"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Tory MEP Backs Halal Slaughter as his Party’s Website Seeks Islam as State Religion

A Conservative Party Muslim Member of the European Parliament has voted against a motion calling for Halal-slaughtered animals to be marked as “meat from slaughter without stunning" as a leading Tory Blogger, writing on that party’s official website, has called for Islam to become Britain’s state religion.
Sajjad Karim, a Tory who has represented the North West of England in the European Parliament since 2004, announced that he had voted against amendment #205 in the European Commission's proposal on the provision of food information to consumers.
Amendment #205 calls for the labelling of all meat and meat products derived from animals that have not been stunned prior to slaughter (i.e. have been ritually slaughtered by religious methods) to be labelled as "meat from slaughter without stunning".
Mr Karrim, who was the first Muslim MEP in Britain, is Co-Chair of the European Muslim Forum, Chair of the European Parliament Friends of Pakistan Group and is a member of both the European Parliament Friends of India Group and the European Parliament Friends of Bangladesh Group, said that the amendment has “caused great concern amongst the UK's religious communities.”
He said that the sale of such meat would stagnate if “compulsory labelling were to go ahead” as “much of the meat slaughtered through these methods relies heavily on sales in the wider market. It is believed this market would dry-up as a result of such labelling making the supply economically unviable.”
What Mr Karrim is actually saying is that he knows that if the “wider market” — that is, the non-Muslim consumers, had a choice in the matter, they would boycott religiously slaughtered foods.
Instead of asking the obvious question of why such slaughter methods are viewed with revulsion by the public, Mr Karrim has merely insisted that such foodstuffs not be labelled and continue to be fed to the public.
Mr Karrim has promised to vote against the final version of the law. “May I assure those that have concerns on this issue that Sajjad will resist all attempts to try and curb meat killed by religious slaughter in the EU. He has previously voted for an amendment allowing religious slaughter and will always defend the rights of religious communities on such issues,” his official website proudly states.
Meanwhile, even closer to Tory HQ, is the blogger on the Conserveativehome website who goes by the name Melanchthon. Although this person has never been publicly identified, it is known that he is a very senior figure within that party and a regular and important contributor to Tory party thinking.
One of his latest blog posts, dated 13 November, which called for Islam to become Britain’s state religion, turned out to be a little bit too honest for most of the Tory readers of that blog.
“I make no apologies about being a Christian, but I am pragmatic enough to recognise that the British Establishment finds it impossible, any longer, to accept any Christian inspiration for its projects,” the Tory blogger wrote.
“On the contrary, precisely because it retains certain of the forms of Christianity, the Establishment's self-hatred often takes the form of hating Christians.
“It's time to move on.  We need to abandon the last vestiges of Christian role in our constitution, and regard Christians as the minority we are, entitled to proper protection in a liberal society of the sort we automatically extend to Muslims and Hindus,” Melanchthon wrote.
He then went on to say that a society could not do without religion, but seeing that Christianity was on its way out, the “Establishment [should] adopt[ed] Islam as its religion of inspiration, and we [should] chose Islamic religious leaders to listen to as our society's moral guides.”
Although his readers almost all universally slated Melanchthon for his views, dismissing them as “nonsense” and worse, the awful reality is that there is an underlying truth to his premise.
Mass Third World immigration, left unchecked and reversed, is indeed compressing Christianity out of its leading role amongst the religiously-minded population of Britain. Muslim numbers are increasing, and, left unchecked, Islam will become Britain’s state religion, as a culture is merely a reflection of the majority of people living in a particular territory.
What the anonymous Tory blogger is actually saying is that Britain should accept that Muslims are well on their way to becoming a majority in this country, and that our people should accept it and hope for “protected status” as a minority.
Melanchthon, Mr Karrim and David Cameron are in for a shock: the British people will fight to resist the Islamic colonisation of our land. This is the reason and purpose of the British National Party, and we will never stop in our quest until our aim is achieved.

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  1. When? when are we going to 'fight' the colonisation of Britain by Islam? we have insurmountable forces arraigned against us the beleagured Christians,, if British christians would get up off their arses write to their MP's and harangue them to make our voice heard that enough is enough, we have to do this now because eventually we are going to have to fight with all the implications this means against the muslims to defend our families and our homes.
    Communist Labour support the muslims as a tool to destroy democracy and the same goes for the European Union who are Socialist at the core of power,,
    It is for this reason that we need every Christian to join the British national Party and to that end the party should seriously consider changing to 'The British National Christian Party' we already have more Christian ideals in our manifesto than the Church of England so come on lets debate the issue urgently and strike at the heart of Islam and the establishment who seek our destruction.