"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Police still going easy on Muslim 'grooming' gangs

22ND DECEMBER 2010: ONE of the recurring themes of letters to Nick Griffin's Constituency Office concerns the 'grooming' young British girls by Muslim men.
 Ever since the British National Party's famous General Election broadcast on grooming - with Channel 4's ridiculous censorship only helping to highlight the subject - Nick Griffin has been seen as the only elected politician prepared to tackle issue.
Yet another letter on grooming arrived last week and this is what a distraught mother had to say: 
"I have four teenage daughters and we were the only white family in around neighbouring seven streets. 
I have always regarded myself as open-minded and have even been a defender of the Muslim community, but now my opinion has changed 
We were all, myself included, targeted by Muslim men of all ages, but mostly groups of young men, in cars and asked for sex. The first time we called the police, and the second. My 14 year old was stopped while on her way to school at 8.30 cutting through the car park of our local hospital, and we called the police. We were told there was not enough evidence and no crime had been committed even though she took the car number on her phone. 
On one occasion my 19 year old had her younger brother and two younger cousin at the park on a Saturday afternoon. She looks very young and could then have been mistaken for 14 or 15, she was approached for sex by a group of Muslim men, she told them to go away and one produced a knife. She called the police and when they arrived she pointed out the group. They had no fear and did not go to run off they were so sure of themselves. The park was full at the time and she felt it safer to stay near a crowd. The police went to them and talked to them then came back. The group denied having a knife and said that my daughter and the boys had been calling them racist name. They did not search them, just walked my daughter home. 
Now we have been forced to move from our home and the town where our families have their roots, because the authorities refuse to believe what is happening. No politician wants to know, they just try to claim that it is just young Muslims being led on by out-of-control girls. 
These men are not just looking for sex that they cannot get in there own community. It is their complete lack of respect for non-Muslim women leads them to treat White girls this way." 
Responding on behalf of Nick Griffin, Constituency Office Manager Tina Wingfield wrote:
"Thank you for your correspondence regarding sexual grooming and Muslim gangs.
I am sorry to hear that your family has been targeted by local gangs, and that the police have failed consistently to investigate your complaints sufficiently.
This is an increasing problem in some areas and all too often the police choose to "turn a blind eye" to sexual grooming crimes - in the interests of protecting community harmony.
Mr Griffin and the British National Party have been campaigning over many years to highlight this issue, and to persuade the police and criminal justice agencies to recognise and confront the problem.
The police seem, however, to be totally cowed by political correctness and are reluctant to take the necessary measures to stop this organised abuse. Their inaction, unfortunately, leaves young and vulnerable white girls exposed to gangs of Muslim youths who evidently have little fear of the law. There are so few prosecutions actually pursued against the perpetrators of grooming offences, that there is effectively no deterrent in force.
Please be assured that Mr Griffin will continue to apply pressure on the police and criminal justice system until they recognise their responsibility to see that justice is effectively served; and appreciate that the interests of public protection must always outweigh concerns about community sensitivities." 

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