"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Not Fraud, but Demographic Reality: A BNP Supporter’s Review of the “Battle for Barking” Documentary

Demographic change which propelled the non-white portion of the Barking electorate to 50 percent was the reason why the Labour Party won that election, writes regular British National Party website commentator “Edith.”
I have just watched "The Battle For Barking" on Channel 4 oD — what a dramatic film, very well made, and if the director intended to present the BNP badly she failed. In fact, I think she intended to tell the truth, and the truth showed that we are decent and honest, with no slick PR systems and vast funds like Labour — and that we are addressing a very real problem not an imaginary one. 
The main thing though, after the sheer pleasure of watching all our leaders and supporters working so hard and being so calm, courageous and funny in spite of all the aggro, is a terrible mathematical reality which propelled me to look up some statistics.
In 2001 the official population of the UK was 59 million.
Of this 4.6 million was non-white — that is 8 per cent and did not seem too alarming at the time to most of us.
However, if we had looked closer, we would have been alarmed because in 1991 the non-white population was 3 million.
So 1.6 million had been added in ten years. In fact, it was probably double that unofficially but 1.6 million is already quite enough to be a prediction of doom given the ability of humans to multiply. 
There are no census figures for any year later than 2001.
But taking the borough of Barking and Dagenham, its Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic  (BAME) population leapt from 8 percent in 2001 to an estimated 40 percent in 2008, and probably 50 percent by 2010.
(Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic - BAME, this is Labour's pet and the Tories will compete for its affection too once it gets dominant in more constituencies). 
What happened? The electorate is now 73,000 instead of 58,000 in 2005 — but that is because 3 wards were added to the constituency of Barking adding 21,000 electors and taking off a few thousand from a 4th ward —  and none of the new wards was any less "white" than the rest of Barking.
So what happened? The same thing that is happening or about to happen all over the UK.
A lot of elderly white people died. Anyone white of any age who could get out, got out of Barking and went somewhere where non-whites are still 8 percent (but they went with a sinking feeling that this won't stay at 8 percent for long).
A lot of white people didn't have 5 or 6 children in 1991 or before, and lot of non-white residents and non-white newcomers had 5 or 6 children in 1991 or before, and those children were 18 or older by 2010. 
That is how the BAME population of Barking became at least 50 percent, so the BAME proportion of the electorate would also be at least 50 percent.
Thus Labour won with ease — and would have won even if every white person in Barking had voted Tory, or every white person had voted BNP. 
In the UK, the white population is falling (if you discount immigration), as white people have less children and older white people die (this is happening all over Western Europe actually, if you discount immigration).
This could create a blissful situation where our population is once again sustainable (around 30 or 40 million).
It is starting to happen in Japan now because Japan does not allow much immigration — and contrary to stupid press reports, it is going to make life in Japan much better for everybody (especially the young) by reducing overpopulation dramatically and giving Japanese children a decent life of full employment, low prices, plentiful housing, etc. at the small “cost” of having to look after their own family in old age for a very short while. 
But, at the moment all governments are smashing our happiness and well-being to pieces by encouraging millions of immigrants to not only keep the population at 60 million but vastly increase it to 70 million and beyond.
They are robbing all our children of a future, whether they go to university or not. Why? It is criminal — genocidal in effect, whether the genocide is intended or not. 
I think quite a lot of people still haven't quite understood that what has happened to Barking is going to happen to the whole UK even if immigration stops totally from today.
It seems too fantastic, when white Britons formed 92 per cent of the population in 2001.
But Barking was a majority white constituency in 2001.
Look at it now, ten years later. And no-one did anything — a bit of electoral register shenanigans maybe — but it wasn't mainly down to fraud.
It just seems like fraud because the reality is too hard to believe.

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  1. this is a very good article and yes it is genocide by design mainly from the last labour lunatic 'government' of fifteen years.
    when you have stalinist traitors like Jack Straw saying that the British as a race are not worth saving and the pro abortion lobby who target women for abortion, for profit.
    short of strangling every one of the three party's MP's and taking power to bring sense back to our beleagured country, I cannot see an answer to what is going on, I do know however, that we should radically change in name and attitude because the fight will eventually come down to a straight fight between Christian and muslim,, this is evident by the fact of all councils across the UK showing prejudice against Christians and Christian worship in favour of Islam, it makes sense therefore to join forces, we have a Christian manifesto and should go forward on this.