"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Letter: I’d like to comment on the story headlined “Councils wasting cash on non-jobs” (Shropshire Star, October 12.)

This quoted a report from the Taxpayers’ Alliance, which calls for councils to axe posts such as diversity officers, suggesting they are “unnecessary” and that money should be concentrated on frontline services.
I’d like to make clear how ignorant and short-sighted it is to adopt this attitude.
The work of officers on the issues of equality and diversity is vitally important to councils – especially at a time when services are under pressure and cuts will be made. People must be treated fairly and one group should not suffer more than another. Councils and private businesses have a legal duty to ensure they treat people fairly.
The development of the role of diversity officer in Shropshire Council has seen an enormous amount of progress in dealing with race hate crime.
Work has progressed in partnership with the police and Crime Prosecution Service. It is not just race hate, though, that has been tackled; recent initiatives against disability hate crime have highlighted how some of the most vulnerable in society are victims.
Councillor Liz Parsons
Champion for Equality & Diversity

  1. 1
    The Original Jake
    “People must be treated fairly and one group should not suffer more than another. Councils and private businesses have a legal duty to ensure they treat people fairly.”
    That’s what HR departments are for. Our company has an HR department, but we don’t have a “diversity officer” because we don’t need one.
  2. 2
    Rodney Nosnail
    Treating people fairly is all very well and to be applauded.
    But surely the “progress in dealing with race hate crime” is a police function?
    The clue is in the word “crime”.
    If someone feels that they have been the victim of a hate crime, their first port of call should be to a police station, not to a council equality and diversity officer.
  3. 3
    I know a man who writes very good, popular books for charity. You can order them online, but you can’t buy them. Instead, he asks that you simply make a donation through “Just Giving” because he (rightly in my opinion) believes that most people are honest enough to do so. To me, equality and diversity champions are nearer the other end of the scale as the manifestation of a lamentable cynicism about our society. Worse, if you dare to voice such heresy, no matter how mild, it is sadly, very likely that you will find yourself labelled and treated anything but fairly – which is hypocrisy, and hypocrisy is not a virtue. It’s the sort of “important” job that no-one except those who do it, really understands or is able to measure the results of. I deplore bigotry in all of its forms, but Equality and Diversity seems to me to be another one of those noble concepts which (with all due respect to Liz Parsons) was hijacked early on by empire builders and may subsequently attract greater funding and support than it actually merits. My gut instinct screams that there’s an element of the “Emporer’s New Clothes” about it all.
  4. 4
    A ‘champion for equality and diversity’ – erm, ok.How does Cllr Parsons feel about her Labour party’s destructive legacy?
    Destroyed communities, countless numbers of ruined lives with many of our children and elderly forced to live in poverty – Plus two illegal wars that have led to hundreds of our brave lads dying as well as many thousands of innocent civillians?
    So much for Labour’s society of equality!
  5. 5
    A few years ago, a HR department used to be the “personnel” department, maybe if they didn’t invent fancy names for themselves, they could give a personal service and look after the personnel instead of farming the work out to the “diversity” department.
  6. 6
    Iron Flag
    Well said Nelson, the leftist hypocrites have destroyed the fabric of our nation but the arrogant nature of labour activists means they are never to blame. Blair, Brown, mandellson, Campbell should all be in the tower for treason!
  7. 7
    Rodney Nosnail
    Well, I see a lot of comments above expressing incredulity, (mine included).
    Maybe we’re being a bit harsh.
    Maybe we could encourage Liz Parsons to broaden the debate by posting the job description pertaining to a diversity and equality officer within her council? Oh, and the salary as well.
    By doing so, we would all see what the job really does involve and hone our comments and reactions accordingly.
    Over to you, Liz.
  8. 8
    RODNEY NOSNAIL, A Diversity and Equality Officer. Job description. It’s easy they do er”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”nothing much. Over to you Liz.
  9. 9
    “Letter: Equality and diversity is not a ‘non-job’”
    It shouldn’t be. But it very often is.
  10. 10
    It’s all a bit contradictory really. Surely a crime is a crime and a victim is a victim – whatever the circumstances?
    If the council and the law believes in equality – then, for flip sake, they should treat all victims crime equally! So-called ‘hate crime’ is just another politically correct term imported from America.
    Scrap these silly expensive ‘pc’ council positions and put the savings to better uses in the vital frontine services instead.
  11. 11
    Definitiely a non-job then, Liz.
    The people have spoken!
  12. 12
    Here’s a suggestion – why don’t employers give the job to the applicant best suited to the role rather than worrying about ticking the right boxes?
  13. 13
    E&D = Thought Police and social engineering, George Orwell would have felt truely vindicated.
    Just because the looney left of the last government made laws about E&D doesnt mean its right.
  14. 14
    Tyrone Shoelaces
    To mention the word “hate” so many times in her letter (3) is a sad indication of what this position is dealing with as opposed to what it should be addressing.
    Rodney’s request is a reasonable one as it would result in us seeing that the primary purpose of this position is to educate us all as to the benefits of racial, gender, religious, …. understanding and tolerance. And the penalties for not being tolerant.
    To address the hate crimes we have a police force, and if it comes to hate crimes being committed then the diversity officers have failed miserably, as have we as a civilised society.
    The officers are a waste of money. They are trying to enforce something that we all know courtesy of common-sense. To focus on hate crimes is to direct efforts at a very small fraction of the population that are likely beyond help and need to be visited by the police.
    Mean people suck. Peace.
  15. 15
    Well done to The Taxpayers’ Alliance for exposing this costly scandal.
    As reported in the Shropshire Star (Nov 2nd)- Telford & Wrekin Council spent £126,000 on THREE ‘diversity officers’ in 2009/10 and Shropshire Council spent £31,406 on it’s one diversity officer.
    All this at a time when there’s talk of scrapping the ‘meals-on-wheels’ service for our elderly folk.
  16. 16
    Ken Adams
    The TPA report suggests that in these times of frugality where councils must reduce their spending, that these “Non Jobs” should go rather than cutting frontline services. Only the specific staff and left wing councillors, might disagree, and think these jobs are vital for the health of the nation, the rest of us taxpayers might well think that getting our rubbish collected is more important.
    Councils and private businesses may well have a legal duty to ensure they treat people fairly, but this does not mean they need to set up departments and employ specific staff to ensure they are conforming to the law, neither does it mean that it is the job of the council to ensure the rest of us do, after all we already have a service tasked with enforcing the law. Further as for instance Manchester council does not employ any diversity officers, the role of diversity officer is obviously not obligatory, it is thus nothing more than a politically informed appointment designed to further left wing political objectives.
    Councillor Liz Parsons might well proudly be a Champion for Equality & Diversity but why should the rest of us have to lose out on front line services so that she can indulge her own political inclination by developing a thought crime department, it is our money she is spending not her own.

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  1. Nice 'work' if you can get it, eh? Liz Parsons is obviously starting to worry a bit now that these expensive non-jobs are under the spotlight.

    I wonder what her neighbours in Reabrook think of her crass arrogance?