"Too often today, people are ready to tell us,
'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Would Someone be Arrested for Burning a Bible?

The arrest of a 15-year old girl for burning a Koran and putting a video of it on Facebook — an act which is doubtless reprehensible — has however raised the obvious question: would someone be arrested for burning a bible?
As appalling as the answer to that question may be, it is of course a resounding ‘no.’
The Sandwell, Birmingham, girl was questioned and bailed by detectives on suspicion of “inciting religious hatred” after the Facebook entry appeared.
The video, made two weeks ago on her school premises, has since been removed by police request from Facebook and reported to the school in question.
According to reports, a 14-year-old boy has also been arrested on “suspicion of making threats.”
While the British National Party accepts that the Koran is full of unbridled hate against non-Muslims, and in fact tells its followers to enforce its dictates by violence, burning books is a medieval mentality.
However, the obvious discrepancy in treatment by the state between the defilement of Islamic holy books and the Christian Bible has made the establishment’s bias very clear.
For example, in 2009, Glasgow City Council allowed a Bible to be defaced with obscene and offensive messages in an exhibition at the city’s Gallery of Modern Art.
No police officers were called in, and no charges were laid, despite the treatment which was clearly designed to give maximum offense to Christians.
Visitors to that exhibition were told: “If you feel you’ve been excluded from the Bible, please write your way back into it.”
A number of crude comments and angry remarks expressing hatred for the Bible’s teaching were left, and Glasgow City Council received hundreds of complaints.
Simon Calvert, of The Christian Institute, said at the time: “We all know that they wouldn’t allow that if it was the sacred text of another religion.
“That a taxpayer subsidised gallery should see fit to give space to something like that is disappointing”, he added.
In 2006 executives at the BBC admitted that they would consider broadcasting a scene where the Bible was thrown into a bin but they would never do the same with the Koran.
In fact, the Internet is full of videos of the Bible being burned, yet the politically correct police who have fallen over themselves to come to the defence of the Koran, have not bothered to get out of bed to act against any of the bible burnings.
The harsh reality stares all but the blind in the face: no-one in modern Britain has ever been arrested for burning a bible, yet the police cannot wait to arrest a kid for a Facebook video of a Koran burning.
If that does not tell the reader all he or she needs to know about the true bias of the state, then nothing will.

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  1. We all know that the police are a bunch of prats, if Christians had rioted instead of phoning in when the defacement happened in Glasgow it might have been taken off display.
    Saudi Arabia burns hundreds of bibles publicly each and every year.
    The police forces across britain are pro-promoting homosexuality in schools as happened in Kent a short time ago to primary school children under ass chief constable Guy Beaumont, Pro-Islam and biased against British culture and identity.
    It might be a good idea to deface every single copy of the quoran in every library close to each one of us leaving a printed note saying that the book is a manual of terrorism and hatred to Christian and Jew alike. Shalom.