1. Well done, a great step forward and a great achievement because there is only one reason it happened! Shropshire patriots got a bit “awkward”, and stopped being doormats. I think the word is “assertive” really, not awkward. Assertive is good. I am supposed to do a training course in it, but have not got around to it. Apparently it stops you flying off the handle because you have put up with rubbish for too long.

    Just doing some more research on A) George Miah and B) the Shropshire Bangladeshi Welfare Society.

    It seems Mr Miah was elected a few months ago as a Town Counillor for Oswestry, but in May he decided to step down (only weeks after being elected) for "business and health reasons". He said he had found he was too busy to attend meetings properly.


    The Shropshire Bangladeshi Welfare Society did have £48,869 in its account in 2009, but in 2010 this dropped to £6,651 and in 2011 to £3,462. There is no account for 2012 yet, and the one for 2013 is not due yet.

    The one for 2011 was not submitted until April 2013. (?!) For 2011 and 2010, the Charity Commission website just says the Account Update is "below £10,000 threshold". So there is no full Account published.

    For 2009 a full Account is available (click on the link). Nearly £40,000 of the £48,869 is "Restricted Funds", I don't know what this means and cannot understand accounts at all anyway.


    I cannot understood how a Charity can receive planning permission when it has not even produced its accounts for 2012, and those accounts have either recently received a large donation to enable the creation of an Islamic centre (in which case hefty tax must be paid), or they still contain under £10,000 which does not seem viable to me if you are in charge of an important town building, but what do I know?

    By the way, the same exercise needs to be done for every Planning App for every Islamic centre proposed. They are all “Charities”, and I do wonder how many of them are aware of their obligations now that the law has been tightened up. The Finance Act 2011 is not “racist” – there are shenanigans in all kinds of “Charity” and the Chancellor has got fed up, that is all. If a Charity is going to get a large donation from abroad, the Chancellor wants his (or rather our) slice of tax off it. End of. Shape up, or ship out as the saying goes.