"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Strong, Balanced Youth

Some time ago, the British National Party's North Shropshire organiser Phil Reddall wrote the following article for a British National Party publication. The aim was to focus on what is going wrong with todays youth, and more importantly how to put things right.

Councillor Reddall will shortly be in a position to work with the young people of his Parish, and intends to make a positive difference in the community. Furthermore, he hopes that our young people across Britain will be invigorated by a more natural balanced approach to youth work rather than be influenced by flawed, unnatural ideologies which have permeated politics, education, popular music and other entertainment over the last half-century.

Strong, Balanced Youth

Walk through any town centre and you’ll see them: kids aged thirteen to eighteen, oozing mock confidence and laughing cynically at passers by. However, the mock confidence is merely a thin veneer of armour which hides their fear of responsibility and the cynicism betrays their complete ignorance of the notion of true humour. Hundreds of thousands of kids stand on the precipice of a giant black hole; should they fall in – and many will – they face a lifetime of depression and fear, where their only meagre consolation is that their life will undoubtedly be significantly shorter than the individual who maintains a balanced existence.
To understand both what is wrong with those youngsters described above and more importantly how to solve the problem at a national level, we need to be able to comprehend nature’s concept of balance.
Previous historical manifestations of nationalistic consciousness have often exhibited a significant lack of balance. Whether we are talking of leaders or followers, one only has to peruse the news archives to come up with all manner of stereotypical images relating to nationalism, none of which needs discussing here, for you will already have concocted a mental image of your own after reading the first sentence of this paragraph. Such is the power of the media.
Yet unlike all other ideologies, nationalism is unique in that its philosophy is not merely an idea from the conscious mind (the part of the mind where we do our day-to-day thinking) but instead nationalism comes from the sub-conscious mind, which is more commonly referred to as the heart, soul, or even folk-soul. If human beings were born without the ability to think and speak in terms of words, we would all act in a nationalistic manner. Just as the birds and animals place territory and family at the top of the agenda, so too do true nationalists for the simple reason that deep down we are hard wired to think this way. It is how we have survived for millennia.
But nevertheless, many of us do not currently think this way and it is our youth which is most vulnerable to influences which drown out our natural thought process. During the rapid personal evolutionary period known as childhood, humans take in vast amounts of information and this information becomes the psychological building blocks for the future. Generally the most rapid stages of learning are at that time when a child’s parents set the predominant example, yet as soon as that child enters school a whole new scene of influence is opened up. However, even during the formative years of education, due to the child’s young age, a certain amount of common sense parental influence remains on the agenda to provide some kind of guiding light as to what is good and what is not. The real danger period, therefore, is puberty and the years which immediately follow.
Puberty is a time of change, and it is a lack of hormonal balance which causes the aforementioned danger period. In eons past, when civilisation was unknown and mankind exhibited more barbarian characteristics, entering puberty was a sign of adulthood. Rites of passage were conducted, and indeed still are amongst all other cultures that have stayed true to their roots. Boy would become man and girl would become woman; and this in itself meant responsibility.
Nowadays, in modern Britain, in a nation which calls itself civilised, we are faced with a conundrum: our youth reach an age of traditional, indeed genetic, responsibility, yet live in a society which denies them any feelings of self worth.
For an Aboriginal boy in Australia, reaching puberty means ‘walkabout’ – he is sent into the wilderness to survive and fend for himself, and upon his return he is considered a man.
Yet for a typical British lad, reaching puberty means more of the same, education wise, coupled with a hormonal change which seeks the kind of physical outlet mostly frowned upon in this civilised society.
For a girl of any culture which acts as nature intended, reaching puberty and the beginning cycle of menstruation means the potential for childbirth, which obviously has enormous consequences regarding the status of the young woman and her role in the community. Given that before the onset of civilisation, long term community survival depended upon the health and safety of their females of child bearing age, one can imagine how valued young women must have felt. Consider the lengths the Trojans went to in order to rescue Helen of Troy in Homer’s epic tale, and consider too the sense of self worth Helen must have felt to have two whole armies fighting over her. They fought not just for her physical beauty but for her potential as a bearer of children; the conscious mind sees beauty yet the sub-conscious mind thinks in terms of folk-survival, and progression of the community. Helen of Troy represented the mother figure, a bearer of future children of Troy. Helen was, therefore, the very future of the Trojan people.
Yet for a typical British girl, reaching puberty means more of the same, education wise, coupled with a hormonal change which seeks the kind of physical outlet mostly frowned upon in this civilised society.
The destruction of British youth is no accident. What readers, especially young readers, must come to terms with is that the spiritual collapse of our people is the flip side of the same coin to the economic and industrial collapse of this nation. In brief, in order to create the correct environment for an international power shift towards globalisation (this time to the European Union) our political masters must first destroy our real world assets. This, theoretically speaking, will eventually have the effect of making the EU seem appealing to the British people. But whilst on paper this seems like a viable concept, our ruling elite know full well that while any national pride remains, the British people would never concede to a hostile takeover by a foreign power – especially when the cat is long since out of the bag concerning how our own politicians have deliberately sabotaged almost all commercial enterprise, trade, craft and professional capability the indigenous British folk have until now had by the bucket load.
Our potential as a people – a people who, with the British Empire, once dominated over twenty percent of the world’s land area and more than four hundred million people, not to mention ruling the waves with the finest Navy ever seen – has given the modern liberal-globalist nightmares for many a year. For even though the British Empire may have been seen as a globalist enterprise by those we ruled over at the time, it was never a Communist one. In the 1900’s, elitism ruled the roost here in Britain, and elitism goes hand in hand with the philosophy of evolution. Promotion of the best people for the best jobs is plain old common sense, in accordance with the laws of nature, even if the elitism tag has become unfashionable or ‘politically incorrect’.
And so, long story short, for the modern day neo-liberals to attain their one world utopia, aka a Federal Europe, they must not only bring down our economy and infrastructure but also the heart and spirit of the British kindred. And topping their list of conquests, dead centre in the crosshairs of their virtual psychological sniper rifle, sits the British youth. Youth, you see, represents potential, and Communists both loathe and fear potential. Especially when that potential is exhibited by a people who have a whole Curriculum Vitae full of success stories, inventions, ingenuity and Bulldog spirit to back them up when the chips are down.
But just as a soldier would run from cover to cover, heart pounding and adrenaline coursing through his veins in order to avoid those crosshairs falling upon him, our British youth actively place themselves in the firing line as they sit in front of the television and so forth.
The biggest fight we face is psychological, and to win we must be able to know what is going wrong. Listed below are a few negative points which apply directly or indirectly to the youth of today:
• Low self esteem due to promotion of the weakest members of society
• Few positive role models
• Poor ideological education in schools and often at home
• A Communist inspired government system which promotes equality
Although the media has sought to portray nationalism in a bad light using negative stereotypes (because nationalism is the polar opposite of communism) the realities of our ideology are awe inspiring. The truth is that in seeking their communist dream of universal equality which dumbs down the masses so that they are easily controlled and ruled over by a tiny group of Mugabe-esque individuals, our mainstream politicians and media cohorts absolutely must portray nationalism and nationalists as evil, for it is the absolute antithesis of all that they are trying to achieve. Below are the nationalist counter points to the negative statements listed above:
• High feelings of self worth due to promotion on basis of ability
• Legions of positive role models which raise the standard of everyone
• Nationalist schooling where strength of character is encouraged
• A naturalistic understanding of personal evolution, growth and achievement
The kind of arrogance described at the beginning of this article attributed to the youths we regularly see hanging around on street corners and in town centres is solely due to a low feeling of self worth which has entered the national psyche directly from mainstream government and media, both of which embrace the ideology of communism as a means to an end. Unfortunately for the British, if they finally achieve their goal we will be a spiritually collapsed people so far down the evolutionary scale as to never again achieve our innate potential.
In order for our youth to get back on the ladder and begin climbing towards supreme personal and national achievement, two things must happen. Firstly, political nationalism must set its roots into our communities and secondly every single British youth with any inkling of pride, passion or, indeed, rebellion must re-kindle their ancient spirit yet at the same time understand the naturalistic concept of balance.
The guidelines for British youth – male or female – are as follows:
• Utilise your energy. Get out into the fresh air; compete to win at vigorous sport; walk, run, cycle and swim; escape the towns and cities and camp, fish and seek adventure. Energy left unused will eat you up inside making you feel ill with nervous tension and will lead to a cycle of depression.
• Read. You do not need to be a scholar; there are books about every subject known to man – everyone has interests and there will be a book somewhere to expand your knowledge in this area. Even if you cannot manage a book, visit large newsagents and find a magazine in your area of interest. Your reading should include some works on nationalism, but inspirational factual accounts of heroic deeds are equally worthy, whether they be mythological or historical.
• Form relationships. Dedication to any common sense cause is noble, but always seek balance between work, play and friendships. Boyfriends and girlfriends are, of course, a vital part of the balance of nationalism.
• Set goals and achieve them. Failing once does not mean complete failure; never say die. True spirit is built by prevailing against the odds. Develop your sense of determination, for the easy times we are experiencing now will soon make way for an era where steel and backbone will be needed and sought after.
• Value the family. The idea of a happy home is not always attainable and has certainly become unfashionable, yet do your best to develop strong family ties for nationalism is a family orientated ideology.
• Value the environment. The green issue has been mercilessly hijacked by mainstream politicians for their own ends. Ignore the media and our corrupt political establishment and develop an interest in an area of nature which appeals to you; woodland charities and bird and animal sanctuaries abound, and are always looking for volunteers. Nationalists use the term land and people, or folk land, for good reason. We are a part of our own eco-system. We are the true greens.
Finally, remember that our government wants you, the British youth, to have zero ambition. They want you robbing old ladies and taking drugs. They want you so full of depression you slit your own wrists in the bathtub. They want you downing cheap booze and sucking tar and nicotine into your lungs. They want you absolutely helpless so that they can metaphorically march straight over your limp, wasted body in pursuit of their greedy egotistical ambitions. They don’t want to be faced by virile, bright-eyed British lions, they want pussycats without the strength to oppose them.
Are you going to let them destroy you?
Are you going to destroy yourself so they can have what they want?
Look at this land you call home. Look around at the people you call your own. Look at yourself in the mirror and see the potential you have to achieve all your goals and ambitions, then tell yourself you won’t play by the kind of rules which will see you, your family, your people and your land reduced to nothing. For once it’s gone, it will never return and can never be rebuilt.
The struggle we face could potentially be lost in your own lifetime. That means you can’t sit back and let your kids fix the problem; the fight rests with you. Get the knowledge you require, keep fit and healthy, and above all seek the kind of natural balance which scares our enemies to the very core.


  1. this is a very good and true article and presses the point home that our government cap in hand to the EU do indeed want us to be a nation of layabouts dependant on state benefits which is one of the core tenets of the ten points of the Frankfurt School and adopted by the European Socialist Republic,
    I wish Phil Reddall every success in his endeavor to reach out to our 'lost' youth, this what we stand for in the British National Party,decency and moral values which our communist enemies do not have.

  2. I remember thinking what a great article this was when I read it the first time (either in Identity magazine or the UKTabloid site.

    Phil - if you've got any of your other articles saved, please put them on here.