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'this is not possible; that is not possible'.
I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for, is always possible!"

- Enoch Powell.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Carp thieves force Radbrook Pool to install CCTV

Saturday 13th November 2010, 11:29AM GMT.
Carp thieves force Radbrook Pool to install CCTV
Bosses at a Shropshire fishing pool have been forced to install a CCTV system to stop thieves after at least £20,000 of prized fish was stolen, angling chiefs said today.
An estimated 20 carp have been taken from Radbrook Pool, near Shrewsbury, over a three-year period.
Local angling bosses said in some of the cases fish were believed to be sold on or eaten after being stolen.
It has led to action being taken with cameras rigged up to monitor activity around the site to prevent fish – some weighing 25lbs with a market value of £2,500 – being taken.
Read more in today’s Shropshire Star

Read more: http://www.shropshirestar.com/news/2010/11/13/carp-thieves-force-radbrook-pool-to-install-cctv/#ixzz15BGqO67P


  1. As an angler this really gets my blood boiling.
    Funny how the Shropshire Star didn't report the fact that it's Eastern Europeans who are stealing these carp.

    The Polish eat carp for their main Christmas meal, so these bloody immigrants will soon be taking carp out of our pools like there's no tomorrow.

  2. Not content with stealing our jobs, they're stealing our fish too. In other parts of the country, the blighters are even killing and eating our swans.

    I know that Shrewasbury anglers have tried contacting their MP to raise their concerns - but so far, Daniel "I can't abide Asians" Kawczynski has remained silent about the actions of his fellow Poles.

    Stop Polish Eating Our Carp - Facebook group.

  3. I know that eastern Europeans are doing the same to trout streams in the locality as well, one landowner is selling her land because of this problem in her conservation twenty acres as she cannot police it.
    and Europe will force us to take many more thousands of these parasites, God help us all and a curse on Tony Blair and his ilk.