"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

£40.2 Million in Foreign Aid to China, £1.2 Million on Hotels for Climate Change, But British Army’s Christmas Dinners Cancelled

The British government spends £40.2 million per year on foreign aid to China, and has spent £1.2 million on “climate change” talks since the election — but now has ordered the army to cancel Christmas dinner for the troops because of “budget cuts.”
The Army is given £30 per soldier for “festive allowance” which is traditionally spent on a Christmas dinner for all serving troops.
As of April 2010, the British Army employed 113,970 regular soldiers, which means that the total allowance would total £3.4 million.
Now, however, a Ministry of Defence order, leaked in a daily newspaper, pert, written by Peter Whitehead, deputy head of the MoD's Financial Management Policy and Development, has said that “It is improper to spend taxpayers' funds on Christmas trees, decorations, carol concerts or parties.”
The order continues: “Team-building or unit cohesiveness events during Christmas would be viewed by taxpayers as partying at their expense and must be avoided” and adds, significantly, that “As always, we want to ensure that the Department does all it can to avoid any adverse Parliamentary or media attention on this topic.”
Meanwhile, the taxpayer has just handed over £40.2 billion in foreign aid to China, one of the world’s largest economies and which now manufactures almost every consumer item in British shops.
According to the Department for International Development, this £40.2 billion is allocated to “education, growth, water and sanitation, environment, humanitarian assistance, governance, research and other social services.”
In addition, the ConDem regime has spent more than £1.2 million on “international climate change talks” since the election.
The most includes £41,800 on hotel accommodation for a meeting in Bonn, and £17,800 for a meeting at the luxury Hotel Fira Palace in Barcelona in May.
Meanwhile, British soldiers, ordered to fight and die for the ConDem and labour’s illegal foreign wars, have had their £30 per head Christmas dinner cancelled.
So it is with the Westminster parties, always putting the British people last.
The British National Party is the only party to have called for an immediate halt to the “foreign aid” swindle.
The total budget for this racket will soon be close to £13 billion which British taxpayers can ill-afford and which should either be cut completely from the budget or be reallocated to provide services to British people.


  1. Those gutless ConDem creeps are not fit to lick our soldier's boots.

  2. This is absolutely disgraceful for men and women of our country who are prepared to fight and die for this totally illegal; war and I will be writing to David Cameron to tell him so.
    Note to our members concerning aid to China, for many years our money has been used to fund the barbaric one child per family system, forced sterilisation, forced abortions and the genocide in Tibet, if only the British people were more vocal and more political maybe just maybe these criminal politicians would not feel so safe in their lies and deceitful ways.